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Scandinavia vs Australia vs Rest of World seems like the only fair fight.
Grand opening of new labs today and meetings with the visiting muckety-mucks.  
Congratulations to @Tirailleur1, @Henry Carter, and belatedly to @steffenbp11. Beautiful babies, all.
Certainly is a beautiful tie, Jason.
I agree. I thought about changing my tie, but I really like this green wool one too and I'll wear the HC to death in the coming months, I'm sure.
You need to get over the wool-hate, Noodles. Embrace the challis. This arrived from Henry Carter today and I loves it.
Inspecting an Antipodean purchase that arrived today.   [[SPOILER]]
No, you dont get it. "Google it" is not a strong rhetorical device. Learn how to support positions with evidence and since my I original post was in reference to an implied causal relation between a change in gun policy and a rise in violence in the UK, and to the statement that the UK is more violent than the rest of Europe, I would like that evidence to be descriptive statistics to that effect...regression models, perhaps.I understand that this isnt grad school, but I...
I'm British and this is horseshit. I live in Philly where over 300 people are murdered each year and you want to claim that the UK is violent. But, again, feel free to spout dataless anecdote as facts supporting a ridiculous position.
Do you have any facts to back up that statement regarding violence, gun policy, and Britain?
New Posts  All Forums: