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I've served on half a dozen P&T committees at different levels and I have never heard anyone reference a candidate's appearance. Indeed, while the threat of capricious decisions and personal agendas is always perceived by junior faculty, I have never witnessed it. The closest was when two professors in a complimentary disciple to the candidate questioned whether she was really qualified to research her chosen theme; one more usually seen in their discipline than the...
Finally boarded the Buttero bandwagon.
With stern, unrelenting disdain? That's how I now believe I should be guiding my children. How else will they ever learn? :)
I will be changing my parenting style post haste.
He can sell anything, but don't be too hopeful on the price of TJ. The quality is better than the price they command, I'm afraid. 
The law allows only the facts presented to be accepted, which makes the LSAT so fun. On this forum, however, priors do indeed count. What also counts is that Paul's biceps aren't busting out of his jacket like he's an irradiated scientist having a bad morning.
Love this.
Cheers, Murl. We'll be visiting the in-laws in San Diego in a few weeks, but right now we are enjoying the verdant shores of Lake Chautauqua in Western NY.
Those in the humanities will write all their ideas in a monograph and submit it to SF Press in the time honored tradition of write once; read never.
For sure.
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