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I think he meant these.   And I agree, too pointy.
Did you know that ant colonies are not the Marxist dream that they appear? The soldier ants maintain a strict martial law. Parallels abound with academia.
There are so many opportunities for resentment in academia anyway that clothing choices nary make the top 20. Sayre's Law, for sure.
Ha. Oh yeah!Not actually heated, just bemused by juxtaposed humblebrags and coyness, I suppose. It's an internet forum about clothing, how annoyed can one get?  Do you mean me? I'm afraid not. 
No, he's in an MD/JD/PhD/MBA program..gotta keep those options open.
S.E.H. Kelly Button Maker
#1 Why does it matter to you why it might matter to me? In fact, it matters not and my choice of phrasing in terms of "benefit of doubt" was probably ill-chosen. I think it is pretty clear, however, that most who would describe themselves as "student" are not purchasing LL suits, Ambrosi pants, $1k shirts, etc.  #2 Perhaps I missed it, and I may have with all the tedium of the defense of Alex whateverhisnameis, but where has there been learning? I've seen recalcitrant...
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