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Can't say I agree with this, k. Fit is obviously very important, but many other posters are hauled up for skimpy collar points, incongruent PSs and ties (the formal/informal, city/country, daytime/evening 'sliders,' etc.). 
It did, but I wonder how many people looked at the photo enlarged. I think this is a fit worth discussing in the curated thread when it's posted there because to me there are quite a few incongruencies. The odd GP vest against the pinstripe being the most obvious. Still an excellent first post, but I wouldn't say it was worthy of 30 thumbs IMHO.
Felt like wearing a white shirt today.     
My understanding is that it is reserved for the Kohanim. 
Your pain, I feels it. 
 I recall that...then kids came along.  However, I do sometimes hem my own trousers and I just ordered suede dye for some drivers that I find never quite work in their current hue.
I'll put on my professor hat then. When we want to spur discussion we ask questions, or we ask for people to pose questions. Good questions are hard to answer and require analysis, synthesis, or both. Looking at something like Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide, things around the analysis and evaluating levels would be ideal. As an example, one could ask: "what general themes appear in highly-liked fits? The problem with that question is that there are some obvious answers that...
 This would be interesting. This thread appears to be discussion-less, for the most part, which is fine; it is a useful repository of highly-liked fits. But (social constructivist) learning comes from discussion and debate, not through imitating or rote. 
My wife doesn't really hear my accent these days - she is always taken aback when someone fawns over it or asks me to repeat something merely to hear it again. Given the exposure of British television shows over here now I am surprised it is found at all interesting. 
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