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Thanks, G. I had originally planned on wearing a navy linen jacket, but I noticed an errant thumb print on the lapel, so that went to the cleaners today. It isnt an especially textured linen, but probably a little more in the direction you suggest.I do quite like mixing textures, though. So I like the contrast, such as it is, between the pants, jacket, and tie.
Considering his financial state, he may want it back himself.
 Correct. I do not subscribe to the sentiment that the wearing of regimental ties be reserved for those having served in those regiments, just as I wouldnt say that tartans can only be worn by members of the clans, but I would certainly not wear a regimental emblem or coat of arms having not served. Of course, choosing one that no one who earned it would wear in civilian life makes any point of confusion moot. Expect a shoeing wearing that near Stirling Lines, however.
@mimo you appear to have lost a lot of weight, and become considerably sharper. Very nice. @Cotton Dockers I like that you're going with earth tones, since they coincide so well with the colors if spit up...very wise.
I take it you mean when he left the first time? They have sucked for some time and will continue to do so.E A G L E S Eagles!
Very kind. Thanks!
 Thanks. It's linen/cotton Zegna acquired from fellow SFer tubs.   :)In general, my writings abide the following maxim:In the absence of profundity, try verbosity (bullshit baffles brains). In the absence of both, try brevity (better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt).
Just a half day today so I eschewed a tie. Pants are chinolino, in case anyone was wondering.   
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