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@erictheobscure try wearing the jacket without the waistcoat. That may fix the bowing of the chest and the waist pulling. I dont think the shoulder or sleeves are too bad at all.
The original question concerned copying a sent in shirt, but with modifications. So I take it to mean that Luxire only makes and keeps patterns of shirts they actually create, and since the customer in this case never actually ordered a carbon copy of the mailed-in shirt, a pattern for such was not terms of process I would assume that means that they create a pattern from the mailed-in shirt, but immediately adjust that pattern in the ways the customer requested....
Thanks, Moss. You're the king of Eidos.To prove just how not on-trend I am, I had to Google j/w!54L and keeping, btw.
I do hope the police don't turn up, seems like these were daylight robbery.     I would prefer they were a touch longer, but perhaps this puts me a little more on-trend. 
I'm concerned that the Eidos Lorenzo will be a little short for me, even as a long.
A glimpse of spring today.     Epaulet//Brooks Bros//Buttero
The scissoring is a front/back balance issue and looking at how you hold your shoulders it may well be that you have a sway back which is causing it. Not simple alterations, though.
Shell AE MacNeils
Where did spring go?  
In a kitchen there is no advantage to using hardiboard or cement board if the drywall is already there, and you will just add time and expense. In a bathroom it makes sense because it doesn't mold, or at least, not as easily. Neither does it deteriorate in moist conditions. But even here ito is only necessary around the tub or showroom enclosure. Tiling the walls of a bathroom can be done straight on the drywall.
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