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I've had candidates turn up in jeans for interviews. None were hired, even those well qualified and suited to the position. It is a competitive market, and a buyers one at that, so don't give the appearance that you don't care. If you dont, neither do I.
All good things, I hope.
My Butteros arrived yesterday. Someone on the thread had said that a 43 fits a 10.5 US well, and I can concur. Very pleased.  
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Three_(colleges) A little bit of snobbery, really, to dismiss Penn, Brown, et al.
@GMMcL adjuncts in a law school, I recall. I believe he wears a suit for class, and tries to wear a different one for every class of the semester.
Ours are open votes caste in committee. We rate the candidate on a 4 point scale for teaching, research, and service. The letter we write must include supporting evidence from the dossier, and rationale from the guidelines, for each decision. Those with opposing positions must write minority opinions in the same fashion. I prefer this to secret ballot.
I believe the perceived consequences of speaking up or out, or any other possible slight are far greater than the reality. I can't say it doesn't happen, but in those meetings it really is all about the dossier. At least in tenure cases, where the decision decides someone's future employment. I think in promotion cases such things are more pronounced because the candidate can always reapply later.As to the issue of teaching in p&t, while I suspect teaching-focused schools...
I've served on half a dozen P&T committees at different levels and I have never heard anyone reference a candidate's appearance. Indeed, while the threat of capricious decisions and personal agendas is always perceived by junior faculty, I have never witnessed it. The closest was when two professors in a complimentary disciple to the candidate questioned whether she was really qualified to research her chosen theme; one more usually seen in their discipline than the...
Finally boarded the Buttero bandwagon.
With stern, unrelenting disdain? That's how I now believe I should be guiding my children. How else will they ever learn? :)
New Posts  All Forums: