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@mimo you appear to have lost a lot of weight, and become considerably sharper. Very nice. @Cotton Dockers I like that you're going with earth tones, since they coincide so well with the colors if spit up...very wise.
I take it you mean when he left the first time? They have sucked for some time and will continue to do so.E A G L E S Eagles!
Very kind. Thanks!
 Thanks. It's linen/cotton Zegna acquired from fellow SFer tubs.   :)In general, my writings abide the following maxim:In the absence of profundity, try verbosity (bullshit baffles brains). In the absence of both, try brevity (better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt).
Just a half day today so I eschewed a tie. Pants are chinolino, in case anyone was wondering.   
The jacket was clearly a bargain, in that case. 
I dont consider you being rude at all and hope you dont consider my asking the question rude. Thanks for the clarification.   On another note, for the Brits in the audience, does the Pitti hat thing remind anyone else of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men?
Given that the convo has turned that way, and it's a question I've had for a while, I'll ask.   A friend of my wife's family is a real pip (really the only way to describe her). She was once married to a rabbi and was deeply ingrained in the LA jewish community for many years, but has now become much more liberal since one of her daughters married an Hasidic man and moved to London. Over dinner one night she was talking about how irked she is by the visible wearing of...
 Love the fabric, P. Is there something going on with the left chest, though? Perhaps some shaping needed there?    Excellent, HF. Just a shame that in the smaller sizes the Soho lapels obscure the chest pocket so much.  I enjoy a green pant, Don, but I'm afraid this combination isn't working for me. The top and bottom halves don't work well together IMHO.
New Posts  All Forums: