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I have Spier and McKay pants in both the camel and medium grey flannel. I like them a lot. Solid construction and a nice cut. I went with the contemporary, which is pretty slim to me -similar to my Charles Tyrwhitt slim fit pants.
This was my experience too. Fixed 4 holes in 3 jackets for $175 total. Great communications and great work. Don't fret the website. 
I do 
^ I would say you are a medium. The shoulders are good and the body length too. The arms look a little short, but I think that's because you aren't showing any shirt cuff, which I prefer with sweaters.
Not much traffic around these parts, but I'm English country casual today with moleskins, suede, cashmere, tattersal, and Barbour.   [[SPOILER]]
Beautiful tie, @Pingson and a slightly belated welcome back. 
Thanks. It is, indeed.
That is so generous. Well done, Cleav (and Clags for bringing it to the forum's attention). 
I normally wear chelsea boots in more casual combinations, but I thought I'd try them in a tailored look today.        
Thanks, Erik, for sharing these. I really like how the SF folks get together.
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