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He looks like he's been hunting Nazi's    [[SPOILER]]
GMM is an attorney, no callouses with him. UrbanC, however, is a a union electrician...hands like sand paper.Also, I'm wondering if Twins might be 38R's kin.
One needs only look at those in the Forbes rich list to see that money does not imply an interest in style, dress, garment quality, etc. 
What's with all the ninja edits? It's like reading mad-libs.
THat looks a lot like Fels-Naptha, which is another hard laundry soap that is very effective.
I was wondering the exact same thing.Awesome outfit that deserves such, too.
Just stumbled across this thread. What a wonderful idea.  I will get photos of available stuff asap.
 Nailed it, Cleav! I did say I was old :)Whenever I'm 'home' my time is spent with family and friends rather than shopping, so I have no real sense of the bellwethers, especially as many of my friends are also academics, so hardly mainstream.
Absolutely. I wasnt trying to imply that London is worse dressed than the norm and MFs advice is indeed solid. For kicks, I just browsed next.co.uk, as that was always a good reference point for British "style" (on the street, that is) and my perceptions were apparently spot on. Apparently winklepickers are back.
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