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For the rule-breaking challenge I went all "Sid Mashburn."However, the response in my house this morning is curious.Wife: "Wow! Daddy's looking sharp today" (with small children, we refer to one another in their presence as Mummy and Daddy, just to be clear)Son (3): "Daddy, you're wearing 2 ties" [[SPOILER]]  So what does this tell us? One, that my 3 year old son knows that the rear blade of the tie should not be visible (yay); and two, women (or at least my wife) do not...
Looks like the trouser pattern problem that everyone had a while ago and had been fixed. Apparently not, which is a shame as I was planning to order some pants myself soon.
Patrick Grant's E. Tautz Nelson coat for me please.    
Simple stuff today.    
I read @sugarbutchs comment as "keep the hell away" from the Eidos jackets, and agreed whole-heartedly. To find that he actually meant keep them, emphatically, has me confused. I'm with @mktitsworth on this one.
If I wasnt still limping around like Douglas Bader I would go dunk for ya'll since ups seem to be so admired.
Man, whad I do? Shit.    
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