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He can sell anything, but don't be too hopeful on the price of TJ. The quality is better than the price they command, I'm afraid. 
The law allows only the facts presented to be accepted, which makes the LSAT so fun. On this forum, however, priors do indeed count. What also counts is that Paul's biceps aren't busting out of his jacket like he's an irradiated scientist having a bad morning.
Love this.
Cheers, Murl. We'll be visiting the in-laws in San Diego in a few weeks, but right now we are enjoying the verdant shores of Lake Chautauqua in Western NY.
Those in the humanities will write all their ideas in a monograph and submit it to SF Press in the time honored tradition of write once; read never.
For sure.
Probably too casual for this thread, but not nearly interesting enough for sw+d, so here it is. Vacation shot.
Subscribed and will participate when back from vacation.
First thing, when the time comes, seek the scalpel-free vasectomy. No pain meds required.Second, I waited until I was tenured before embarking on children, and I think that made the process considerably easier. It depends on the institution, of course, but quite serious dedication, to the point of obsession, is often required.However, fatherhood is a young man's game. So, a delicate balance must be struck.
Your tie reminds me of our mostly departed holdfast. So while not everyone's cup of tea, I think it's fine for a summer look.I think the pocket square needs some help, though. Fold it with the edges up, rather than the creases. A button down shirt is fine, but there doesn't appear to be much of a roll to that one.
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