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 It is. The rust large medallion. I also picked up the green.  And "Massdrop Panta" sounds like a spring break destination.
Like @SYCSYC, I am mixing seasonal fabrics today (Murl and Suge should look away, save unsettling their delicate dispositions).  
Me? Thank you.The CPO shirt is Portuguese Flannel and the sneakers are Buttero, both from No Man Walks Alone.The check shirt is GANT Rugger and the pants are Spier & Mackay.
Variations on a theme    
Anyone (@SpooPoker) now anything about LV ties? Feels quality to me.      
I'm wearing a tie, so I thought I'd put these here. And if anyone is counting, I'm in favor of @Anden's dancing.      [[SPOILER]]
 If it was an actual Long in length I would buy it myself.
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