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 I've looked at the photos again and IRL and while I agree that the texture of the knit is forming a visual stripe, I don't see it fighting with the stripes of the shirt at all. Perhaps it is the boldness of the shirt stripes or the ease at which the texture resolves to solid as one moves away, but I don't get any mental aliasing, as it were. So while the letter of the law may have been violated, I think the spirit of the law is upheld. I do think a shantung would look...
My default choice this morning was a navy silk knit, but I thought about gdl's recommendation to try lower contrast.      
Perhaps you are compensating for something 
Your baby, @Cotton Dockers? Judging by the wrist band Im going to guess yes. So is this a recent picture, or old news?
So nice of you all to say. I really just wore what I normally would and had my wife take a photo against the garden fence. It just so happens that CD and I share some stylist sensibilities (if you can call wearing a navy blazer, chinos, and shell loafers a stylistic sensibility! I know one entrant would think that is almost the definition if no style.
Friday Challenge poll is up. Vote away. http://www.styleforum.net/t/388358/friday-challenge-20140502-dto-an-sf-bro/0_50
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