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I don't get the time to frequent this bar, or Thrifty's next door, as often as I did or would like, but that's some solid advice right there.
Thos reno seems to be taking a long time, Suge. Are you completely rebuilding your house?
Thanks, man.Cheers, Gerry. No Man Walks Alone.
Finally getting to wear the Portuguese Flannel CPO. I loves it.  
First outing for the Portuguese Flannel CPO.   [[SPOILER]]
Another vote for heavy flannel. Also, any chance of getting it in light gray?
Anyone know anything about Belstaff?I cant find a design like this online. It's nylon and cotton jersey. Judging by the size, I think it's women's.    [[SPOILER]]
I dont know that you can say they are the same audience - suited didnt brag here, he did so in the thrift thread.  Most buyers from B&S are not, I suspect, subscribing to the thrift thread - it is very hard to keep up with for those interested in it, let alone to do so on a casual basis. It's one of the fastest moving threads on SF. Those who frequent that thread know the deal and are thrilled for suited.  I wonder if people here would stop buying from Spoo knowing he...
Thanks, Frank.Rudy fit for me.
I jumped on these Dusty Saffron Donegal from Epaulet's last Ends for Friends and they are available again now, for those in need of some awesome tweed pants. Thanks to @FrankCowperwood famous black Bart + Epaulet tweed fit for the inspiration.    
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