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My SF subscriptions are overwhelming me at the moment as I have been checking in much less frequently for the last few weeks. So I apologise for not giving the thumbs to the many outfits that richly deserve the implicit praise, but I did have to give props to the above fit by @EFV. A great example of how to wear a very saturated shirt. Love it, Erik, and I really enjoyed your coverage of Pitti. I also noted the thanks given by Murl and Big Greg, and want to echo the...
I have been disconnected from SF for a few weeks concentrating on writing while the usual interruptions of academic life subside over the summer, but I noticed on Cotton Dockers tumblr that the challenge was knit tie and I'm wearing one today, so here it is. Taking a risk with the striped shirt against the Glen Plaid, I know.  
Think I found 2 pair of shells: Nettleton PTBs and LWBs, but cant find anything about their numbers to confirm shellage. Anyone have a resource in which they are confident?
I just saw this challeneg as I only got back home from my travel last night, but I believe my only fit of the week qualiilfies, so here we go, if it is in in time.
I've not really been able to keep up with the thread this week as I'm at professional society board meetings, but I did get a chance to grab some photos of my new Conrad Wu tie.
Navy blazer, grey pants, and a brown tie. Such a conformist.    
Can't say I agree with this, k. Fit is obviously very important, but many other posters are hauled up for skimpy collar points, incongruent PSs and ties (the formal/informal, city/country, daytime/evening 'sliders,' etc.). 
It did, but I wonder how many people looked at the photo enlarged. I think this is a fit worth discussing in the curated thread when it's posted there because to me there are quite a few incongruencies. The odd GP vest against the pinstripe being the most obvious. Still an excellent first post, but I wouldn't say it was worthy of 30 thumbs IMHO.
Felt like wearing a white shirt today.     
My understanding is that it is reserved for the Kohanim. 
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