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Ricemans, that's it. Ashford has expanded greatly. The fields, streams, and woods of my childhood are now all gone.With respect to the DIY discussion, Ive always thought that the UK has much more of that ethos than the US. I never knew anyone who paid someone to paint their walls in England, yet that is very common here. My Dad is aghast that we are getting quotes for taking down the wall between our kitchen and den rather than doing it myself (I'm disappointed too).
I grew up in Ashford. Canterbury was a sartorial nirvana in comparison. What was the name of the department store that sold Aquascutum? I forget now. It wasnt my style anyway...I frequented the goth/punk stores nearer the train station.
I really like the flat cap, @upr_crust and the collar pin. I had one like that and misplaced it and it irritates me still, even though I never pin my collar.
Yesterday and today. A lot of warm cardis and flannels.            
@Claghorn Research 1 as they used to be called with a 3-2 load. The limited portfolio is the norm for business faculty, but I certainly downgraded his teaching rating because of it. I expect much higher ratings for a professor teaching the same class over and over. It wont stop him getting tebure, though. Research trumps all, provided one's teaching isnt atrocious.
You're nailing the Business School faculty thing, Clags. Our business faculty complain if they have more than 2 preps per year, whereas our engineering faculty regularly do 4 or 5 without complaint.I chaired a P&T committee this year where an accounting professor had a teaching portfolio of 2 courses over his 6 year probationary period, and one of those he only taught 3 times. When I went up for tenure I had a portfolio of a dozen courses and rarely taught the same thing...
QFTI suffer from major resting bitch face.
+1 for the CPOs from PF.
 I don't know why I cant help myself, but I cant help myself. If you have a maximum that you are willing to pay, offer that. I suspect you wish not to in case you could get it cheaper. That is the same for the seller. Why should he tell you his lowest price when he will come away thinking you may have paid more? Why this is so cryptic to you is odd. There's a very simple technique that is used in negotiation courses to demonstrate that despite everyone thinking that the...
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