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I'm with you...if it's a Gildan type, XXL will look nasty. But them even mentioning to size one up makes me hesitant.Agreed. But the limited-ness and my FOMO is pushing me to buy
I'm assuming they aren't Geller-Geller hoodies right? Just blanks with the print...Surprised they have XXL
Finally got my 710's in the mail. Bought them raw in a size 34, but they did NOT fit larger. Has this happened to anyone? I cold soaked them for 1.5 hours anyway to get the starch out and now they fit like a 32 and some change. I can't button up the top button. Should I still try to stretch them out - wear them around the house as much as I can button them and hopefully break them in? I keep reading different tales of the 710, either stretching out a lot to not really at...
Thanks for the info! I was actually looking at that pair (633) or the 301's from Self Edge...unfortunately I had some paypal money burning a hole in my pocket and was anxious to get a new pair, so I opted for some 19oz Samurai 710. My legs are gonna be really sweaty =/
I'm a fan of the slim tapered look, but every pair that I've owned always smashes my man-region. I understand that Iron Heart was meant for motorcyclists...can anyone chime in if they are overall more comfortable in the crotch region than other Japanese denim because of this? That would be the only reason I would gravitate more towards IH. Heavyweight denim doesn't really appeal to me (living in LA) but I'm all about that comfortable crotch and slim tapered vibe
Couldn't resist...I don't need any bottoms but had to pick up the combat green minimalist pants. Just piling on more Zam love - I'm the hugest Robert Geller fanboy, but I'll have to say that ZB makes the best pants. I've gone through a couple (had to sell some due to weight gain) and have never been disappointed, from the fit to the fabric to everything in-between. Am I the only one who loves the Z-1 cut? A while back I bought a pair off SZ and it coincided with an NYC...
Related Q for the Hender Scheme owners. Got my first pair. I read somewhere (maybe Reddit?) that one should apply their special lotion/creme/whatever BEFORE you wear them and periodically apply. Did anyone subscribe to this method? Do you use Hender-care products or is there an safe alternative?Related to Hender - consensus of the better color? I'm a fan of the black because it's black, but the natural has that aging factor (I ended up with a black pair)
I'm Asian too, but one of the brown-er ones...*fingers crossed, no clashing*
Good looking out - I ended up picking up the Giorgio coat. I'm usually a 52, but am hoping the 50 is oversized and works. If not, there's gonna be a size 50 available for $160 soon.
BEDMAS? Here in the good ol' US of A it's Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
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