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Hey folks, We're hosting a pop-up shop here in Baltimore from July 18th-20th at the brand new Old Bank Barbers in Hampden (1100 W. 36th street, Baltimore). I just wanted to take a sec to invite you all to the kickoff party on the 18th-- there'll be cocktails courtesy of Art In The Age spirits, some local artisanal snacks, plus plenty of good vibes and a specially curated selection of made-in-the-USA raw & selvage denim, leather goods, neckwear, sunglasses and more....
The "discoloration" all depends on the wax canvas itself and its unique wearing patterns, as far as I understand. It'll change as you continue to wear it, or you can adjust the amount of wax on the surface by using a product like Otter Wax (this particular brand is EA approved, but I'd test out any similar product in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn't have adverse effects, blah blah blah). Bottom line is, in my opinion, it's not a defect but just an element...
Hi all,   I'm emily. I run Rye & Rivet. I just got back from spending six months in Paris and now I'm working in New York. I do J. Peterman-style writeups of stuff I love and interview people that I think are neat. I talk about bourbon a fair amount, also. And drink it. Definitely drink it.   I live in my Railcar raws (Vipers) and have a stack of leather bracelets that I wear every day.   Nice to meet y'all.  
New Posts  All Forums: