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It shocks me that most men do not know to let their female dining companions lead the way. It isnt old fashioned, it's merely polite. More cotillions necessary.
But a gentleman will always defer to the ladies present to order first, the same way he will step aside to allow ladies to walk first to the table on arrival and to the door after dinner.
The irony is that this is dripping in pathos.
A sign resides in my office, it reads: You can never be overdressed or overeducated. Of course, it is not an infallible maxim....white tie to a beach party, etc (I can't think of a genuine reason to limit one's education). I used to stick out, but now people don't notice, and now I'm the dept head, so so what if they do?
The incremental change in shipping costs strikes me as odd. 1 for 2.90, 2 for 7.71 
B12 and B14 for me, but it was a tough decision.
I did remember to time it and it was 3 minutes give or take (I was using the time shown on the Today Show as reference). Sleeves, front panels, back, collar. Done. My shirts hang to dry so are never in a terribly wrinkled condition.
I'll try and remember to time myself this morning, but I'm pretty sure it's a 2 to 3 min job, so I'm shocked it's such an onerous burden to so many.
@sprout What he said.
I may have missed someone commenting on it, but I got an email from The Knottery yesterday about their new pocket squares  - silk/wool made in England...very Drakey. At $35 I figured it was worth a shot   Here's one  
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