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 Wait wut?I think you need to wait on any suit purchases then and get thee to a gym. At least start doing some bodyweight exercises. Push ups with different hand positions, dips, planks, sit ups, pull and chin ups. Do it for a few months and you will see changes. You can do these at any time and any where, so there's no excuse. 
I think that an R should normally fit you, in that case, but this jacket looks a little shy of CYA, but more than that, I think it would just be more flattering on you. It looks to me like the jacket ends right at your broadest and a longer jacket might just slim you out a touch. It could also be a lens distortion though.
 Thanks, Pliny. I have worn a very similar outfit without the tie a few times and almost did again today, but decided to dress it up a little this time. It's one of my favorite S/S jackets and I would love to wear it on the Riviera.   [[SPOILER]]
To Clags, I planned on linen pants, but an over zealous 3 year old laid waste to that plan, so apologies for the cotton trou ;)      
Holdfast, Betel, Tira, Suge Suge may have convinced me to keep my own navy seersucker jacket.
End of a long day and longer week, but the start of an interminable evening.      
You're correct in that the clothing does not get more valuable over time, but the value of the money spent on that item does change. That is the concept of discount rates, net present value, internal rate of return, etc. $20 now doesnt have the same value as $20 in the future. Given the typical time periods between purchase and sale in flipping and the level of investment made these issues aren't usually meaningful, but they exist whether meaningful or not. Perhaps the...
It's an odd suggestion, I admit, but have you looked into cricket/tennis trousers? The kind that are worn at fancy tennis/cricket clubs? I have off-white tropical gabardine pants from here. Not quite in your range, but I'm sure there are other sellers. Also, Brooks Brothers.
The return of NYI gave me an idea for a team challenge...teams by profession. (Yes, I'm just trying to think of a way to get on Pingson's team).
New Posts  All Forums: