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Found it.http://drakes-diary.tumblr.com/post/110244790679/seven-thoughts-about-contemporary-dress
Certainly no malice meant on my part, Elio. I was just responding to Clags and Greg posting about mixing things up. I know that you mix things up a far bit yourself (mastering the gingham shirt with suit and the orphan as SC looks, as two immediate examples).There's a post making the rounds on tumble quoting G. Bruce Boyer that sums up my thinking on the matter, but I'm on my phone right now so can't find it.
Whatever next? Bluchers with a suit and bals with jeans? Slippers outside of the house?But seriously, it does feel sometimes that the orthodoxy here is orthodoxy and that there are only a select few posters allowed to deviate from it. A relaxation of that dogma could be good.Oh, and apropos to nothing, look.what arrived yesterday
I'll just say this. When watching the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, and the latest Leonard/Cooper conjecture was slammed online, I turned to my wife and said the only physicists who could criticize CalTech would have to be from Cambridge (the university not the place), and I was right. *sword fight emoji*
The fact that one group looks down upon another is hardly a good reason not to conflate the two groups. That just furthers the hegemony.
That's what I was thinking....gone way down in my estimation for that miss......kidding, G. But talking about Frenchy, did he really just pick up a croc Hermes 'H' belt? I don't know why, but that one blows my mind.
Can I get fourths on that suede shoe action? MF has the English sensibilities methinks. 
Yessir. Every time I see those lapels I want to buy it, but I already have a serviceable peacoat, and so many other wants ahead of the line. 
Am I missing something. What does that mean?
Thought about green on green, but opted for browns.    [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: