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Belated birthday wishes to @upr_crust and congratulations to @acridsheepMilestone events seen with style, both.    [[SPOILER]]
 Probably not what you are looking for, but The Village Mill Bread Co is awesome. Outstanding challah...love the chocolate chip and the raisin.
Pink shirts with grey suits is a great combo. Just ask Pingson.As for the look of your suit vs Spoo's Tom Ford (I believe), how about in comparison to mine?I still dont think grey chalk stripe means oldmanish.
Noodles, is it the grey chalk stripe flannel that you are concerned about. I have one and dont feel like a grandad in it, but foe the anti-GD I'll ppint you to Spoo.
Looks legit to me. Checked buttons on teh bay, and they look the same.
 What he said. 
Seriously, I don't have time for this, yet here I am....my priorities!!!   [[SPOILER]]
He's a Boston Brahmin with the requisite connections and wealth. 
The correct height/angle of selfie will make a big difference...the recent/ongoing debate between MF and FM demonstrates that well.   I've lens corrected a little to give a better idea from your latest pic and it looks to me like it fits the shoulders well, the lapels need re-pressing, and it needs to be let out a little at the side seams. Suge suggested that perhaps the front/back balance may be off, but the bottom hem is looking pretty level and the bottom button...
New Posts  All Forums: