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I dont know if I'm still in the realm of MC Casual with this one, but I dont know whether I'm ready for the gauntlet of SW+D yet.   
If I'm not smiling it's because my day is already shit.   I like the action shots, @Claghorn (and yes, yesterday was SM mini-herringbone, and I agree about the rise).    
That is outstanding, Murl. Tailored to perfection.   
I like @Crat's tie, love @VictorSFreturn's suit, and dig the old Trotsky-ish @upr_crust    
Do you mean a snorkel parka like those from Canada Goose? Have you looked at N3-B parkas?More casual than that would be Fishtail parka. Real military ones are super-sized, but there are slimmed down variants out there.By the way, I consider the Schott peacoat to be casual outerwear...they were designed for wearing on the deck of a ship, after all. I wear mine with jeans more than anything else.
My first Gustins arrived today...Japan Union Blue. Really impressed. Featured here with Butteros from NMWA and the usual detritus of young children.
Battling nothing but the elements today (unless you include Erik's epic steez - damn you!!)  
Carmina not for you, Cleav?
@Dennis Walter those trousers look great. Very sharp.
   Done. Thanks guys.
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