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A casual day for me today.    
http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/nordstrom-silk-twill-pocket-square/3223655?origin=category&BaseUrl=Ties+%26+Pocket+SquaresIn creme. It's cream silk, but I can't speak to the foo approval.
To whom are you speaking?
I have people who read clothing forums for me and post on my behalf. Because,
I, too, have greatly enjoyed this debate. I certainly believe there are rules to CM, but I think some of the dispute has been how one interprets "rule". Some see them as regulations (inviolate) while others see them as guidelines and heuristics, and therefore evolutionary and dynamic. Some see them as analytically derived, while others see them as empirically discovered, . Still others see them as dictum while others see them as social/cultural norms that emerge...
 Looks much better. Good to see a little shirt cuff and the jacket appears to fit you much better at the shoulders and neck. Lapels are bowing a bit, which suggests that the chest is too small. Hard to say from this angle, but I think the jacket looks short on you too. I don't think the cutaway collar does you any favors, though, and most here (including me) would favor a four in hand knot. There is always a lively debate regarding white shirts with anything but formal...
 The mistake I have seen most frequently is in the quantity of polish. It really is a case of a little (teeny tiny) amount going a long way. 
 Given the time you have spent trying, I doubt this is actually news, but Crat's video show's demonstrates the same technique I used back when I had to do it. 
Still, yes. My parents still live in the UK, so I like that they have this relationship with her, her husband, and their children. It certainly eased the pressure on me to start a family and I'm sure it makes it easier for my parents to be so far away from my kids now. She's a lovely person and after losing her mother to cancer at 15 and her Dad largely abandoning her and her sister when he met someone else, she deserves to have the unconditional love she gets from my...
New Posts  All Forums: