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Attended an insanely opulent wedding this weekend. My son was a page boy and his bespoke silk outfit was made in England, barring the monogrammed velvet slippers, which were made in Italy. Fortunately it was paid for by the bride's parents.I've spoiler the lifestyle photos for those interested. [[SPOILER]]
Perhaps if you chowed down on Wendy(s) she might give up on the grill?!
I wear no-show socks and loafers frequently during the summer. It's a staple North East preppy look, so I don't find GMMs bare ankles jarring at all. I do think that the grey pants are what makes it look more formal, though, and might make the socklessness appear incongruous. With linen, chinos, Nantucket reds, etc I don't think it would have been noticed especially. Just my 2c.
 I measured my shortest jacket...twice, to make sure the Cantarellis were too short. My wallet is thankful, if I had to find a silver lining.However, my ties arrived already. You can't beat 29 hours from order to delivery? Amazing!  [[SPOILER]]
127...we're coming for you, Wendy!
Made my first entree to NMWA this morning. Would have been a much bigger splash too, if the Canterelli sport coats were an inch longer. Settled for a grip of ties. Those Cantarellis, though!
 You know where they would look good, E. Above a cocktail table of some description. Don't know if you have one, but if you do you and there's a picture hanging above it now, just send that picture to me for disposal.  
I have found their online dimensions to be accurate in the items I have tried. Perhaps Noodles is referring to the changes between a given size from one model to the next, which certainly is variable. The fabric quality is pretty clear, to me, based on the information they openly provide (mill/composition/etc).Free shipping and free returns, too, if that helps.
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