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I love MonkeyFace's jacket and had they stocked longs would have been all over it merely based on how it looks on him right off the peg.
Isn't it though.
Can't say I share that opinion, Noodles, at least from the perspective that it's the poor doing the raping, but I don't know that politics is the direction we want the thread to head. May I suggest a book that might be enlightening though: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. In terms of comparison to the rest of the World, this might be interesting.
 That took a left (or should I say, right) turn quickly.You're a CPA, you know that you can claim relief on sales or real estate taxes. As for everything else, it just depends on one's point of view as to whether social welfare systems are just and necessary and to what degree. I would say that if you are unhappy with those provided in the US, you will be very unhappy with those provided in the rest of the developed world. I would certainly rather be poor (and or sick)...
So even in high school a child would refer to his teacher thus: "Erik, could you go over that one more time?" My MIL would faint. The 30+ yr old lawyer boyfriend of my SIL still hasn't been relieved of referring to my in-laws as Dr. and Mrs. after two years. 
 The reality is that one plays the game as best one can and it is the rules of the game that defines our behavior. The US is a competitive, striated society and one way to discriminate oneself is by thrusting one's accomplishments forward. To do otherwise is to risk losing the competition. It sounds like Sweden chose to change their game and intentionally adjust its culture of egalitarianism. So I'm sure it is quite gauche there to list ones credentials like an over-eager...
And looking in fine fettle @Cleav. The epitome of an English gent (although I'm sure everything is Italian save the shoes).
 Someone is prepared to pay you $400 for a black suit? Bite that hand off! Don't confuse the price you paid with the worth of the item. $400 is a great price for any used suit. Look at how many suits Spoo sells for more than that. Not many. Only Kiton suits regularly beat that price, and they only average about $500 on teh bay.
Ho else would one know that the individual has a shallow understanding of a broad array of topics? 
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