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Just completed the first of a bunch of videos for online learning....appearing natural and comfortable on video is no easy feat, for me at least.    
Wow, long day. Finally getting time to upload these, which will likely be my entry to the FC as my plan for tomorrow wont fly.  
 Apparently four year old photographers do wonders, G. Verr nice.
Scandinavia vs Australia vs Rest of World seems like the only fair fight.
Grand opening of new labs today and meetings with the visiting muckety-mucks.  
Congratulations to @Tirailleur1, @Henry Carter, and belatedly to @steffenbp11. Beautiful babies, all.
Certainly is a beautiful tie, Jason.
I agree. I thought about changing my tie, but I really like this green wool one too and I'll wear the HC to death in the coming months, I'm sure.
You need to get over the wool-hate, Noodles. Embrace the challis. This arrived from Henry Carter today and I loves it.
Inspecting an Antipodean purchase that arrived today.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: