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 We are seeking faculty in two different areas and have one offer out in one area and the final round of candidates for the other area coming in this week. Today's looked promising on his resume and over breakfast this morning, but I wanted to shoot myself during his presentation. We failed to find a suitable candidate for this position last year, but I really liked a couple of the earlier candidates, so fingers crossed. Good luck with yours. I try to restrain from...
And the interviews continue.    
I havent washed mine yet, so I'm afraid I cant help. I suspect warm washing and tumble drying will shrink it though.
@Forper while you may consider yourself as having "individual style" I'm afraid you do not. You look exactly like the stereotypical US male worker. Many posters here have a strong personal style that takes them out of orthodoxy and sometimes out of favor, so perhaps you should look to see how they do it. Off the top of my head EFV, An Acute Style, thefoxtooth, StanleyVanBuren, and Coxsackie come to mind. And if they dress too formally for you, and/or their choices dont...
 I was going to say something about your capacity for analysis, synthesis, and self-reflection attest your graduate school training and cannot be generalized to the population, but then realized, who cares? Even those who are told (repeatedly) what is wrong with their outfits continue to post shite. 
^agreed. Certainly prefer light grey to charcoal or navy. Much more versatile.
I fear I will sound like a cranky old man, but seriously, what is happening in US PhD programs these days? Poor research, solutions seeking problems, and lamentable presentation/teaching skills. I'm tired.
The third of four weeks of faculty candidate interviews. At least today's candidate made it easy by showing up in sneakers! You had better be Einstein's second coming, son.  
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