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Tell me about it. Good old USAir changing our flights so that our transfer time was too short to make the connection. Kids were awesome though, so no emotional scars from that one.
Admiral Club at LAX has a dedicated children's play room, which was critical to the operation for our 7 hour layover! I didn't think of getting GE instead of TSAPre :/ Travelling with children usually gets us on a shorter family line at most airports, but Kona after New Year is worth TSAPre all on its own. Another travel tip...Alaska Airlines. The have individual partnerships with a bunch of airlines, but easier to earn status and a nice interface for booking award...
The key to LAX is a guy called Theo. He greets you, escorts you everywhere, gets you in to the Admiral's Club, the works. All for like $100. Lifesaver.
I flew to Rome from the US a couple of years ago with my then 2 year old son. After landing we took a cab to the hotel, checked in, then I left my wife at the hotel while I flew to the UK with my son to leave him with my parents for the week - Rome in July with child in a hotel would have been a nightmare.However, travel to airport+security+wait+flight+baggage+customs+cab(x2)+security+wait+budget airline flight to UK+car with a 2 year old was no joke. They say time heals...
I will tell you, after a full day's wear, they do pinch a little.
Thanks! These are the only color scheme I've seen, but there are any manner of different make-ups of slippers. I have brown velvet and kilim, too. 
Timeless and classic, no?
Hi guys! Hope everyone is well. I hope to get back to more regular posting now the summer is drawing to a close, but it hasnt ended yet, as you can see.  
 Somewhat. There are a few aspects to this though.1/ Not everything we value is measurable, but often when we cannot measure what we value, we value what we can measure, which is very dangerous.2/ Sometimes the data gives us one decision, but it isnt the "right" decision for our morals/values/ethics. So how much weight do we give the data versus the other dimensions. NYT op ed3/ Confirmation bias is strong (which is really what the cited blog post is dealing with, I...
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