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Echoing on the Bureau comments, I've never gotten hit with any fees from them PLUS their shipping from Ireland > States is super fast. Highly recommended
Good to know, I've been meaning to try Prime out! I'll just have to be ready to bob-and-weave through the swarms of Odd Future tee, snapback wearing, more advanced smartphone than me skateboarding youngins' on FairfaxSpeaking of pizza - I know its been around forever but I finally ate some slices at Two Boots (Echo Park location, if that makes a difference) - I loved it. It's taking over my Tomato Pie recommendation go-to quick stop pizza category. For now.Edit: I got all...
Tried to channel Yohji...with Junya and CDGH+
PSA to LA folks who also have a small frame - Leder wool cardigan, size XS. $65 @ Wasteland on Melrose
Thanks a bunch guys! I needed that - it felt a bit weird because it didn't fit the traditional cropped bomber length/looked like online shop models were wearing it shorter. I think I was just being sensitive
Got the MA1 x M65 after beasting after it for so long. Decided to get the Large...I figure I would err on the side of too big rather than too small. What do you think of the sizing? Be honest, I'm a big boy
Got back last night. I didn't get to eat at all the places I hoped to (No Ava Gene's, Woodsman Tavern was closed for holiday parties, no OX, no Expatriate, and no reservations available at Langbaan). BUT I still had my share of great meals: The Big Egg Carte Blanche (twice) Nong's Kachka Roman Bakery Sweedeedee Slowburger Grassa Blue Star Donuts (like, 4x) Kachka was good (went due to heavy recommendations), but I would have to say my favorite dish from the trip was the...
John Lawrence Sullivan Cafe Racer in red horse leather. Made in Japan. Retailed for about $2,600. Band collar, quilted elbows and shoulders. Super tough, I only wore it around my apartment in the hopes of breaking it in. No luck. Sizing - so normally I wear a size 52 in jackets, a traditional American Large. I can put this jacket on, but it is somewhat uncomfortable (I have broad shoulders/arms). I'm unsure if it's the actual sizing or if I have to break it in...but I feel...
Woolrich Woolen Mills sweatpants, size medium. IIRC, from the Daiki Suzuki era. Cuffed bottoms. Side pockets, buttoned back pockets. NO elastic waist, but uses a drawstring. That said, the waist measures 19" across, and from the waist to cuff is 40.5". 91% cotton, the rest poly. Worn once or twice casually, excellent condition. Asking $60 shipped in the states, a little extra if international. NOW $50
Leather creeper boots by Rick Owens in DARK DUST color. Brand new, box and tote bag included. Size 43.5, which seems like a pretty rare size for RO footwear. Made in Italy. Asking $570 shipped in the states, a bit more if international (shipping will be kinda cray due to the damn box) NOW $499
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