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Fucking awesome, is what it is. Or, lazy people suckling from the teat of government at the expense of tax payers, if you listen to a different narrative. (Referring to paternity leave, not slavery, of course)
Had you really channeled Jerry you would have also announced the results of the paternity test - MF and SVB are brothers from other mothers!!!!
Let's not, and say we did. No more (or less) irritating than contemporary western teeny pop music, mind you.
Is this coincidence? i think not.
Another vote for Tira.
Interesting discussion regarding teaching/research. I started my academic career with no interest in teaching and learning at all. I was about research and students merely interrupted progress in it. I've had only a handful of students really make meaningful contributions to my research program with the vast majority taking much more of my time to get things done than had I done them myself. With the pressure of publish or perish at one's back,  those distractions become...
That's awesome, Murl. 
I have Loake shoes and I size down 1 and that is pretty uniform across all English makers (and Meermin) for me.
None of those numbers are the size or width. Are there markings on the tongue or other side wall?Are you saying that you bought them on the basisof the listed size and they dont fit?
@Kent Wang I like it. A lot. I'm wearing the KW Carta Marina square today, incidently. Just a quick hotel snap though, I'm in Atlanta for professional society meetings.
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