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Chilly day today Hm cheapie sweater Gucci belt Apc petite - finally fitting good Knock off converse $3 make you holla
True but depends on the person, for me It's a respect thing, but no one would care if it was above or below the chest really. A few more inches might be nice
It was a gift from my Chinese friend after she found out I (hate the term) am a Buddhist .I'm not sure where she got it but most you can find are similar
Ignorance is bliss, you realize that is a Buddhist necklace right ? Not a "fashion accessory"
check Uniqlos belts, i thought they were pretty solid belts while i was in asia. $20.   Otherwise watch myhabit, gilt,  a good $100~ belt can be had for sub $50s 
  Uniqlo- (pink but over exposed for denim exposure) budai pendent  louis vuitton APC petite standard, sized down 1~2 than normal. Hemmed b/c I'm short and don't want stacks on stacks on stacks. - 3 days into break in period, I think my sperm count is low... lol bass & co (cheap intro into suede shoes, not sure if i would like them or not) Billingham bag, not as fat as it looks like in the image, i just left it unclipped so it hanged down and...
Will post probably receive no positive or negative comments. Spring turned back to winter from last weeks high 70s low 80s to 60s and wet H&m dark blue sweater Light blue small check uniqlo Levi's Bass&co dark brown boots
Uniqlo Uniqlo Lv American eagle Bass Billingham Hadley pro bag
fit of the day uniqlo shirt and "blazer" LV belt Levis bass & co Billingham Hadley Pro- bag
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