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That's an awesome deal, Tweedy. Anyone else want a book for a sexy tie?  
Aging sucks. It was an abstract construct for me until the last few years, where I have really started to notice the changes. Of course, I'm in a state of almost continuous exhaustion because of young children and demanding work, but aside from that the changes in flexibility, the recovery time after exercise, the propensity for strains and pulls, and the depressing drop off in athletic ability is quite lamentable. For these reasons, it was quite satisfying last weekend...
You have to be AT the beach in LA in order to be on the beach in 10 minutes.But I agree in general. My wife is San Diegan and I would love to move out there.....carne asada burritos, mmmmmmmmmm
I blame the lack of seasons. You should move east.complacent of the SoCal weather you have become.
Forgive the expression, it's been a trying day.   
But she is okay with LV purses and Ethan Allen furniture? 
I recall seeing you mention academia at times before. Is that what you will be doing on your return to the US?Good luck withe the move.
Perhaps there's inspiration for a FC in there somewhere. Best outfit in an athletic/hobby endeavor. I recall Victor doing a muscle up in a suit for one of his photo sets. No small feat whatever one is wearing.
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