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To quote Murl: Flawless.
 I will have to start saving my pennies, in that case.
Looks great @gdl203? As I recall you are quite tall so I assume that is a long. Every time I look at the NMWA suits the longs  are well short of what I need.
Love that use of the tartan tie, @Cleav. I have the same pattern but struggle with how to use it.
Oh, great. I get to follow Betel's green jacket!First outing for the Spier & Mackay camel flannels. Very nice, but I wish they were a a little longer so that I could get a 2" cuff though.     [[SPOILER]]
Very much, this.
And did he take Murl with him? (Gian Gerolamo Grumelli).
Is it an adult sized T-Rex costume?
Yep! I have a BS return that will cost me $30 in shipping!
 That's a relief. I too received by SS package last night. Many thanks @highvoltorb. I will get photos up asap also. 
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