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 And me.   [[SPOILER]]
@EFV and @DonCologne showing how to participate in democracy with style. Nice one, lads.
Unfortunately so. Xenophobia, fascism, racism. It was co-opted by the British National Party and others. Thankful that it has been reclaimed.This article sums it up I think.Here
In this thread of non-sequiturs, the raising of any flag is apropos providing it isn't in the form of a tie, which would fail to be within the remit of "advice," good natured or otherwise. Have you been to Wales?
Gennych gwaed Cymru, Clags?Fy gyn-wraig oedd Cymraeg iaith gyntaf.
Glad you confirmed that, Cleav. It was a sorry contrast to the overwhelming pride seen in the US for the stars and stripes when I moved out here. I could never imagine flying the Jack on my house in the UK, but here...
It has been dry as a bone for weeks. Finally found something brag-worthy yesterday. After a modest pick up of 5 vintage BB blazers and an Etro tie at the first store I struck out at the next 2 and almost quit for the day. But I perservered to my last stop and found 5 pairs of Stubbs and Wooten needlepoint slippers. Alas, all womens, but fortunately my wife's size....she was happy.
Pictures of street parties with flag bunting always remind me of the silver Jubilee...I won the fancy dress competition at ours wearing a guard's uniform with bearskin hat. Unfortunately expressions of national pride and the union jack became synonymous with fascists and xenophobes for most of the following 20 years. I get a sense that this is no longer the case. Odd how an innocuous photo can remind one of so much.
@Cleav is correct. #1 fo sho.
I loled. Brought back humorous memories of nights out in the midlands. One of my best friends is a Wolves fan and the local rivalries in those parts are comical.
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