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I just checked the tracking on my SS gift and the last update was Nov 25th at Jamaica, NY. I hope the lack of subsequent updates doesnt mean it fell off the plane over the Atlantic. :/
The constant grey skies and drizzle is making fit pics very difficult while simultaneously reminding me of 'home' and why I left it. These will have to make do. Yesterday:     Today:    
Happy thanksgiving, folks. Much thanks for the PMs from @GMMcL and @tben regarding sizing aldens. I've found quite a few cool things lately, including zegna x incotex flannels, some awesome cashmere sweaters for me and a bunch of ethrifted skeets to flip, but I'm really looking forward to the arrival of two pairs of AE dubmonks that I got for a steal. In the meantime, check out this beast. Dunn & Co, which despite being a regular British brand, always seems to do well.
Eazy, I definitely think it needs more shape through the waist. Given your own skills I would try adjusting the back belt buttons, but I think it may need slimming on the side seams. Those lapels are awesome though. Worth the investment.   In other news. HELP NEEDED!!!  Anyone able to tell me the approximate size of Alden loafers on the aberdeen last based on outsole measurements? Length: 11 3/8" x 4"
Considering the increases in prices at the stores and the decline in prices on the bay, I would hate to have to rely on this thing of ours. I do it because I enjoy the hunt, I stock my own closet with a lot of it, and that which I sell funds more purchases and a fair amount of discretionary spending. Over the last 2 years I'm averaging about 400% profit after all fees and expenses, which sounds like I'm doing quite well.
I love that samurai square, Clags.
  Interesting perspective, AJL. I've noted your interest in jacket length in the GNAT w/ respect to the Formosas. I look for an even dissection of the body, which this jacket hits about right. If anything this is a hair longer than most of my jackets. I have a pretty uniform robo-stance and you can see that the hem of my jackets generally falls in the same place between my thumb and forefinger.
New Posts  All Forums: