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Which news were you watching? Sky News?I guess the nightly national news broadcasts in the US are okay (Brian Willams et al), but the so-called news networks are frankly abhorrent. Anchorman 2, amazingly, parodied what has happened in these networks rather adeptly. Local news, while less obviously biased, focus on the weather (4 or 5 times in the broadcast), sports, and banal "human interest" pieces.  But back to my most important point - real bacon. Oh, how I miss real...
I'm not claiming that the UK has no tabloid "news" and is exempt from reporting bias, I am claiming that there is scant opportunity to avoid such in the US, where it is the norm to conflate news and opinion.
An English garden can be recreated quite easily and the English countryside is glorious, but not irreplaceable.  [[SPOILER]]  So what @Cleav will actually miss is: real bacon, pub culture, real news broadcasts, taxis. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone. I took a break from SF while on vacation, but I am back to the grind and, thus, my favorite diversion.
2014 Gift Exchange   I thanked @highvoltorb when I received his gift, but didnt post a photo. Many thanks again, man. Oxxford SC and ties from Zegna, Sartoria Tom James, Robert Talbott and Brooks Bros (I think, not sure about the last one).        Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas, guys. See you in the new year.
To quote Murl: Flawless.
 I will have to start saving my pennies, in that case.
Looks great @gdl203? As I recall you are quite tall so I assume that is a long. Every time I look at the NMWA suits the longs  are well short of what I need.
Love that use of the tartan tie, @Cleav. I have the same pattern but struggle with how to use it.
Oh, great. I get to follow Betel's green jacket!First outing for the Spier & Mackay camel flannels. Very nice, but I wish they were a a little longer so that I could get a 2" cuff though.     [[SPOILER]]
Very much, this.
New Posts  All Forums: