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I wrote that book, so I can assure it doesn't say anything about how awesome I appear.
I can't provide Scandinavian wilderness or Sussex in the sun (or sullen by the barn^), so I went with my best "too busy to pose" pose today a la all those cell phone pics from Pitti.  
Are @Anden and @EFV just f-ing with us? Their photos look like part of a new f/w lookbook.
In the past there has been mention of reweavers. I thought I'd share these photos (before and after) of the reweaving performed by Fabric Reweavers USA. Their customer service was outstanding and I'm very happy with the result. Three holes invisibly repaired for $120.      
My green jackets are both F/W weight, but for the challenge I ignored the forecast. It's as though I saw a wall and decide to dress for it, as it were. Despite the sun, however, the lighting in my office is especially troublesome today.  
RTC, Tits will be assigning you homework shortly, Im sure, for that statement. In the meantime, get some pics of Incontro and Vox and look at the shoulders and the cut of the lapel and quarters. Difference should be obvious.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom (quite the opposite of my own teaching style, then)
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