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I have the winter white tennis slacks from here. Essentially cream flannel.http://www.grasscourt.com/Store/data/slacks.htmlPhoto shows them between donegal and camel flannels. Really a gabardine twill, but have a brushed finish like flannel.
Thanks for the pointer on the Henry Carter pin dot, Clags. Ordered.
You know the rules. Pics our it didn't happen. Oh, and congratulations.
Jake's dimensions don't sound that tough to fit OTR. In fact they sound like the ideal SuSu frame. So I think his first move is a trip to the store to try on some different models, take photos, post here for feedback (do not listen to the sales people). If none of the models work, then he can move onto their MTM program. Over time he can nail his dimensions and start looking on ebay or b&s. No need to jump straight into the Eidos and Formosa stuff quite yet, and definitely...
Just to throw a few more options out there. Conrad Wu, The Knottery (for pointed knits especially), Howard Yount, Kent Wang, Chipp2 (some don't like the lining of his grens, but I find them fine and his madders look great), and the featured AV right now is David Fin ties and Clags appears to like his wares. 
  He's a bidder on a couple of my items too, with the leading bid on one of them! Not sure what will happen if I add him to my block list.
Boy, you're on roll today. :)
 Show off!
Really like that @justinkapur and @mossrockss providing some tweed in juxtaposition to justin's linen. Just two of a great bunch of fits lately, gents.I decided to go green again today.    [[SPOILER]]
That sucks, bro, but you have the right attitude. There's always another property just as there's always another pair of croc loafers or another buyer. Forgetting that is when one makes mistakes and over pays.
New Posts  All Forums: