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 Anden, a frequent poster in the WAYWRN thread, speaks highly of them. Never tried them myself, but the prices are tempting.
I'm confident you dont want the work life that comes with it.
 He has certainly lived an interesting life. This is apparently about him and Sela Ward.
Layers of grey today.    [[SPOILER]]
Who makes the suit @GMMcL? I don't love jodhpurs personally, but they work in the context of the tweed. Nice.
Just as Clags posts a full fit, I can only post fragments! The sun in my office right now has either my torso in shadow and my legs in full sun, or vice versa, neither of which is useful or appealing.    
Absolutely. New items can be sold using stock images. Some brick and mortar stores sell on ebay and obviously use stock images. But that Burberry suit is not only violating ebays TOS, it is likely breaching Burberry's copyright too and we know that Burberry is one if the most closely monitored brands on ebay.
I believe it's a violation of ebay's TOS....very shady IMHO.
So many people looking great these last few pages: Clags, kulata, Suge, Chocsosa, Cotton D, Flying M, and Cleav to name just a few. Great work gents. My favorite, however, is Urban Composition. So glad you're posting a little more over here again.   So as not to annoy Stitchy, I will not classify my fit today. What is not seen is the damage done to my pants by the dry cleaner that I noticed on the drive in to work this morning!!  I have noticed that I am reaching for...
New Posts  All Forums: