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Condolences for your loss, Tyrone.
I don't mean give your gift to her, I mean use your gift on future gifts for her that you would otherwise have paid for with cash...cash you can now spend on yourself on something you want from somewhere you like (calling Greg). Net expense is the same.
Stock up on gifts for your wife. Longchamp handbags or something. 
Let's not get started on what constitutes academic freedom - most professors have no clue what that actually defends and use it to defend everything, but I think we've bored the rest of the thread enough already, so I will close with a photo of what I am wearing today. Good discourse. 
Agreed. One of the topics I teach is systems thinking and systems dynamics. It encourages multiple perspectives of problems and solutions and helps us recognize that some problems are convergent and some divergent, so consensus opinions about solutions will often be impossible because of the nature of wicked problems themselves. However, that does not make EVERY problem divergent, or EVERY solution to a divergent problem a feasible or reasonable one.  But I was actually...
Perhaps if you flipped the classroom they wouldn't be quite so bored 
 My sister is a professor of history and anthropology and my wife is a professor of education and an art history scholar, so I anticipated that my bias towards science would not go unnoticed.I think we agree on far more than we disagree. What I would like to see is the US be less partisan and more objective. Why teach kids that their forebears were more just, and justified in their actions, than they really were? Equally, why teach kids that our climate isnt changing, or...
 I hate the idea of politics interfering with education at all, but my concern is much more about politics interfering with science education, and the threat is real. Texas school boards have such great buying power that they can sway book publishers that supply books to other school districts, but beyond that direct impact is the indirect social impact of making scientific fact the subject of debate and opinion (often by those with no standing or credibility, I should...
 So funny, but also so scarily possible.
The decision to show one's face is a personal one and not always an issue of privacy or the long-livedness of the internet. Some just think the focus of their fit pics should be the clothes and that faces are just a distraction. Personally, in terms of "things I don't want to be seen doing on the internet" wearing clothes seems pretty innocuous.
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