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You bought polyester? :/
My recommendation, having rented gowns for 15 years before finally splurging on my own, is to buy now - a career's worth of rental would buy a few of your own.Now I struggle under 10lbs of my own wool and silk.
 I have Yount and Knottery pointed knits. No substantive quality differences, both very nice.
 waitwut?Perhaps Deming's 12th point will aid your recollection.
His list of desired shoddings started with dubmonx and his list of things he was interested in included monk, so I assumed that he was talking about all non-laced shoes. My bad if that was not his intent.But the Lowndes are sweeeet, right? @Cleav is the official C&J foot model for them, is the rumor I just started. 
The whale is awesome, eazye.
I really like the cotton suit and white superga outfit in the third photo.
We make up for it with inefficiency.
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