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     More importantly, the lunch was great. Our staff received the praise, acclaim, and awards they deserve and they humored me by laughing at the jokes in my speech. Good times.Now it's grading time. 
I'm the organizer and host of our staff appreciation lunch today. Perfect opportunity to wear the new Wu.    
Theo, can you button that jacket? Perhaps it's your hands in the pockets that make it appear this way, but it doesn't look like you could.
Why do you want to sell? You were going for an all Formosa wardrobe and now you're selling one of your best fitting suits. 
Is there a reason why I cant see all the thumbs on someone's post now? It seems that the drop down box is limited to the most recent 20 thumbs. Is that true for anyone else?   edit: apparently I have never sought to look through someone else's thumbs before, because this has apparently always been the case. 
A casual day for me today.    
http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/nordstrom-silk-twill-pocket-square/3223655?origin=category&BaseUrl=Ties+%26+Pocket+SquaresIn creme. It's cream silk, but I can't speak to the foo approval.
To whom are you speaking?
I have people who read clothing forums for me and post on my behalf. Because,
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