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Mine is navy and tan herringbone, but otherwise the same I think. Mine is completely unstructured, is this one?I disagree that cream silk is merely a a choice when nothing else works and is no better than nothing, but I think something to pick up the blue in the tie or the deeper brown of the herringbone and loafers would have been better here. Otherwise I like it. There was a duscussion somewhere on the forums today about dark shoes being more versatile, and I think...
There seems to be growing support for Gianni-esque. My personal concern is that challenges in recent weeks have led to fits that border on ugly because the themes are not just on the fringes of SF canon, but really run anathema to the MC way.    But, really I'm just so giddy at my (shared) victory that I don't much care (cue Sally Field acceptance speech). Unless a better idea jaunts in from the sidelines, you should all start thinking WWGD.
I havent tried them yet either, but I prefer Spandexter's too. 
 Pythagoras didnt care because his beard always covered his collar. 
Is that Spandexter's Barba collar or the #1738 collar?
Wow! Look at that. You looked great, as always, tchoy. I can organize it this week, but do you have any thoughts on a good theme?   In fact, does anyone have any great ideas for the next challenge...only great ones though, please. The two ideas I have currently are: Show us your pleats.  DTO your SF Bro.
The inverted California Tux today.        
Mazel Tov, Stitchy! 
And don't DARE step into a church with that dimple. Idolator!!
Blunt is fine, and I don't think your noobness means you don't have opinions. Engage in the debate. It helps develop your critical thinking skills and facilitates your learning...social constructivism, baby. It also requires others to construct arguments, think about their positions and their reasoning through reflective practice.
New Posts  All Forums: