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@NickPollica and @ridethecliche Thanks for the feedback. I would wear knits or grens everyday if I didnt force myself to think of something else, but perhaps I shouldn't have forced today. My reasoning was that I recalled a comment from Holdfast regarding another white trouser/light jacket fit of mine where I wore a navy tie and he thought it needed a lighter tie to harmonize better with the overall lightness of the outfit. Hence my choice today. I also wasnt feeling the...
I really thought this combination would look better than it does. I may just abandon this jacket.      
 So you asked the seller to commit customs fraud on your behalf?  Nice.
One takes a break for a while and a whole shit storm hits, and I don't mean just on SF. I returned from vacation to find this...  [[SPOILER]]   On my new standard for storm damage assessment, this is a two formosa, which is frankly ridiculous for cutting down a tree. In other news, I'm wearing this today   
Outstanding, @upr_crust!
I didnt mean to imply it was a big deal, but if you would like to swap Kirkland pants for FF zanellas, I will make that trade every day.
Kids were sleeping in the car on the way to costco and my wife said I should drop by this new-to-me GW. A rack full of aloha shirts (only good one was a reyn spooner for $18.99!), but I did find my first FF zanellas and a pair of Vestimenta linen pants.
Looks very good. Sleeves look to be the only obvious alteration needed. Very clean shoulders and chest and great shape though the waist.
I, for one, am glad of the summer slowdown as I have scarce time to keep abreast of the happenings as they are while on vacation...2 young kids means no time for browing except like this...As for the quality improvements, I havent been posting and it wouldnt be the first time I've been told I light up a room merely by leaving it!Eagerly awaiting the formosa fit though, Noodles. Chop, chop.
New Posts  All Forums: