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OK. This is my first time in gif creation and editing and the 2MB upload limit was a challenge in itself. Not at all worth it given the result, but too much effort (and pain) expended not to post. Oh, and I had planned these merely as a test and was going to do it all again today in jacket and tie, but no bueno on the pistols today!   The tassek pistol squat grind   The pink swing ballistic  
Hopefully I will be able to post-process the gif I recorded yesterday small enough for uploading, but given @Cleav's entry I dont know that there's much point...and it certainly isnt worth it that I can hardly walk today after all the takes.
 Suit. You at your you-iest, to me, is a glen plaid worsted flannel suit. Less taper to the trou and less nipped waist than SF orthodoxy (but good, I should add - don't want to sound like I meant that negatively).
The disagreeable aspect of JL's complaints is not that he is unhappy with the shirt. That is his right. It is that he accepted the returns policy while he didnt think it would be necessary, but once needing it whining that it is unfair. Simplest solution might be to send in his best fitting shirt with minor adjustments for a new shirt, and including this shirt in that package so that it can be recut. At least that way he may avoid the shipping cost of the return, which...
Cheers, @kulata. I am a fan of GTH pants, I have several pairs of magic mint (eh @Pingson) red, patch madras, etc.Buy, I agree with the comments regarding Don's outfit...too much business up top. It doesn’t take much to bring it into coherence though. Lose the french cuffs and replace tie with something with a little more whimsy.To be honest, the reason I haven't entered this week's FC is because the most me-ist look is the one I wore for last week's challenge.
I love MonkeyFace's jacket and had they stocked longs would have been all over it merely based on how it looks on him right off the peg.
Isn't it though.
Can't say I share that opinion, Noodles, at least from the perspective that it's the poor doing the raping, but I don't know that politics is the direction we want the thread to head. May I suggest a book that might be enlightening though: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. In terms of comparison to the rest of the World, this might be interesting.
 That took a left (or should I say, right) turn quickly.You're a CPA, you know that you can claim relief on sales or real estate taxes. As for everything else, it just depends on one's point of view as to whether social welfare systems are just and necessary and to what degree. I would say that if you are unhappy with those provided in the US, you will be very unhappy with those provided in the rest of the developed world. I would certainly rather be poor (and or sick)...
So even in high school a child would refer to his teacher thus: "Erik, could you go over that one more time?" My MIL would faint. The 30+ yr old lawyer boyfriend of my SIL still hasn't been relieved of referring to my in-laws as Dr. and Mrs. after two years. 
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