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COS online store just put some new stuff on sale. Is there anything interesting? :) sexonfabric, I will take few pictures for you later.
Tucking shirts into pants seems underrated, not many people do it here.
Black lace ups arrived yesterday. Very happy!! :) I would say they are one of the best looking black lace ups that I have seen. Not sure about the construction, but overall these are great shoes for the price.
  it's not hard to take the stitching off. I have done it many times.   My Raf Simons and Common Projects sneakers fit about the same, so... :)
  I will let you know when they have arrived here. I can't proxy, because of the shipping fees.
Great jacket, great price. I have it and love it. Dries SS2011 Veber:    
  Exactly my thoughts. My advice is: if it bothers now, it's probably not worth keeping.
I haven't bought shoes for a long time. Isn't that a good reason to buy some?      Anyway, black leather shoes from COS will be here soon. :)
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