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I'll try and remember to time myself this morning, but I'm pretty sure it's a 2 to 3 min job, so I'm shocked it's such an onerous burden to so many.
@sprout What he said.
I may have missed someone commenting on it, but I got an email from The Knottery yesterday about their new pocket squares  - silk/wool made in England...very Drakey. At $35 I figured it was worth a shot   Here's one  
Awesome, @CruzAzul 
Fucking data science! 
I knew you (and Murl) wouldn't like it, but take heart that I'm not wearing loafers!
Someone call security?      
Haha. Sorry about that. Although, sudden shouting at the flop would be an interesting strategy. Would have to be random, though.
You really do live in a bygone era If you cannot control your physical response, I suspect you can't control your emotional response too well either, which reveals far more to an experienced player.
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