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Considering the increases in prices at the stores and the decline in prices on the bay, I would hate to have to rely on this thing of ours. I do it because I enjoy the hunt, I stock my own closet with a lot of it, and that which I sell funds more purchases and a fair amount of discretionary spending. Over the last 2 years I'm averaging about 400% profit after all fees and expenses, which sounds like I'm doing quite well.
I love that samurai square, Clags.
  Interesting perspective, AJL. I've noted your interest in jacket length in the GNAT w/ respect to the Formosas. I look for an even dissection of the body, which this jacket hits about right. If anything this is a hair longer than most of my jackets. I have a pretty uniform robo-stance and you can see that the hem of my jackets generally falls in the same place between my thumb and forefinger.
I dont know anyone who pursued an academic life for the fiscal rewards. Although some (very few) can make that kind of money, they are still choosing lower salaries than they can make elsewhere. Faculty salary surveys are produced annually by all public schools I know of and some (those in Texas, for example) list individual professor's salaries and even ROI!I know many people in the financial sector and I wouldnt swap with them even on my worst days.
 Anden, a frequent poster in the WAYWRN thread, speaks highly of them. Never tried them myself, but the prices are tempting.
I'm confident you dont want the work life that comes with it.
 He has certainly lived an interesting life. This is apparently about him and Sela Ward.
Layers of grey today.    [[SPOILER]]
Who makes the suit @GMMcL? I don't love jodhpurs personally, but they work in the context of the tweed. Nice.
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