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 Sorry about that. 
 Were we THAT far apart? How many 'superstars,' to borrow FlyingMonkey's term, would be needed? PocketSquareGuy, DocHolliday, UrbanComposition.
The scandinavians really do kick ass; a point I made several times before. Having only been in Sweden and Denmark briefly while travelling to and from Estonia in the late 90s. I dont recall any of those places being inately stylish at the time. Has that changed, or are we just fortunate to have the cream of the North among us? Having said that, Betel gets my vote. That fit is one of my all time favorites. Everything is on point. Vox spends a fortune to achieve the same...
I predict that it will be the runner up organizing the next challenge.
This is why federal regulations in higher ed have ramped up so much in recent years - for-profits over-promising and under-delivering.You did, however, time your graduation with a significant slow-down in IT hiring and expenditures, which surely hasn't helped. The problem with  web design as an educational topic is that the tools, technologies, and platforms change so quickly that an education based upon them will soon be passe, but no-one is interested in an education...
 The ones associated with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, you mean. A friend taught art history online for them for a while, but quit when she realized what they are about.That has always been a for-profit entity, and I know it's a generalization, but for-profit educational establishments are often no bueno. Clearly you don't have fond memories yourself.
LOL. http://www.artic.edu/visit  NOT 
 My wife interned at the Art Institute. Well worth a visit, as is the MCA. I was shocked to discover that the zoo was free, which was a big plus. One visit we did a walking food tour which was fun too.
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