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And that is before generation-skipping trusts, and a host of other strategies to minimize taxes, and is very likely to change to the advantage of the wealthy very soon anyway.
For what it's worth,and I don't think that is a lot, I wasn't saying that I think Mcob has it all nailed down. But I do agree that he has improved considerably from his earlier posts where everything was entirely too tight. I also don't see how he could possibly wear pants with a narrower hem, lest we suggest he start wearing leggings.
My favorites   Would have jumped on long ago if it was an inch or two longer   5 pairs of taninos too many?  
He might as well be, his opinions are as disagreeable as those setting policy. RINO my ass.
You mean a sample point of 1 isn't generalizable to the entire population?
Just as Greg opened my eyes to The True Cost - fascinating, depressing, and shaming - I thought I'd add a reference to the discussion about credit and financial understanding. Mehrsa Baradaran, a law professor at the University of Georgia, spoke at the Chautauqua Institution last year about the two tiers of "banking" that exist in this country. if you care how the less fortunate are forced to manage their money, check it...
That is the den, where the kids play and we watch that TV from the kitchen, so no neck strain. We watch TV in the other room shown, which has a TV to the side, or in the media room. But, what do I know, I'm a zombie, so can't feel neck pain anyway.
We replaced both wood fireplaces with sealed insert and one open log set. Both get used far more often than they did as wood burning. Total cost was about $8k as I recall. Anyone who associates using a wood fire with their masculinity has issues far beyond their internet tough guy persona.
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