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You wont believe what happened to David Icke.The classified football results on Grandstand were an institution. Ticker sound and all.
You're not looking in the right places.
Oh, the irony.
Aforementioned items. Suit was thrift, slippers were consignment.
Edward Green for RLPL brown velvet slippers...in my size? Why, thank you.
Doresn't Tira have a red fez in his hat collection? if so, he should just don it with whatever he's wearing and end this meshugas.
@Murlsquirl By the look of things just a summer cottage. Cleav is Lord Grantham, after all.
The last two fits from @FrankCowperwood were enough to get me to browse through the SWD side of the forum to see what goes on over there. If that wasnt obvious, it is a major compliment, since I already spend too much time on SF as it is, and I havent had much interest in that side of things since I was a teenage goth. In my defense, my teenage years coincided with the hay days of The Cure, The Mission, The Sisters of Mercy, et al. I think how I dressed then would have...
That feeling when you spot an empty-handed local flipper behind you just as your hand finds an rlpl suit...I has it.
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