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Thought about green on green, but opted for browns.    [[SPOILER]]
The first day this week not to require a sweater - a relatively tropical 40F in the forecast.    
Wow, that's perfect!Launches Thursday?
Looked like an awesome do, @Cleav. Let me add my birthday wishes and a hearty congratulations to @pliny, who can now look forward to walking his daughter down the aisle (and the accompanying bill ).
Looking good and comfortable, k.
As opposed to the tacky casual shirt business (alpha sized).
Ive found a couple of these skeets lately, that are made in China and have dress shirt sizing as well as alpha sizing. Still have Truth, Wisdom, blah blah, but also the bottom button is a logo stud and there is embroidery between the second and third buttons. From all the details and quality they seem legit. Has Robert Graham entered the tacky dress shirt business?
Isnt that pad stitching?
   Cheers, guys. Wearing black Loake single monk straps today and the SC is Paul Stuart/Sammy, but bought from Spoo - practically stole it, to be honest. Yesterday's jacket was also PS/Sammy from Spoo. A very under-rated brand (PS, not LS) in my estimation. 
New Posts  All Forums: