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Anyone have any recommendations for wool/linen pants for the spring/summer...I'm assured those seasons will actually return.
Undoubtedly it isnt your decision, but recorded lectures as a format for OL education is terrible, regardless of the production quality. Short multimedia pieces are okay and can help make a personal connection to the students in what is often an impersonal environment, but that's about the limit. The didactic style just doesn't translate to online. Better to adopt an active learning or discussion learning approach.
I thought that was the one you were contemplating. I was wary of the size.
BC transatlantic is the tits - fold flat seats, personal entertainment system, and with BA you get lounge access too. FC in the US is merely a larger seat and some food. When you're 6'4" that extra space is really nice though, especially when travelling to Hawaii, but otherwise it is pretty lame.
EFV's set up  
   I third this. My first wife came to the US with me and never acclimated (whereas I clearly have, since this is supposed to be acclimatized!). She refused to try and pined endlessly for home, which is precisely where she ended up. Before the end, though, it was a steady decline into misery for both of us and one where I sought refuge at work (pursuing tenure can do that anyway) and where she sought refuge at the bottom of a bottle (both wine and pill).  A cautionary tale.
 Last week we had a day-date to go to a tile showroom to select tile for our master bath. 
 Especially important when kids come along. I can't get my wife to agree to weekly date nights, because she is too frugal to pay for baby-sitting that frequently (and good baby sitters are hard to get that frequently anyway), but at least every other week.
 This sounds to me as though her reaction to your shopping/interest in menswear is merely the manifestation of something deeper. She doesnt feel like you are as invested in her and your relationship as you should be. Fix that and she wont care what else you are doing with your (spare) time and money.
Noodles, it isnt witty or profound, but the answer is discussion. You need to find agreement on your finances, priorities, and budgets. At the moment you have conflicting philosophies and that will only turn to resentment if not resolved. The fact that she appears to be frugal when it comes to you, but not when it comes to things she values (designer purses and furniture, for example) is not reasonable, and as Shug said, untenable.
New Posts  All Forums: