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Just had a pair of shoes delivered back to me stamped unclaimed. Tracking shoes that notice was left with the seller because the address had no secure location for delivery. After 3 weeks the package was returned to me.haven't hard anything from the buyer. What would you do? I don't want the buyer claiming item not delivered or otherwise get me a defect so I thought I'd check here for advice before acting.
Could you paste some photos of those people whose style you like? Right now it is hard to offer advice beyond the standard gray pants, light blue solid and stripped shirts, etc. Given your interest in something a little more street wear than usual MC, perhaps you should look at the MC casual thread and maybe look at the posts from@Cotton Dockers and @FrankCowperwood
Polo Ralph Lauren
Velcro-fastened JLs? Yikes!
Another thick sweater and Barbour day.   [[SPOILER]]
But arent your other suits smaller than the Formosa's?
I was joking that. based upon the pictorial evidence provided, it seems like money well spent. I was being facetious. i
Do you hustle at cash games? Otherwise the not paying taxes and professional poker player appear to be contradictory.
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