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There's a pretty obvious difference in quality of fabric and construction ime. But its the Signature Gold line if you need to check labels (but not all SG...check that it is made in Mexico). Interior label is usually on the lower left quarter.
We use the term "well behaved" in engineering too, wrt to the obligations of inherited implicit and explicit behavioral contracts, but of course we are less precise than physicists and far less precise than mathematicians (since we are responsible for making everything actually work *swordfight emoticon*) As for the dismal scientists, well... (*second swordfight emoticon*)
Congratulations, indeed, @Cleav and what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. 'Tis my own anniversary at the weekend, but only 7 for me. Fantastic 7, mind you.
that made me chuckle. 
Personally speaking, I think you've come along way RTC.
@Cleav lives in the midlands, which means he knows his beer, or more specifically, his ales. My time in the US has undone the drinking prowess a life in bars from 15 provided, so it's Hoegaarden for me these days. Im confident that one pub crawl from my college days would kill me now.
Anyone know who made these: Alan McAfee Chertsey tobacco suede chukka. Crepe sole, so no sole help.
Can I ask why though? I wasn't aware of the forum that Don posted and having just read through it I'm shocked there are frequent posters here who post there (and I would love to hear what they have to say about that). Beyond the high school cyber-bullying there appears to be quite repugnant anti-semitism. I don't know how one defends statements like "he should eat fewer latkes" or the ridicule of davening hats. 
Does that mean there is a new pingsson or pingsdottir (?) or is this merely the advantage of very liberal paternity leave policies? Either way, enjoy!
Is it just me or does it feel like the Aussies have stolen the mantle from the Scandinavians of late? @pingson and @Anden need to help @EFV maintain the vanguard.
New Posts  All Forums: