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^agreed. Certainly prefer light grey to charcoal or navy. Much more versatile.
I fear I will sound like a cranky old man, but seriously, what is happening in US PhD programs these days? Poor research, solutions seeking problems, and lamentable presentation/teaching skills. I'm tired.
The third of four weeks of faculty candidate interviews. At least today's candidate made it easy by showing up in sneakers! You had better be Einstein's second coming, son.  
The real similarity between us is in physique (you'll have to trust me on that). Faciallly, not so much.
For the record, I took it that K-T was implying I resembled Hugh Jackman, and that is certainly no slight in my book. This may be a remarkable capacity for positive thinking on my part, but if it is, ignorance is bliss. Let's just hope my wife sees me in such a light
Ricemans, that's it. Ashford has expanded greatly. The fields, streams, and woods of my childhood are now all gone.With respect to the DIY discussion, Ive always thought that the UK has much more of that ethos than the US. I never knew anyone who paid someone to paint their walls in England, yet that is very common here. My Dad is aghast that we are getting quotes for taking down the wall between our kitchen and den rather than doing it myself (I'm disappointed too).
I grew up in Ashford. Canterbury was a sartorial nirvana in comparison. What was the name of the department store that sold Aquascutum? I forget now. It wasnt my style anyway...I frequented the goth/punk stores nearer the train station.
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