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LOL.Give everyone a laugh and come round and give that a try.
Simple stuff today...like every day, really.   Rayban // Gant // BB // Superga
Taylorism ftw!      Except for those who wear workwear without irony, in which case it's a MFing fail.
I started with your avatar and quit immediately. 
Only get pink when you've got all the basics covered...black, brown, mutant ninja...
Depends on the materials. Ceramic or porcelain is way cheaper than stone, and replacing the shower hardware can ne pricey too, but for a small bathroom and keeping the cabinetry, I would say about 3.5.I just remodelled our master, replaced the tub with a 5x3 shower, marble floors and new lighting and it finished at 4600. Did it all myself, though, so mo (direct) labor costs. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: