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Thanks. Allen Edmonds Mora. They started out tan, but that's not a very versatile colour really. So, I dyed them brown.
Another long day of interviewing done.  
I will live vicariously through you 
NOOOOOOO!!!!! @Cleav you are the one who beat me to it....but if it fits you well, and I'm sure it does, I'm guessing it would not have fit moi. Rock on, mate!
 Like you ever really needed it for warmth! *jealous emoji* 
The waning days of cashmere and flannel.    
One of the most highly regarded Italian dressers liked BDs too (unbuttoned), of course. I prefer BD without a tie, but I have no strong feelings about it. I do like loafers in all occasions, however. Sorry, Murl.
Very nice! Keep a close eye out for the pot holes though...those low profiles look expensive!
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