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Oh yeah! I keep forgetting that.
Faculty Senate committee meetings today. Someone remind me why I like this job...quick!      
I was going to recommend Brick Ln too. It was the go-to place for curry in the 90s, but I had a suspicion my advice would be out-dated.
You have said some stupid things before, RTC, but this one takes the biscuit. If British beer is bad, you are doing it wrong. Real ale, my good man, is not served frosty...think the difference between white and red wine.Don't encourage him!
It was made by a renowned, but now passed, local tailor called Centofanti. Made for someone else who is apparently very similar in build to me. I didn't even have to adjust the trousers.
Quel honneur! Merci beaucoup, Elio.
 Sounds about right. Too heavy a focus on metrics (of things we cant control!) and heavy-handed dictates regarding what we, as members of the institution, should value (none of which is evident in the ways in which we are assessed).
Some quick photos after a painful strategic planning meeting (that's a tautology there, for those counting).      
You do seem to have a consistent hips-forward pose, but that may be your subconcisou reaction to posing for the photo. If this is your naural pse you will need to shorten the back rise on the pants, I think. It is not the taper that looks bad, it's the bunching behind the thighs, in my opinion.   For suspenders I would look at ebay. They mostly go for peanuts, so why pay retail?
New Posts  All Forums: