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Isnt that pad stitching?
   Cheers, guys. Wearing black Loake single monk straps today and the SC is Paul Stuart/Sammy, but bought from Spoo - practically stole it, to be honest. Yesterday's jacket was also PS/Sammy from Spoo. A very under-rated brand (PS, not LS) in my estimation. 
Oh, so "The Swede" perhaps?
I heard it was loud jacket day. Anden pose, en hommage.    
I'm surprised no one has mentioned NSM. They were the sweethearts of the forum a few years ago and I believe Vox still uses them for his Italian stuff. I always got the sense that they were considerably less expensive than the likes of Rubinacci and Liverano.
Then you are due.
May wear my school tie tomorrow, so I don't know that this will be my entry into the FC yet, but I decided to go all regimental today. I likely wouldn't wear this tie in my homeland, for the reasons Caustic mentioned above, but here in the US there are no such attributions.   [[SPOILER]]
Condolences for your loss, Tyrone.
I don't mean give your gift to her, I mean use your gift on future gifts for her that you would otherwise have paid for with cash...cash you can now spend on yourself on something you want from somewhere you like (calling Greg). Net expense is the same.
Stock up on gifts for your wife. Longchamp handbags or something. 
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