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I see the FlyingMonkey resemblance today...it must be a chin thing.
 I dont know about that, at least as a general rule. I think CP and HF have both received more praise for their SS suits than for other more heralded brands, especially HF, who regularly wears bespoke Ede & Ravenscroft.
Turkish get up fit pic please @Fueco
 No hate, but that would be somewhat of a watershed, and not in a good way, for the CM compendium thread. 
PSA: Boglioli listed as 48 but really US 38 BINOBO http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=390810735753
@Cotton Dockers is that Polo SC silk/linen? Looks great.
@ImTheGroom You likely wouldnt make any profit out of resale, but you should at a minimum get close to covering cost, so it seems a very low risk purchase to me. Buy it, post pictures to the tailor thread to see if it is worth fixing and if not, sell it to recoup your outlay.
You're wrong, Capn. That is clean. The problem is, you don't know clean. People used to pay me a lot of money to tell them when something was clean, so I know clean. You dont. But worse, you shouldn't be telling ANYONE whether something is clean or dirty. Who are you to tell me if something is clean? I was a deluded as you are about cleanliness 5 years ago and in 5 years time you may be lucky enough to get to my level of recognizing clean.Oh, and eazyE doesnt know shit...
For the sake of my marriage I just want to say that I don't give a fuck that you all can't see the wonder that is my personal style and I'm not bitter at all that I have yet to reach the curated thread because that would merely signify that 1/ I have lost my individuality and 2/ My wife is about to leave me...she's taking my kids to a tour of the local firehouse tomorrow!!!
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