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Thanks! I've been waiting for *slightly* cooler weather to wear it
Never posted a thrift fit before but here goes nothin' Shirt, Tie, Pants: Brooks Brothers, all thrifted Jacket: J. Peterman, thrifted Belt (not shown): been had dat PRL, thrifted Shooz: J. Crew, used trade credit at Buff Exch Socks: Happy socks
I don't know the name of it, only the sound of my jaw hitting the table. If that were my size, I'd try to trade you the birthrights to my first born child for it!
Gotta get this in before the mega-hauls drown mine out: Hit four stores today. Started out slow with only one thing to show from the first three:EZ wool/cashmere, side vents, made for German market/store, fits perfectly so N/A [[SPOILER]] Thought all hope was lost until this happened at the fourth store: 11x RRL jackets/shirts and one PRL jacket. All available because they aren't my size [[SPOILER]]
Well I may just have something(s) you'll be interested in!
Thanks for the quick response!Now, any of you southern gents interested in a NWT haspel seersucker suit in a 40R/34W?
What's the general consensus on a jacket with sleeves ~2" shorter than normal? Made to wear with French cuffs or this:
She found it in a storage locker she bought at one of those auctions. I don't know much more than that other than it was found in Louisiana. It's in great condition with only a couple minor stains (#2 pencil lead or smaller) on the left chest.Alright, you got me. I should have known better than to ask about price/value. A better posed question would have been "can anyone give me more information on this".
Got a question for all of you RRL connoisseurs out there: what is the approximate value of this jacket? My mom found it and wanted to know. She's technologically challenged so I told her I'd find out for her. I have more pictures upon request, just didn't want to clog the thread too much. Feel free to PM me and thank you in advance!
Saturday weekend excursion netted me the following: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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