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Happened this morning. I have submitted the tracking number showing delivery to his paypal confirmed address, but I'm not one to count my chickens.
Another ebay member for the block list - issued a chargeback a week after receiving a suit from me claiming that it was an unauthorized transaction - on a suit he bid twice on. Douche! pattersogun_9    (I see he recently bought from Brian, so YMMV)
I was actually referring to Finn's "evidence" with that comment, but perhaps multi-millionaire would have been better there.I do, however, know a very well-known tech billionaire  (somewhat, my wife knows him quite well, having vacationed in the same place as his family for 30+ years) and a number in the $100MM range. 
Trying my best to avoiding snark, could I suggest that Finn is confusing necessary conditions with sufficient, in his premise regarding social mobility (hard work, long hours, etc.) and confusing evidence with proof (I know a self-made billionaire) with regards to whether conditions for social mobility are better now than 30 years ago?  
Congratulations, @upr_crust !!!
I have had more wins than losses on ebay. It all comes down to knowing your measurements and, to some extent, the cuts of different brands. You don't appear to have an especially unique stature, so I don't know that you need to give up on OTR, but you know better than I.I take it you have tried SuSu and, considering your location, Spier and Mackay?
^ Both are too short for my liking, I'm afraid, but the one you are considering returning should definitely be returned.
It shocks me that most men do not know to let their female dining companions lead the way. It isnt old fashioned, it's merely polite. More cotillions necessary.
But a gentleman will always defer to the ladies present to order first, the same way he will step aside to allow ladies to walk first to the table on arrival and to the door after dinner.
The irony is that this is dripping in pathos.
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