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There are lots of options, outside of jeans, for casual wear. Take a browse through MC casual and SW&D WAYWT threads for ideas. Identify people or looks with which you resonant. Next, determine how often you will be wearing such outfits. Will you replace your jeans/polo/sneakers outfits completely, or are you just trying to get some casual looks together for going out to bars, friend's houses, etc? The typical advice is dark wash, straight or slim/straight jeans (try...
After reading the last few pages I thought I was reading GNAT ( our very own CE/DT sub forum). I wandered into the real CE once. I had an overwhelming urge to correct the ludicrous logic, blatant ignorance, and unabashed bigotry, but then realized that it would be as effective as my poliitical/economic "discussions" with my in-laws, so quickly clicked elsewhere.
+1 (almost)
 If you have such disdain for this forum, why are you here and posting within it? Or is this a "change it from the inside" mission?
I love how full circle the discussion is going today, because.....YOUR OPINION IS WRONG!  
   The privileged lives you guys must lead to find disappointment in San Diego. :)
Born at Grossmont, by any chance?
My wife is from El Cajon.
I am a man of simple (yet spicy) tastes. My favorite. Can't find anything even close to it in Pennsylvania, despite our growing Mexican population and the good times to be had courtesy of Steven Starr in Philadelphia (here and here). For ambiance, though, I don't know that the Lava Lava Beach Club on the Big Island can be beat. 
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