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Looks like the trouser pattern problem that everyone had a while ago and had been fixed. Apparently not, which is a shame as I was planning to order some pants myself soon.
Patrick Grant's E. Tautz Nelson coat for me please.    
Simple stuff today.    
I read @sugarbutchs comment as "keep the hell away" from the Eidos jackets, and agreed whole-heartedly. To find that he actually meant keep them, emphatically, has me confused. I'm with @mktitsworth on this one.
If I wasnt still limping around like Douglas Bader I would go dunk for ya'll since ups seem to be so admired.
Man, whad I do? Shit.    
OK. This is my first time in gif creation and editing and the 2MB upload limit was a challenge in itself. Not at all worth it given the result, but too much effort (and pain) expended not to post. Oh, and I had planned these merely as a test and was going to do it all again today in jacket and tie, but no bueno on the pistols today!   The tassek pistol squat grind   The pink swing ballistic  
New Posts  All Forums: