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You do seem to have a consistent hips-forward pose, but that may be your subconcisou reaction to posing for the photo. If this is your naural pse you will need to shorten the back rise on the pants, I think. It is not the taper that looks bad, it's the bunching behind the thighs, in my opinion.   For suspenders I would look at ebay. They mostly go for peanuts, so why pay retail?
Thanks!These are covert twill pants.
Not the greatest photo, but you get the idea.  
That's not something one hears every day.I have never been to TJ,  but I have been to Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Patpong (which I will always remember as Ping Pong, if you catch my drift).
I've always been an advocate of having another position in hand before quitting the current gig. But that's just me (and my long list of things and people for which I am responsible).
Those Carminas!
@TM79 and @Academic2 I've edited my original post (was in the process of it anyway). Definitely wool and cream to my eye.
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