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I've yet to find much good on the Big Island, and I suspect the Hilo side to be worse than the Kona side merely because of the wealth divide. Molokai, I'm sure, will be useless too. Oahu may have something by way of Aloha shirts, but I doubt much of anything MC.At least that means you'll have more time for fun, though. Make sure you check out Volcanoes National Park.Aloha!
Thanks for the concern, fellas. It's my wife in surgery, but all will be good soon.
Happy birthday, @Cotton Dockers. Nice gift.
Sitting in the surgery waiting room browsing the threads amd thought I'd weigh in on the casual kicks debate despite being quite unqualified to do so. I love chukkas, both lined and unlined, although I find the lined more comfortable, curiously. I also love teh loafers of all description (save beefroll, bleh), but for stylish sneakers without breaking the bank, I would recommend Superga or some non descript GATs.
 Yes it is. Don't do that. Dont threaten anything.
This guy doesnt appear concerned   Would post the image, but image uploading appears broken for me right now.
The Merkin?
I thought you were saving your pennies for Formosa? If you've found a maker and cut that fits, why mess with anything else? Doesnt seem like the prices for the other options are that much less.
Just think of how many more Panta suits/Schneider coats/ GG shoes you could buy with the saved monies, Stitch! Do like NOBD, and quit that bitch.
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