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A whole new kitchen for $9k! I took out a wall, replaced countertop with quartz, and tiled the backsplash for $11k. [[SPOILER]] My sister's complete remodel of her kitchen was close to $100k!!
Same as PCK for me - body was too short and sleeves too long, so I'm pleased to hear the body is lengthening and would appreciate shortening of the sleeves.
Great photos, Erik. Thanks. It looks like jackets are getting longer even if pants are still generally short and tight. Either that or I am desensitized to short jackets.
I didn't know KW was doing LS polos, but unfortunately even his XXL wouldn't get close (44.5" chest an XXL, really?!)...his sizing reminds me of Japanese brands, and they dont fit me either.Look's great on you though. [[SPOILER]]
I may be missremembering, but I recall that you were aiming for a Roger Moore Bond aesthetic with this suit, and if so, I think you nailed it. Well done.Unlike CM, I think this is the perfect break for the style.
Forgive me if I misunderstand, but you appear to be talking about two different issues...centralized control over an array of discrete systems (the quoted problem) and coordinated thermostatic control of multiple devices (your original issue posted previously).The first problem requires direct digital control which requires that each hvac unit support 3rd party interfacing and a central controller, and given that you appear to be talking about legacy units, that is...
I'm 6'4" and I find the polo sleeves too long too, but I cant shrink them in the dryer because the overall length. Additional length in the body will therefore be much appreciated. 
There is a brand of wifi/learning thermostats that supports seperately connected sensors (as well as geofencing to mobile devices, which is something that doesn't work well for my nests). I cant recall the brand right now though. @MrG yes, all the functionality. As for the value of nests, I agree with Suge, not worth retail, but getting them far less than retail is pretty easy and they are really easy to install, setup, and use. First thermostats that work well with our...
As long as it's a 24v system it should be fine...assuming the two wires are R and W.
Dad's need utility and they want style, ergo...  
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