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End of a long day and longer week, but the start of an interminable evening.      
You're correct in that the clothing does not get more valuable over time, but the value of the money spent on that item does change. That is the concept of discount rates, net present value, internal rate of return, etc. $20 now doesnt have the same value as $20 in the future. Given the typical time periods between purchase and sale in flipping and the level of investment made these issues aren't usually meaningful, but they exist whether meaningful or not. Perhaps the...
It's an odd suggestion, I admit, but have you looked into cricket/tennis trousers? The kind that are worn at fancy tennis/cricket clubs? I have off-white tropical gabardine pants from here. Not quite in your range, but I'm sure there are other sellers. Also, Brooks Brothers.
The return of NYI gave me an idea for a team challenge...teams by profession. (Yes, I'm just trying to think of a way to get on Pingson's team).
Lol, Clags. In the warmer months it is more cotton, linen/cotton, and linen for me, yes. Mostly wool in the f/w, though.
Outstanding, Erik.
Name and shame, Suge, name and shame! But seriously, I just got taken to task by Big P, and he likewise issued notice to Anden's pocket square and Cox's X-pattern bingo. It's all good and healthy.  but I will still wear my 'magic mint' pants. so perhaps I'm immune too  
Is patch madras a step too far?If it provides any relief, blazer and khakis is my warm weather default. I break out the colors for a change of pace, but they get their most use while on vacation in Hawaii.
I guess you've been lurking the challenge thread, Ping, and decided to bring the hammer. Which just goes to show that you get what you ask for.  I know the east coast preppy aesthetic isn't to everyone's taste, but I live in a very preppy place. I'll go ahead and guess you wont be a fan of Nuntucket reds either. Thanks for the praise you did give me, though.
 You appear to be one of the most discerning thumbers, so this surprises me.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: