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I suspect it's a women's.
By the look of things, this thread may get interesting today.     [[SPOILER]]
Lately I've been getting a real personal fable/imaginary audience vibe.
Spoo drives a rari amd enjoys thrifting. I guess it depends on what you consider rich.
He's now a personal shopper at Century 21. Did you not see him there yourself?
George Zimmer told me I'd love the way I looked. He even guaranteed it!
A new GW opened today. Nothing jaw-dropping...recent HF windowpane suit, 1818 Madison in LP suit, LP shirt, skeet, polo coat, third BB chesterfield in as many weeks, and assorted zegna stuff. Most I've ever picked up in one go though.  
@in stitches Your square. I likes it. A lot. From where does it hail? nvm
Cheers, B. Corneliani.
Very peculiar light in my office today, but I've corrected as much as I can.    [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: