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How limited, Rick?Don't want to get my hopes up for Tuesday for nothing.
Wow! These look awesome.
That's some patrickBooth level hair there, @Anden. Impressive.
Long time, no post....but I lurk!      
My deepest condolences, Mike, to you and your wife.
Conrad wu?
I don't see anything particular about those windows that is really worth restoration, to be honest. I would go with replacement. Knots will bleed through wood paneling in a bathroom, regardless of the quantity and quality of the primer applied. But if you really want wood, make sure that all sides and edges are primed, even the back side against the wall, to try and keep the moisture at bay as long as possible....knots will still bleed through eventually ,though.
Yes. Even with the discount it works out the same as Hober (who also uses wool linings) if you want to change the length or width. Did I miss where the construction was discussed...are these 3 fold, 6 fold, self-tipped, hand-rolled?
Certainly am.
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