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I tried on a bunch and I liked the Napoli and York. I have a SoHo jacket. I have a couple of weddings later in the summer so I'm looking forward to picking some more interesting suits up for those.
I'm 6'4" and a similar build to you, I think, ETB and I've found SuSu that fits. I have the benefit of a store in Philadelphia, but I've also bought online. The measurements they provide for each style have been very useful. Not sure about to Ireland, but they offer free shipping and returns in the US. Worth a try. 
Rene Belloq style.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StIT0oYWyIA#t=11
The Making of a Coat video series with Rory Duffy is interesting, but not an interview, as such. I find the construction aspects interesting, perhaps because I'm an engineer. That's why I enjoy JefferyD's blog and why I can get lost for an hour in the Tailor Fit thread every so often, especially since Despos, Rory, and Jeffery seem to be posting regularly.
Very busy of late, but I thought I should commemorate the last (I hope) roar of winter. 80F on Sunday, 27F when I left my house this morning. Thankfully not the last blast that ClarinetPlayer saw though.    
I was planning a Sid Mashburn-inspired white jeans fit myself. Will have to rethink now!
On par, I would say. Here is the hierarchical suit quality list 
No argument from me, RTC. Just pointing out that, despite the rather rampant errors, she is COINING it in. Part of that is that she employs very cheap labor and you get what you pay for. It also explains the laughable measurements.
It works for her, clearly.http://www.womenyoushouldknow.net/linda-lightman-making-millions-selling-your-stuff/
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