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Looking great, @Monkeyface.I think unbrl mentioned light grey wool being the new cream silk when @Claghorn picked out something like it for Noodles' wedding gift from the forum. You mentioning it reminded me that I wanted to ask about that square. I tried tracking it down, but couldnt. @An Acute Style, incos look good, and 8" is pretty narrow for them IME. I have to get all mine tapered down from 9".
It's a slippery slope, Clags.
Almost forgot to actually x-post here.    
My favorite spot has a new pricer who knows her shit But I did get some good stuff. First skeet in forever and first tailored kitten ever... Couple of JCrew: ludlow tweed and linen boating blazer BB chesterfield Barbour for me And couldnt resist picking up this women's wool/cashmere number by Belvest. Not convinced it will have any value, but it was too pretty to leave.
Ima guess AS. @tben a new flipper in town. Ain't no room for that. Pickings are slim as is. Oh, and when are you going to come get the Aldens. I ask you, who else waits 6mths+ to pick up some Alden tasseks?
Just completed the first of a bunch of videos for online learning....appearing natural and comfortable on video is no easy feat, for me at least.    
Wow, long day. Finally getting time to upload these, which will likely be my entry to the FC as my plan for tomorrow wont fly.  
 Apparently four year old photographers do wonders, G. Verr nice.
Scandinavia vs Australia vs Rest of World seems like the only fair fight.
Grand opening of new labs today and meetings with the visiting muckety-mucks.  
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