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Not at all surprised, just thought I should tie my comment to the general topic of the forum. Very interesting talk, btw and may have given me a new research avenue myself #BusMansHoliday
For the economists in the group, I'm attending a presentation on irrationality by Dan Ariely right now. He is not well dressed.
 I meant the discussion surrounding it, which has been enlightening, to me at least.
IT executive or somesuch at an investment bank is my recollection. Bon vivant in reality, however.
Looks to me as though you have hit the intended mark pretty well, so perhaps one of the shorter quests one may undertake. I can't see anything in particular that needs changing to approach Roger's look.  [[SPOILER]]
I dont know about that, UC. Parker and ManOfKent aren't spring chickens (although I am a terrible judge of age, so ...) and I believe Clag's mother has a penchant for swd style dressing in the yohji manner. Perhaps this would be more comfortable over that tush? 
Nice!Dont forget to mention having soaked them in the ocean after six months of wear. 
As a naif over there I may be wrong, but it appears that to some at least, this defining narrative is what successful SW+D is all about - it provides the self-consistency and integrity that plays into whether the fit works. To extrapolate, it implies that if I wore the same outfit it would not look good because I'm not a space pirate, something not helped by the fact the photo would be taken while I stood next to my bookcase in my office, in front of a caricature of my...
Lots of different styles and it's interesting reading the processes for different posters. Some, perhaps many, have quite elaborate visions in mind (to the extent of having a narrative or perception of themselves that guides their dress). Some of those are all black, some enjoy very different silhouettes to these seen in CM, some are very fashion/catwalk inspired.  A real mix. I can appreciate a lot of them, but there is one particular element that I find hard to...
I've been lurking on the "other side" a lot recently too, and my wallet is now feeling the pain - jumped in on the legit selvedge thing and Epaulet's "ends for friends" deal. Perhaps one day I'll venture out of the, apparently dreaded, MC Casual and over into the SW+D WAYWT  - but for now it's fun watching Caustic's exploits over there.
New Posts  All Forums: