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I'm surprised there isn't a dedicated Issey Miyake thread here on SF...anyway, have any Issey Miyake pieces been made in China? I came across and older jacket that said it was made in China which struck me as odd because everything else I've come across were made in Japan. Which I guess isn't out of the realm of possibility as I've seen some CdG stuff MiC but still.
Hopefully the trucker jackets don't run as small as they did this last round
Tried to buy Immigrant tee when available, got hit with an error message from Grailed. Went to get my wisdom teeth taken out, local anesthesia so I'm in an incredible amount of pain. Tried to buy after the surgery, sold out. The pain is real, on two different levels.
I don't know if you would consider this high end (I mean, it's kinda pricey), but Gracias Madre has a great patio especially now that the weather is warming up. Also, Crossroads on Melrose, and Zinc Cafe in the Arts District.There's always Cafe Gratitude (if you want to get mad reading how they name their menu items)
Thanks! Glad they are going to continue to stock Geller - I'll stop by on my next mini OC-brewery-tour
I'm with you...if it's a Gildan type, XXL will look nasty. But them even mentioning to size one up makes me hesitant.Agreed. But the limited-ness and my FOMO is pushing me to buy
I'm assuming they aren't Geller-Geller hoodies right? Just blanks with the print...Surprised they have XXL
Finally got my 710's in the mail. Bought them raw in a size 34, but they did NOT fit larger. Has this happened to anyone? I cold soaked them for 1.5 hours anyway to get the starch out and now they fit like a 32 and some change. I can't button up the top button. Should I still try to stretch them out - wear them around the house as much as I can button them and hopefully break them in? I keep reading different tales of the 710, either stretching out a lot to not really at...
Thanks for the info! I was actually looking at that pair (633) or the 301's from Self Edge...unfortunately I had some paypal money burning a hole in my pocket and was anxious to get a new pair, so I opted for some 19oz Samurai 710. My legs are gonna be really sweaty =/
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