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Lots of different styles and it's interesting reading the processes for different posters. Some, perhaps many, have quite elaborate visions in mind (to the extent of having a narrative or perception of themselves that guides their dress). Some of those are all black, some enjoy very different silhouettes to these seen in CM, some are very fashion/catwalk inspired.  A real mix. I can appreciate a lot of them, but there is one particular element that I find hard to...
I've been lurking on the "other side" a lot recently too, and my wallet is now feeling the pain - jumped in on the legit selvedge thing and Epaulet's "ends for friends" deal. Perhaps one day I'll venture out of the, apparently dreaded, MC Casual and over into the SW+D WAYWT  - but for now it's fun watching Caustic's exploits over there.
The bigger question is: what the fudge is happening with you that you leave the forum for 24 hours at a time?
Wait wut?That is something I would never say...and rarely would have need to, sadly.
I think he meant these.   And I agree, too pointy.
Did you know that ant colonies are not the Marxist dream that they appear? The soldier ants maintain a strict martial law. Parallels abound with academia.
There are so many opportunities for resentment in academia anyway that clothing choices nary make the top 20. Sayre's Law, for sure.
Ha. Oh yeah!Not actually heated, just bemused by juxtaposed humblebrags and coyness, I suppose. It's an internet forum about clothing, how annoyed can one get?  Do you mean me? I'm afraid not. 
No, he's in an MD/JD/PhD/MBA program..gotta keep those options open.
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