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You wear the best of the worst well, upr.
@erictheobscure try wearing the jacket without the waistcoat. That may fix the bowing of the chest and the waist pulling. I dont think the shoulder or sleeves are too bad at all.
The original question concerned copying a sent in shirt, but with modifications. So I take it to mean that Luxire only makes and keeps patterns of shirts they actually create, and since the customer in this case never actually ordered a carbon copy of the mailed-in shirt, a pattern for such was not kept...in terms of process I would assume that means that they create a pattern from the mailed-in shirt, but immediately adjust that pattern in the ways the customer requested....
Thanks, Moss. You're the king of Eidos.To prove just how not on-trend I am, I had to Google j/w!54L and keeping, btw.
I do hope the police don't turn up, seems like these were daylight robbery.     I would prefer they were a touch longer, but perhaps this puts me a little more on-trend. 
I'm concerned that the Eidos Lorenzo will be a little short for me, even as a long.
A glimpse of spring today.     Epaulet//Brooks Bros//Buttero
The scissoring is a front/back balance issue and looking at how you hold your shoulders it may well be that you have a sway back which is causing it. Not simple alterations, though.
Shell AE MacNeils
Where did spring go?  
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