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 If you have such disdain for this forum, why are you here and posting within it? Or is this a "change it from the inside" mission?
I love how full circle the discussion is going today, because.....YOUR OPINION IS WRONG!  
   The privileged lives you guys must lead to find disappointment in San Diego. :)
Born at Grossmont, by any chance?
My wife is from El Cajon.
I am a man of simple (yet spicy) tastes. My favorite. Can't find anything even close to it in Pennsylvania, despite our growing Mexican population and the good times to be had courtesy of Steven Starr in Philadelphia (here and here). For ambiance, though, I don't know that the Lava Lava Beach Club on the Big Island can be beat. 
That's what I typed. F-ing autocorrect (by which I mean, careless posting)
Variety. The spice of strife. (ninja edit)
I agree with MF on this one, although I think of such looks as casual and tieless.I almost wore an indigo shirt with a tan jacket today, in fact, but the 91deg high had me ditch the jacket. I may be casting aspersions, but I believe EFV has used dark shirts with light jackets to good effect, as has NOBD, I think. [[SPOILER]]
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