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Dragged myself out of my sick bed for a work event. Can't feel sorry for myself though. My wonderful staff assistant, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July and hasn't missed more than a week or so since, said that I looked handsome. Humbled and flattered at once.
Oh, come on, CM. Dont be shy. Use your words.
I approached this task by browsing through my fit pics over the last few F/Ws to see what I appeared to gravitate towards most. This isn't necessarily the most versatile selection, in that case. Since I have over 30 sport coats, I dont need things to be especially versatile. As such, I included no solid navy blazers although I have 5 and would obviously describe them as the most versatile of jackets. What strikes me is that I wish I had more gun club in my closet, and that...
70+ in the 7 day forecast, so I dont know how much use I'll get out of this beast the remainder of this season, but at least I can look forward to it next fall.        
If one wishes to call themselves Dr there are far easier ways to go about it than earning a PhD....going to med school, for one. (I kid, I kid).
@upr_crust, in Lisbon were you hungover, or merely unimpressed by the cod laundry?
 It is. The rust large medallion. I also picked up the green.  And "Massdrop Panta" sounds like a spring break destination.
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