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Thanks.  I thought a lot about the square myself for the same reasons, but I followed SBs lead. I chose chambray to be a bit less formal, but it only really works in a TV fold, so....
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+1000   Right now, if someone opens a SNAD because something doesn't fit and because we know ebay will side with the buyer, we refund the item and eat the shipping etc. we still get the defect. That's BS. I also don't see how it is a seller defect if the USPS loses a package. It isn't the buyers fault, so they should have recourse, but provided the item was shipped in the stated time frame, and with appropriate tracking, the seller has done all he can do.
Just the quilting. Perhaps I'll throw mine on this afternoon and get a pic - it's in my car.
No need to boast, Cleav. 
Did you slim that Liddesdale @Cotton Dockers? I have the same one, but it doesn't look nearly as slim on me. And LOL at the "chill"...64F rising to low 70s. You SoCals with your thin blood.
Or get Dr. Evil, or one of his smaller brethren. Seriously. Full body workout in 15-20 mins with a mix of grinds and ballistics and genuine functional strength to boot. 
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