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Wow! Look at that. You looked great, as always, tchoy. I can organize it this week, but do you have any thoughts on a good theme?   In fact, does anyone have any great ideas for the next challenge...only great ones though, please. The two ideas I have currently are: Show us your pleats.  DTO your SF Bro.
The inverted California Tux today.        
Mazel Tov, Stitchy! 
And don't DARE step into a church with that dimple. Idolator!!
Blunt is fine, and I don't think your noobness means you don't have opinions. Engage in the debate. It helps develop your critical thinking skills and facilitates your learning...social constructivism, baby. It also requires others to construct arguments, think about their positions and their reasoning through reflective practice.
I thought I was quite direct, tho. That was the point, after all.
I find @Rudals sudden passion encouraging, but I would like to caution against passive aggression. Throwing out a comment like "Thanks to GMac for righting the ship" and "I just think that other fit looks like shit" don't help the community police itself more astutely, which is what I think he would like to see. We all hate it when our superiors choose to make broad policy changes or proclamations merely because of one or two misbehaving individuals. We accuse them of...
That's right. It's practically the club blazer for SF, which only goes to confirm Cantabs perception. I aint claiming it's a great look, but I dont think I would get any odd stairs at the Merion Cricket club wearing it.
I wouldnt worry about the pants being pleated provided they fit you. Pingson, MonkeyFace, Clapeyron, and Timotune all wear pleated pants, and those are just the names that jump to mind.
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