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Variations on a theme    
Anyone (@SpooPoker) now anything about LV ties? Feels quality to me.      
I'm wearing a tie, so I thought I'd put these here. And if anyone is counting, I'm in favor of @Anden's dancing.      [[SPOILER]]
 If it was an actual Long in length I would buy it myself.
 And you are contemplating painting your kitchen cabinets!?Walk before you can run. Have you even painted a room yet, or refinished and end table or something? Without great preparation of the surface, any paint on the cabinets will be uneven and will peel in no time. 
 Cool thread. Thanks for the link. Today we are demoing the wall between our kitchen and den. I wanted to do it myself, but my wife says I dont have the time, so we contracted it out. I has a sad.
 I don't take a candidate seriously who doesn't take the interviewing process seriously. A lot of time and money is invested in seeking tenure track faculty, and those who show up like they are going to the movies might as well have spent that time actually going to the movies as far as I'm concerned. I don't care if a candidate can dress well, I care that they care enough about it to present their best selves. I treat resumes the same way. A coffee-stained, hastily...
 We are seeking faculty in two different areas and have one offer out in one area and the final round of candidates for the other area coming in this week. Today's looked promising on his resume and over breakfast this morning, but I wanted to shoot myself during his presentation. We failed to find a suitable candidate for this position last year, but I really liked a couple of the earlier candidates, so fingers crossed. Good luck with yours. I try to restrain from...
And the interviews continue.    
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