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I started with your avatar and quit immediately. 
Only get pink when you've got all the basics covered...black, brown, mutant ninja...
Depends on the materials. Ceramic or porcelain is way cheaper than stone, and replacing the shower hardware can ne pricey too, but for a small bathroom and keeping the cabinetry, I would say about 3.5.I just remodelled our master, replaced the tub with a 5x3 shower, marble floors and new lighting and it finished at 4600. Did it all myself, though, so mo (direct) labor costs. [[SPOILER]]
@The Noodles Can't tell what the shower is, but if it's a plastic shower pan, I would redo it in tile and add a nicer door...frameless. Replace counter top and sink, fixtures, and light fixture. For resale you want to remove the builder-grade stuff. Replacing the floor tile is easy, provided you are comfortable removing the cabinet and putting it back in. Depending on your diy skills a lot of this is doable yourself.
I was thinking the same.
Suit looks good, Noodles. The bathroom, however, does not. Time to put some of that hard-earned into some remodelling methinks.
Incontro? I think Cox has worked with him. Which reminds me, what happened to the kopping king, jfrater?
Perhaps I'll give GMM a run for his patch-madras-plaid money tomorrow, but here's today.    
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