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  I hope I don't disappoint you both, but today it's odd navy pants with Alden shell tasseks.I usually like cricket white gabardines or optic white linen with this jacket, but I go for my TSA-Pre appointment today, so didnt want to be quite so dandy.
The voice activated camera appears not to be working on my phone today, annoyingly. One of the few days, so far this summer, that I have bothered with coat and tie. Am I Bovvered, though? Well, yes a little.
I agree with Circumspice. If you already have Park Avenues that you hardly wear, I see no sense in getting more black captoes. I don't like to see people wear calf with black tie, personally. It's like wearing a long tie because you don't want to buy a bow tie for the occasion.If you don't want to get patent leather, how about velvet slippers?Worth noting, however, that I own patent leather opera pumps, patent leather captoes, and velvet slippers yet wear black tie only...
To wear with a suit, I would say nay. I think full strap penny loafers are sleeker, generally speaking, so perhaps the Randolph within the AE brand.
 I can appreciate the concern about SW&D, but it's a pretty big tent over there, from my own lurking, and I wasn't suggesting posting there yourself. I just meant that you need to find what you like. Perhaps FrankCowperwood is a good point of reference for you. He wears a lot of Epaulet pants in a casual way. Cotton Dockers has a very different vibe, with a lot of Engineered Garments stuff. Our own IS has some great casual looks, his latest reminding me very much of my...
There are lots of options, outside of jeans, for casual wear. Take a browse through MC casual and SW&D WAYWT threads for ideas. Identify people or looks with which you resonant. Next, determine how often you will be wearing such outfits. Will you replace your jeans/polo/sneakers outfits completely, or are you just trying to get some casual looks together for going out to bars, friend's houses, etc? The typical advice is dark wash, straight or slim/straight jeans (try...
After reading the last few pages I thought I was reading GNAT ( our very own CE/DT sub forum). I wandered into the real CE once. I had an overwhelming urge to correct the ludicrous logic, blatant ignorance, and unabashed bigotry, but then realized that it would be as effective as my poliitical/economic "discussions" with my in-laws, so quickly clicked elsewhere.
+1 (almost)
New Posts  All Forums: