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Shell AE MacNeils
Where did spring go?  
In a kitchen there is no advantage to using hardiboard or cement board if the drywall is already there, and you will just add time and expense. In a bathroom it makes sense because it doesn't mold, or at least, not as easily. Neither does it deteriorate in moist conditions. But even here ito is only necessary around the tub or showroom enclosure. Tiling the walls of a bathroom can be done straight on the drywall.
Sounds like some people here would jump at a Depends x NMWA collab.
I like the white too, but the sizing for the 3 popovers vary considerably, and the white one appears too short for me.
Nothing beats Minella's.
The top school districts in the Philadelphia burbs (T/E, Radnor, L. Merion) are a bit more than that. 3500 sq ft would be more like 750 for an older home and 850-1MM for rehabbed.
Killing it here and the waywrn thread lately, @Gerry Nelson
My CPO rattles, a lot. I suspect I will grow used to it, but I'm not exactly pleased.
Part of your assumption appears to be the prime+ aspect of mortgages, but in the US we have fixed rate mortgages, so the payment in yr 1 is the same as in yr 30. You also build in the assumption that for any given location comparable homes are avaliable to rent or own, which is true in urban areas, but not in the burbs. There is a home that is rented near me (just one though) and it's rent is more than twice my piti...actually closer to 3x, because the rental inventory...
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