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Made my first entree to NMWA this morning. Would have been a much bigger splash too, if the Canterelli sport coats were an inch longer. Settled for a grip of ties. Those Cantarellis, though!
 You know where they would look good, E. Above a cocktail table of some description. Don't know if you have one, but if you do you and there's a picture hanging above it now, just send that picture to me for disposal.  
I have found their online dimensions to be accurate in the items I have tried. Perhaps Noodles is referring to the changes between a given size from one model to the next, which certainly is variable. The fabric quality is pretty clear, to me, based on the information they openly provide (mill/composition/etc).Free shipping and free returns, too, if that helps.
An apropos 4000 post, Caustic Man. :)
Making money from books and speaking?
 Agreed. Personally, I prefer how the other 3 I named dress though.Of course, Alan Flusser wrote several books on CM, including the guide to pattern combinations to which most of us adhere, if not knowingly, and his style is certainly NOT within SF norms. As an aside, writing a book on a topic does not make one an expert on it. I could write a book on any number of topics and get it published (and not through vanity press) with ease. Once you have a relationship with a...
Love the longer inseam, thanks.As for suggestions, the seat on the contemporary fit could be let out a touch. I do not have large thighs or butt, yet I find the seat quite snug.
I think it is during discussions such as these where the dogma that many complain exists in SF is formed and fomented. Where "rules" are constructed from opinions and beliefs and their foundation is attributed to lore, etc. Of course, this is the nature of traditions, but it explains why the norms here exist as they do. One might think it was the actions of specific taste-makers, but it really isn't. While Manton is/was a force, it is hard to argue that Greg isn't a taste...
Make that 16
New Posts  All Forums: