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Or get Dr. Evil, or one of his smaller brethren. Seriously. Full body workout in 15-20 mins with a mix of grinds and ballistics and genuine functional strength to boot. 
For a moment, @ianGP thought he was going to win the crazy outfit of the day award....for a moment. I like the pants, btw, Ian. 
@DonCologne You appear to have really dialed-in the style you prefer. I have a question, though. Are you naturally very square shouldered, or do you prefer very structured shoulders? I know that the vintage Oxxford suits you like are often that way, but I think a softer, more sloped and more natural shoulder would look good on you. 
For those with little time (perhaps because of little children), get yourself the smallest effective gym, and most effective short workout I've ever known. I present, Dr. Evil.
I have noticed a number of fits getting a lot of praise when I thought the jackets were laughably short, but then I remember that I'm old.Regardless of the temperature, I'm retiring the winter wardrobe completely this weekend (thought that happened last weekend, though). One just gets too bored wearing the same stuff over and over.   [[SPOILER]]
I just saw TTO's tumblr post. I'm guessing it is incoming and I like it. 
I tried on a bunch and I liked the Napoli and York. I have a SoHo jacket. I have a couple of weddings later in the summer so I'm looking forward to picking some more interesting suits up for those.
I'm 6'4" and a similar build to you, I think, ETB and I've found SuSu that fits. I have the benefit of a store in Philadelphia, but I've also bought online. The measurements they provide for each style have been very useful. Not sure about to Ireland, but they offer free shipping and returns in the US. Worth a try. 
Rene Belloq style.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StIT0oYWyIA#t=11
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