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^I'm not feeling the square choice, JHT, but everything else is very nice.
Spoo has very long arms for his height, so dont use that as an indicator. You want the hem of the jacket to evenly disect your body. The advice you've been hearing is spot on.
I always thought 6'4" and 210 was the ideal But seriously, i think t is more about proportion. When I was much younger and skinnier it was very hard to find clothes that fit well and consequently hard to look good. I could only ever buy suits as seperates, which was limiting, and even then I was too thin for my height to look good. However, I had the same problems when I was 225 - chest and shoulders disproportinately much bigger than waist and hips (although I did prefer...
Thanks, mayne!  Very kind of you.The belt was a gift from my wife, from East Dane, I believe, but they seem pretty easy to find online. Brass hoofpick belt. Tack supply companies seem to stock them at much more reasonable prices (Smartpakequine.com came up on google).
 I would agree except I dont think it works at all, actually. My rear blade is now safely back in its keeper; twas done only as part of the challenge.
For the rule-breaking challenge I went all "Sid Mashburn."However, the response in my house this morning is curious.Wife: "Wow! Daddy's looking sharp today" (with small children, we refer to one another in their presence as Mummy and Daddy, just to be clear)Son (3): "Daddy, you're wearing 2 ties" [[SPOILER]]  So what does this tell us? One, that my 3 year old son knows that the rear blade of the tie should not be visible (yay); and two, women (or at least my wife) do not...
Looks like the trouser pattern problem that everyone had a while ago and had been fixed. Apparently not, which is a shame as I was planning to order some pants myself soon.
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