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Part of your assumption appears to be the prime+ aspect of mortgages, but in the US we have fixed rate mortgages, so the payment in yr 1 is the same as in yr 30. You also build in the assumption that for any given location comparable homes are avaliable to rent or own, which is true in urban areas, but not in the burbs. There is a home that is rented near me (just one though) and it's rent is more than twice my piti...actually closer to 3x, because the rental inventory...
Dragged myself out of my sick bed for a work event. Can't feel sorry for myself though. My wonderful staff assistant, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July and hasn't missed more than a week or so since, said that I looked handsome. Humbled and flattered at once.
Oh, come on, CM. Dont be shy. Use your words.
I approached this task by browsing through my fit pics over the last few F/Ws to see what I appeared to gravitate towards most. This isn't necessarily the most versatile selection, in that case. Since I have over 30 sport coats, I dont need things to be especially versatile. As such, I included no solid navy blazers although I have 5 and would obviously describe them as the most versatile of jackets. What strikes me is that I wish I had more gun club in my closet, and that...
70+ in the 7 day forecast, so I dont know how much use I'll get out of this beast the remainder of this season, but at least I can look forward to it next fall.        
If one wishes to call themselves Dr there are far easier ways to go about it than earning a PhD....going to med school, for one. (I kid, I kid).
@upr_crust, in Lisbon were you hungover, or merely unimpressed by the cod laundry?
 It is. The rust large medallion. I also picked up the green.  And "Massdrop Panta" sounds like a spring break destination.
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