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That's not something one hears every day.I have never been to TJ,  but I have been to Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Patpong (which I will always remember as Ping Pong, if you catch my drift).
I've always been an advocate of having another position in hand before quitting the current gig. But that's just me (and my long list of things and people for which I am responsible).
Those Carminas!
@TM79 and @Academic2 I've edited my original post (was in the process of it anyway). Definitely wool and cream to my eye.
I have the winter white tennis slacks from here. Essentially cream flannel.http://www.grasscourt.com/Store/data/slacks.htmlPhoto shows them between donegal and camel flannels. Really a gabardine twill, but have a brushed finish like flannel.
Thanks for the pointer on the Henry Carter pin dot, Clags. Ordered.
You know the rules. Pics our it didn't happen. Oh, and congratulations.
Jake's dimensions don't sound that tough to fit OTR. In fact they sound like the ideal SuSu frame. So I think his first move is a trip to the store to try on some different models, take photos, post here for feedback (do not listen to the sales people). If none of the models work, then he can move onto their MTM program. Over time he can nail his dimensions and start looking on ebay or b&s. No need to jump straight into the Eidos and Formosa stuff quite yet, and definitely...
New Posts  All Forums: