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If it makes you feel any better my wife's friends frequently remark to her how my accent is sexy/cool/etc and her response is always the same "oh, I don't even hear it anymore" :/Call her parents house, however, and it's my voice that greets on the answer machine.Good luck @ridethecliche
Now I can go home.
 This is the expression one carries after a day of dealing with deceit...oh, and direct sunlight 
Serious bidness.  
Did someone say they keep a gun in their bedroom?  Disclaimer: This is my sister's house, home to ret SF, and explains why we don't visit with our children.  [[SPOILER]]
To be sure, my Da would never forgive me it I didnt at least enter even if I am still smarting over the Six Nations result.    
Cravatte Noire is cray cray...wish his feet were a big bigger.
I think it looks fine as-is, MF and not worth shortening for the amount I would shorten it. I'm 6'4" (less any shrinkage, which feels like has started already :/) and 32 BOC is the minimum for me.
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