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QFTI suffer from major resting bitch face.
+1 for the CPOs from PF.
 I don't know why I cant help myself, but I cant help myself. If you have a maximum that you are willing to pay, offer that. I suspect you wish not to in case you could get it cheaper. That is the same for the seller. Why should he tell you his lowest price when he will come away thinking you may have paid more? Why this is so cryptic to you is odd. There's a very simple technique that is used in negotiation courses to demonstrate that despite everyone thinking that the...
I don't get the time to frequent this bar, or Thrifty's next door, as often as I did or would like, but that's some solid advice right there.
Thos reno seems to be taking a long time, Suge. Are you completely rebuilding your house?
Thanks, man.Cheers, Gerry. No Man Walks Alone.
Finally getting to wear the Portuguese Flannel CPO. I loves it.  
First outing for the Portuguese Flannel CPO.   [[SPOILER]]
Another vote for heavy flannel. Also, any chance of getting it in light gray?
Anyone know anything about Belstaff?I cant find a design like this online. It's nylon and cotton jersey. Judging by the size, I think it's women's.    [[SPOILER]]
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