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Clearly not an engineering professor!
It would be the very foolish student who was explicit about their belief that they paid for their grade, but I stand behind my assertion that many, if not most, of the entitled student behavior I witness is related to the differences in what we are valuing in our mutual interactions
Just start each course with a little Sidney Poitier film clip and they will get it....
Indeed. While we (the institution) 'sell' an education, the student believes he is buying a diploma. The differences reflect the value we respectively attribute to each.
 Looking good, CD, but how are you still able to go from work to dinner and from dinner to drinks, consider the this. Bravo if you are.
Social distance is always tricky. I sense that it is more of a problem in the US than elsewhere. 
 Engineered systems, although I have moved into socio-technical systems in the last few years.
I've written a few books and I'm working on another now, but more of a popular reader than an academic treatment. My field does not value books as scholarly work, so its a sideline for me when I think I have something worth saying. Journal articles are the coin of the realm.
That's an awesome deal, Tweedy. Anyone else want a book for a sexy tie?  
Aging sucks. It was an abstract construct for me until the last few years, where I have really started to notice the changes. Of course, I'm in a state of almost continuous exhaustion because of young children and demanding work, but aside from that the changes in flexibility, the recovery time after exercise, the propensity for strains and pulls, and the depressing drop off in athletic ability is quite lamentable. For these reasons, it was quite satisfying last weekend...
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