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Thanks, man! I have dark brown shoes on, if that helps and the pants are reading lighter in the photo than IRL - not the off-white they are appearing. All that said, I agree with you. I just always reach for the the light stuff with this jacket and wanted to mix it up.
There are simply not enough hours in the day, are there? This poor schlub has to read articles while posing for photos (that he is taking of himself).  
How generous!
This thread moves so f-ing fast, I can't keep up.    Carry on.
I may appear Slytherin, but I'm convinced I'm a Gryffindor.
After a hot and long ceremony recently... I finally bought my own gown after years of renting. My first anything from Ede & Ravenscroft.         And just a shot of the new square @Claghorn tipped everyone off to in GNAT...cheers!
What I meant was that those people won't be wearing them to signal or demonstrate their wealth, they just wear them because everyone they know wears them.What struck me most after spending time with them at the fitting for my son's outfit as a page boy was that they simply don't think about the cost of anything. At seemingly any scale, money or the ability to pay merely doesn't enter into it. My wife and I marveled at what that must feel like.
A week away from styleforum makes for a daunting return. Skimming through I see that I missed a debate about bit loafers. I've owned a few different pairs, but have never been comfortable wearing them, but I will be at a society wedding in a few weeks in which most of the guests will undoubtedly be wearing them, at least for brunch if not for the wedding itself. Since many of those people are worth 10s and 100s of millions, it certainly isn't a symbol of wealth...they...
Said no one, ever.
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