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 One of my ex-girlfriends considers my parents as surrogate parents, essentially, and her children treat them (and call them) grandparents. I dated her while I was in college and the weekend I went home to break it off with her she left her house crying and was being comforted by my mum before I got home myself. She needed their support so I drove back to college. That was over 20 years ago.
   Aw shucks! Thanks, guys.
(sleepless night with a one year old has neutered me of such)     (unintentional pocket sprezz)
Shoes have been delivered. Recipient PMed me today with gratitude.
Isn't that possible right now? If I click on a user I get to his profile page within which is their embedded photos. Click on the HOF WAYWRN... and there you have all their photos posted to WAYWRN in reverse chronological order. 
Thanks.That's a shame. I dont see the value in creating a gallery, but it seems even less valuable if I cant reorganize my existing photos into it.
You and Fok have mentioned galleries a few times. Is there an easy way to add embedded photos into a personal gallery? I'm not seeing it if there is.
I just checked tracking and while USPS is saying delivery should be today, it doesn't look like it has reached the local sorting office yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
I am an engineer. Formal methods was my thing for a while. Not sure how to take the surprisingly, though ;)
 That's what I mean. If I advise students to do exercises, readings, etc. for their own good (in the end), but dont grade them on those things right then, they dont do it. As if there is nothing they should be doing that isn't directly graded.
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