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I really like the cotton suit and white superga outfit in the third photo.
We make up for it with inefficiency.
I let the family office handle such affairs. Doesn't everyone?  
 A truer word was never said.  Of course, without engineers (and physicists, I suppose) those nukes don't exist and can't hit their targets.
Whereas a master's degree in engineering can be worth about $700k...just sayin'
ain't that the truth. AACSB appears to have done a great job of advocating for significantly higher salaries for business faculty. I could easily have pursued a career as an MIS prof, but foolishly didn't. Would be making 20% more easily.
Thanks, man! I have dark brown shoes on, if that helps and the pants are reading lighter in the photo than IRL - not the off-white they are appearing. All that said, I agree with you. I just always reach for the the light stuff with this jacket and wanted to mix it up.
There are simply not enough hours in the day, are there? This poor schlub has to read articles while posing for photos (that he is taking of himself).  
How generous!
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