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Most likely your CP size. Jil footwear sizing varies kinda a lot. Depending if it's made by Church's etc.
  Mostly because of celebrities and GATs. The brand itself is more popular than it should be. 10 trousers were awful super thin cotton and 22 oxford shoes felt cheap like glued together.  
Eventually all men clothes will be at least -50% off
Highest quality sneakers are probably Buttero. They even use vegetable tanned leathers     CP's feels quality-wise better than both the original and Margiela's GATs e.g. leather and construction. For me, when talking about sneakers, design is pretty much everything that matters anyway. I like Raf velcros and vandals most.
Can't wait to see what's coming. I have bought some of my favorite clothes from h&m collaborations. Especially liked Lanvin merino cardigans and Marni trousers.
I liked when Raf was doing Jil
If you're bored with your style, try something different. Change your aesthetics I guess.
Those boots aren't bad, but I'd pass. Margiela's lace up shoes felt cheap and like glued together.   COS fall 2012 shoes. Do you like 'em? I do
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