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To buy my shirts slim and fitted when on-line I shop at Gap or JCrew, BR etc that offer tall sizes. I am generally an XL size in shirts to to get a slimmer fit I order an L in the tall catagory. It works most of the time.
I saw some dark was slevage button fly jcrew jeans and they look pretty cool but for $150 they seem pretty expensive. Does anyone have these jeans and how do you like them?
I saw that on the JCrew site today as well. Red dollar prices but when you click on it for detaisl and ordering many of them go to full price. I am thinking about sending them an e-mail.
Well let me see: 1- Diesel Quratt 8FC, Button 1- Banana Republic, Zip 1- G-Star, 3301, Button 1- Levis, 527, Zip 1- Paper Denim, Alex, Button 1- Kasil, Cohn, Zip Total: 6 pair
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