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Perhaps there's inspiration for a FC in there somewhere. Best outfit in an athletic/hobby endeavor. I recall Victor doing a muscle up in a suit for one of his photo sets. No small feat whatever one is wearing.
Vintage bleeding madras summery enough? Worn with fresco navy blazer, nantucket reds, and loafers without socks (actually no-show socks, but don't tell anyone). Accessorized with our papillon.    
I agree that RD's jacket is exemplary, but I wouldn't describe my or Kulata's jackets as poorly fitting. I just took a photo with the anchor button fastened as well as the bottom button and with my arms out of the way so that the skirt of the jacket can be seen . There's not much room between my hips and the hips of the jacket and the waist doesn't appear to me to be aggressively nipped. 
 The paper cup is a great idea, but it relies on having a ledge on which to place it that is the right height. This is my fundamental problem. The bookcases in my office all face the windows and the window ledges are all at mid-thigh. I have to jury rig props tall enough to get my phone somewhere near chest height (navel height really) and pointing in a direction where I can stand far enough away to get the full picture. All that to say, not as simple as it might appear....
Cooler than yesterday, but still cotton/linen jacket and pants.    
@kulata great outfit, even in comparison with @RedDevil10s. Is it a different sillouette for you? What is the suit?
Pecuniary restraint is not one of styleforum's strong suits. Buy it!
I really like it @Coxsackie. I have something similar (although more subdued) waiting for fall.
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