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If it's just for the wedding (and perhaps any other weddings you may attend) and you are budget conscious the Tie Bar seems a great option: black/silver houndstooth Glen Check   Glen Check 2
Vox shows how to store one's ties.  
I wasn't putting words in your mouth, Stitch. Just commenting on the general sense I get whenever this type of discussion erupts. And who knew Kelly had so many supporters here? 
 I certainly wasn't impugning all  modern and contemporary art. I enjoy Mondrian, Close, De Kooning, Dali, Hockney, O'Keefe, etc. I just don't see the greatness in Lake II (or much of Kelly's work, TBH sorry Suge)
I have watched this conversation with interest, and I think Jubei makes a good point. From what I've seen of the SWD side (which is admittedly not much), there is much more interest in the drama of the scene there. MC, outside of those lazy asses who merely photograph themselves in their offices, favor a bucolic backdrop to reinforce that country gent vibe. Shen is an anomaly (perhaps he also posts in SWD, I don't know, but it would explain it). SVB posts in both forums, I...
What I wore to work (probably should have worn a solid shirt, on reflection)           What was awaiting me at work...new (to me) Canali straight out of the box.    
@eazye that coat is the ish, as the internet kids say (by which I mean, Stitchy) and as Cotton said, you have posted plenty of fits suitable for the WAYWRN threads, don't doubt yourself. People will love the Christmas-tree stare. As for today's fit, I think a crease on the chinos would make a big difference, but I eagerly await the Stitchy-inspired fit.
Thanks much.And don't tell Stitchy, but I'm wearing AE shoes!! 
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