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@eazye even no name vtg polo coats are instakop for me. Excuse the vulgarity of prices, but the last two I sold were 185 and 225.
To Rebel's point, the worst thing you can do in negotiating is to say no, explicitly or implicitly, but the point of the OBO system is to limit the duration of the negotiation. That is why there is a limit to the number of offers a buyer can make. To try and subvert that through messaging is only in the buyers interest, because it doesn't require them to move towards agreement the way that knowing you have only 3 offers in which to reach mutual satisfaction does. A seller...
I really like that shirt, Sug.
Your credit card bills must be frightening of late.
If it was un-American we would seek its deportation, but thankfully it is merely non-American.
It gets easier, and quite quickly too.Congratulations, by the way.
 Sorry about that. 
 Were we THAT far apart? How many 'superstars,' to borrow FlyingMonkey's term, would be needed? PocketSquareGuy, DocHolliday, UrbanComposition.
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