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I'm a big fan of the Redington Classic Trout rod, and the Winston Passport - both of which are right around $100 and a pleasure to cast. They're not going to hit the far bank, but I find them quite fun to fish and I've landed any number of rainbows on each of them (in a 5 weight). Can't be beat at that price. Also. here's a pike I caught last week. First pike on the fly for me. Fooled him with a huge bunker pattern on my Echo 7#.
I liked him a lot. I went with Ryan from Cross Current Guide Service. I would have preferred to go with Joe, but Ryan was excellent. Really knew the water and gave me a lot of good pointers on casting a nymphing rig. My only gripe was that part of the lunch was pasta salad - and I HATE pasta salad. (Joe was booked - his client that day was the fishing manager from Orvis in Yonkers. That's as good an endorsement as I can ask for.) ...
Just one - put in at Hale's Eddy and floated down past the junction near Hancock. I had a few on the line in the West Branch proper, but they shook me. One looked like a monster, but as they say: nothing grows faster than a fish from when it bites until it gets away.
A brown and a bow from the Delaware main stem last week. First time floating the West Branch/Main Stem. Loved it - can't wait to go back.
You'll just have to trust me. I wouldn't have taken them home if they didn't fit.
I thought I would show you. The French front and finished seams throughout: all difficult work and beautifully done. I'm surprised they don't get more love on this forum. Reverse side of a VBC flannel 3 over 2 button, patch pockets. Holland & Sherry Peacock Gun Club Check 3 over 2 button, patch pockets. Russ and Anthony are both lovely guys, and they are competitively priced. Thumbs up.
Me too.Any salt water anglers out there? I most fish for stripers in Massachusetts/New York, but headed to Miami to look for redfish, barracuda or (hope, hope), permit. I got a Redington Vapen 10 wt for Christmas that will be perfect for the flats.
I like 7. Love the variation of blues - and would work in the city.
Love that Loro Piana navy seersucker. I just had Franco make it up for me as well. Should be delivered next week - psyched.
For what it's worth, I just found a pair of Gravati oxfords on Zappos for $250.
New Posts  All Forums: