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Are these C&J?®-Cavalry-Chukka-Ankle-Boots/161H,default,pd.html# Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Does the "special price" on Caruso suits already include the 20% discount or is there a special promo code to get the extra 20% off?
That's out of my budget.  Plus at that price wouldn't I be better off buying something like this:   or
The consensus seems to be on Cheaney.  As I understand it, VAT should be excluded from the final price (correct?).  I've read somewhere that there is also some kind of an import fee that the delivery company may charge after the item is shipped, before they deliver the shoes.  Is that right?
I would like to get a pair of my first British oxfords (in black) for under $300.  In that price range, I've been looking at Alfred Sargents (classic collection), Herrings (classic), Loake (1880), Barker (through Herrings, professional, or maybe the handcrafted collection), Cheaney (Isis).  I've read countless threads debating the quality of various brands but I can't seem to find a consensus so I thought I'd post links to a few specific shoes I'm considering to get the...
Price Reduction 9.6.12:  Each tie is $80 shipped CONUS.  All ties are brand new with tags.  (Sorry about the picture quality).       1) Turnball and Asser: 100% silk, hand-made in London.  $80   2) Drake's:  100% silk, made in England....
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