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Shitty bathroom selfie, sorry.
EFV, the new Illya Kuryakin?
My flannels had inseam of 37.5" give or take. I hem them to a a shivering break at 33.25", so enough for me.
Definitely needs a sand base to accommodate the variations in the travertine. Otherwise they will crack. Polymeric sand brushed in as a mortar won't stop that.
These flannel pants have a longer unfinished seam than the previous pants - I'm 6'4" and I cuffed mine.
Yes, and when it isn't 85deg I'll get a chance to wear them!
How limited, Rick?Don't want to get my hopes up for Tuesday for nothing.
Wow! These look awesome.
That's some patrickBooth level hair there, @Anden. Impressive.
Long time, no post....but I lurk!      
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