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I find @Rudals sudden passion encouraging, but I would like to caution against passive aggression. Throwing out a comment like "Thanks to GMac for righting the ship" and "I just think that other fit looks like shit" don't help the community police itself more astutely, which is what I think he would like to see. We all hate it when our superiors choose to make broad policy changes or proclamations merely because of one or two misbehaving individuals. We accuse them of...
That's right. It's practically the club blazer for SF, which only goes to confirm Cantabs perception. I aint claiming it's a great look, but I dont think I would get any odd stairs at the Merion Cricket club wearing it.
I wouldnt worry about the pants being pleated provided they fit you. Pingson, MonkeyFace, Clapeyron, and Timotune all wear pleated pants, and those are just the names that jump to mind.
DTO challenge...emulate another poster. I believe it was done in the first iteration of FCs and last year there was a DTO of sartorial heroes, but there are a number of posters who have distinguishable styles, so I think it could be done where it is restricted to emulating an SF member.   edit: I'm prepared to try and emulate Pingson if he would be so kind as to send me his RLPL cashmere glen plaid three-piece suit.
 It also appears to provide insight into Pingson's calendar. We can tell, merely by browsing through the curated thread, whether he was on vacation or away at a conference, which I'm guessing he is now. The question is, is he vacationing with Stitchy?
Kinda?Run, Forrest, Run!
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