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His list of desired shoddings started with dubmonx and his list of things he was interested in included monk, so I assumed that he was talking about all non-laced shoes. My bad if that was not his intent.But the Lowndes are sweeeet, right? @Cleav is the official C&J foot model for them, is the rumor I just started. 
The whale is awesome, eazye.
I really like the cotton suit and white superga outfit in the third photo.
We make up for it with inefficiency.
I let the family office handle such affairs. Doesn't everyone?  
 A truer word was never said.  Of course, without engineers (and physicists, I suppose) those nukes don't exist and can't hit their targets.
Whereas a master's degree in engineering can be worth about $700k...just sayin'
ain't that the truth. AACSB appears to have done a great job of advocating for significantly higher salaries for business faculty. I could easily have pursued a career as an MIS prof, but foolishly didn't. Would be making 20% more easily.
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