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Thanks, and sorry for the delay, Gerry. Just saw your question. It's from Urban Outfitters, actually. 
I'm joining the conversation on its ebb tide, but I thought I'd weigh in on the thrifted wardrobe debate. Clags posited that there was only one poster with a heavily thrifted wardrobe that he felt was well dressed, and one cannot argue with that, but I think my plimsoll line is a little lower. My guess is that Clags is referring to Orgetorix, but he could also be referring to Pingson, depending on one's definition of a thrifted wardrobe. Outside of those two, GMMcL, DonC,...
I wanna see Noodles in his Formosa and Tory Burch combo.
^ Made by Zegna, I suspect. Appears to fit well without the heavily padded shoulders that seem to be the true JAB signature.
Just catching up on the thread. Certainly the best second hand find I've seen on here. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs O.
A second casual fit of the week.
Wearing a similar cardi to Murl today.  [[SPOILER]]
Where is that blue jacket getting small, @ridethecliche ? Looks to fit quite well from the photos. It's another security guard day for me.  
Belstaff lools killer, Stitch.
Based on therelative positions of the bottom button and button hole, I dont think it is hinging, but the pattern gives that impression. I think it may be lens distortion/ keystoning. The odd shape at the right chest suggest some tightness across the chest, though.
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