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I dont know what all the fuss is about. I've watched Frozen, Brave, Cars, Cars 2, Planes, Mulan, Mulan 2, Little Mermaid, The Incredibles, How to Train Your Dragon, Room on the Broom, The Gruffalo's Child, and countless other animated movies DOZENS of times each. I would take that over any more Barney, Caillou, and Sesame Street any and every day of the week. I can't wait until my son is old enough to enjoy going to the movies. I've heard great things about the Lego Movie...
It will look fine.
Blue and green should never be seen?  
Just wanted to say, I love this thread.
AKA married?
These photos aren't very good, but they are the best I have from the weddings attended the last two weekends. First was formal, which meant a lot of poorly fitting tuxedos and quite the array of inappropriate shoddings, including a pair of Gucci bit loafers by the best man! I will admit that my own tux is a two button notch from pre-SF days. I remain vigilant to finding a replacement.   Second wedding was much more informal.
Some recent finds. The Paul Smith suit is a first for me. I've found PS London stuff, which is meh, but the mainline made in Japan stuff is very well made.   Burberry London by HF   JPress POW suit   Paul Stuart by Sammy gunclub   HF hand tailored NA   Paul Smith mainline suit. Dibsed.
The slippers look to be kelim/kilim, no?
What's the size of the kelim, @capnwes?
^I'm not feeling the square choice, JHT, but everything else is very nice.
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