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Very busy of late, but I thought I should commemorate the last (I hope) roar of winter. 80F on Sunday, 27F when I left my house this morning. Thankfully not the last blast that ClarinetPlayer saw though.    
I was planning a Sid Mashburn-inspired white jeans fit myself. Will have to rethink now!
On par, I would say. Here is the hierarchical suit quality list 
No argument from me, RTC. Just pointing out that, despite the rather rampant errors, she is COINING it in. Part of that is that she employs very cheap labor and you get what you pay for. It also explains the laughable measurements.
It works for her, clearly.http://www.womenyoushouldknow.net/linda-lightman-making-millions-selling-your-stuff/
@EFV, just saw your tumblr post today. Are you trained in tailoring?
My thrift bros @Cotton Dockers and @GMMcL for me this week. As HF said, I feel like the suit fits didnt fall within the challenge parameters.
5? Wow!And that off-white is pretty baller. Fit pics when they arrive, please.
I just caught up on the thread and I see a recurrent theme in the posts of those who feel slighted or highlighted, and that is: "okay, I wont post when im wearing that," which is very different to: "ok, I'll think over my tie collection and see what I can do" The first is an openness to learn, the second is akin to your wife telling you she doesnt like you watching porn, when she catches you in the act, and you responding with "ok, I'll do it when you arent around" That...
I would go with a linen suit from Suit Supply. I like the York Light Grey, York Brown Check, the Hudson Blue Check and the Copenhagen Light Brown depending on which style fits best. Relatively affordable for the quality and styling. The light colored ones have the vibe of the cream/ off-white that attracts you, but seem less easily ruined at first wear.
New Posts  All Forums: