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Boy, you're on roll today. :)
 Show off!
Really like that @justinkapur and @mossrockss providing some tweed in juxtaposition to justin's linen. Just two of a great bunch of fits lately, gents.I decided to go green again today.    [[SPOILER]]
That sucks, bro, but you have the right attitude. There's always another property just as there's always another pair of croc loafers or another buyer. Forgetting that is when one makes mistakes and over pays.
If it makes you feel any better my wife's friends frequently remark to her how my accent is sexy/cool/etc and her response is always the same "oh, I don't even hear it anymore" :/Call her parents house, however, and it's my voice that greets on the answer machine.Good luck @ridethecliche
Now I can go home.
 This is the expression one carries after a day of dealing with deceit...oh, and direct sunlight 
Serious bidness.  
Did someone say they keep a gun in their bedroom?  Disclaimer: This is my sister's house, home to ret SF, and explains why we don't visit with our children.  [[SPOILER]]
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