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And looking in fine fettle @Cleav. The epitome of an English gent (although I'm sure everything is Italian save the shoes).
 Someone is prepared to pay you $400 for a black suit? Bite that hand off! Don't confuse the price you paid with the worth of the item. $400 is a great price for any used suit. Look at how many suits Spoo sells for more than that. Not many. Only Kiton suits regularly beat that price, and they only average about $500 on teh bay.
Ho else would one know that the individual has a shallow understanding of a broad array of topics? 
Teach!A colleague compares physicians to mechanics and considers those with PhDs as the only "real" doctors. My surgeon FIL would disagree though.But what I find fascinating is that in the US dentists and even pharmacists are given the title of Dr....what!!!??
And I'm sure they regularly engage in pillow fights in their pyjamas.
Clearly not an engineering professor!
It would be the very foolish student who was explicit about their belief that they paid for their grade, but I stand behind my assertion that many, if not most, of the entitled student behavior I witness is related to the differences in what we are valuing in our mutual interactions
Just start each course with a little Sidney Poitier film clip and they will get it....
Indeed. While we (the institution) 'sell' an education, the student believes he is buying a diploma. The differences reflect the value we respectively attribute to each.
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