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What are these bonus things?
Very generous offer, @Claghorn Thank you. Unfortunately I have scant time for recreational reading right now. For example, I am writing this during the 15 minutes of my son's "bed time show" (Big Hero 6, btw...well worth a watch) as that is pretty much the only opportunity I have when home.
I didn't keep up, but he was always an author I looked forward to introducing my kids to when the time comes. I have fleeting recollection of the books now, but I recall always enjoying his characterization of Death. I wonder want I will think of it when I read it again. I have found that my own perspectives on death changed radically after having children.
Sad indeed. Of course, Alzheimer's is a terrible diagnosis for anyone and everyone, but it seems, to me, all the more cruel for authors. I loved the Discworld books as a teen.
The question is: will I be better dressed than the faculty candidate I interview today? Follow-up: Should his hiring depend upon the result?    
@Chulillo Details on the navy field jacket in the bottom right set. Looks great.
Is it just me who thinks that running into Mr Miller in his home town could be bad for one's health?
I prefer Caruso to Corneliani, but the difference in construction are minimal if at all apparent except that I believe the Corneliani stuff is half-canvas and the Caruso stuff is full canvas. Neither reflects the local heritage of each tailoring house because they follow the patterns of Ralph Lauren. I doubt there is much difference in fabric quality between the two. Fashion forward is a key word for slim and short, yes.Personally I prefer PRL and RLPL to Black Label, and...
 The difference in price is a difference in brand and perceived brand value. As to actual differences, the Polo one is made by Corneliani and the Black Label is by Caruso, but both make to specification rather than their own designs, so the difference will be in styling as dictated by Ralph Lauren. BL is the more fashion-forward line, but I can't see much difference visually. I wouldn't pay retail for either, I'm afraid.
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