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DonC mentioned Holdfast earlier and I was reminded of him when the floral ties popped up in the GNAT, as I believe he enjoys a good floral tie come spring time (and I think he may have liked the one on the left too). Unfortunately he said recently that he has tired of SF and retracted. Perhaps it is the gravitation towards a particular norm that has tired him or simply that everything that can be said and worn has been said and worn during his time on the forum. Only he...
Does anyone know if authenticgoods is someone on here?
Back to the classroom today...oh, joy!      
A UK 9 is more like a US 10 IME.
Not much worth bragging about, cept this:
I know the Rive Gauche is the good YSL, but does that mean tjat all other ysl is no good, including made in France? Two navy blazers, dual exhaust, originally sold at Boyds.
Do it, do it naow!
Belated birthday wishes to @upr_crust and congratulations to @acridsheepMilestone events seen with style, both.    [[SPOILER]]
 Probably not what you are looking for, but The Village Mill Bread Co is awesome. Outstanding challah...love the chocolate chip and the raisin.
Pink shirts with grey suits is a great combo. Just ask Pingson.As for the look of your suit vs Spoo's Tom Ford (I believe), how about in comparison to mine?I still dont think grey chalk stripe means oldmanish.
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