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Besides their weird Frankenstein flannel thing they do, I'm in love with Needles' Rebuild line. That Naval shawl collar they have this coming season is fiyahhhhh
Yeah - this season AmRag was really lacking, even before the sale began. A while back an SA told me that they "forgot" to order Geller and Engineered Garments for the season. Things are looking up for the next season though
Thanks @foodguy and @lawyerdad and everyone else who chimed in re: my fam dinner. The Factory Kitchen unfortunately could not accommodate us - so we ended up at Alimento. I don't know terms that judges on Top Chef use so I'm just going said the food was amazing. Without further ado: Escolar Crudo - eggplant, fennel pollen, mollica Pig in a Blanket - mortadella, spelt pastry, brovada, stracchino Lamb Belly - chickpea pancake, fennel, mint, tomato, fiord...
12345 in LA started to get some A/W 14 in (not on the website yet)...so far they have the speckled grey (wool? maybe not) zipper blazers and the top and bottom of this ensemble:Last season stuff available at -50%I know, I know, no L, but they have a S & M for sale...http://www.12345clothing.com/shop/product.php?id_product=785Also, since I didn't want to start a post because this is really stupid but pertains to Geller, I'll tack this on: I had a dream last night where I...
To be honest, I didn't do THAT much research...I just started compiling a list of restaurants that (I believed) had Italian elements - I know Glenlina has some pizzas, apparently Superba has good pasta according to some internet list (I wouldn't know, I've only eaten there for brunch), and I liked Baco Mercat for lunch...but I have't been there for a while and I assumed their dinner was more Italian. Meh.Anyway, definitely going to look up Ado, Honoria, and Valentino -...
Advice needed! Italian restuarant recs! My brother is back from overseas and is taking my family out to dinner before he leaves again (we haven't had a full family dinner is YEARS). Being the traditional Asian parents that they are, their favorite restaurants are IHOP, Chinese food from SGV, and if they are feeling fancy, Olive Garden (they love Italian). We decided on exposing them to an Italian restaurant that they would have never opted to go to, but would still enjoy....
A webstore (and physical shop too I guess) acronym thread should be started as a tool so people could just refer to it and not keep mucking up the thread (not pointed at anyone in particular, I'm sure I've asked at some point) haha MH - My Habit TBS - Tres Bien Shop NMWA - No Man Walks Alone WM - Wal Mart And so on
These recent tencel bomber stories are scaring me. Time to engage coddle-mode for mine
For future reference, is there any way to log into gilt.jp? Or are all you guys using proxies?
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