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 happy to be of help. what last are those Stows on?  the 4497s or 4444? i would advise UK 6.5 on the 4497s, and UK 6 on 4444. if you dropped down 1 1/2 sizes from US size on the 4497s, that's a bit interesting to hear. 4497s should fit TTS . . .
 tricker's is correct when they say that 4497s fits TTS.  and that's what i'm saying as well.   the issue, here, is working out the conversion from US to UK sizes, and that's where i disagree with tricker's.   they suggest that you size down only a half size from your TTS US size.  whereas i know many people who actually drop down one full size from their TTS US size.   that's why i say, it's best to have a good reference for what your actual TTS UK size is with some other...
 no. this is not correct for all cases.   there are many people who drop down a full size on the 4497s.  and and full 1.5 sizes on the 4444.  I'm a TTS US 11D for instance, and I wear a UK 10 on the 4497s and a UK 9.5 on the 4444. for clarification, see my post here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/241668/trickers-mto-forum-group-buy/900_100#post_6672019 and LA Guy's comments here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/241668/trickers-mto-forum-group-buy/900_100#post_6672625
 okay, i've heard back from rainbow grease, and he's reconfirmed now.   still waiting on DomD and ravn.
 once we get reconfirmations from DomD, rainbow grease, and ravn, we'll each need to put down a 100 GBP deposit with Richard to get the MTO going.  i'm figuring we should hear back from the other guys shortly.
i think i might be able to explain the discrepancy.   tricker's 4497 last fits TTS (true to size), whereas the 4444 is a considered a half-size large.   if your standard US size is a 9.5 TTS (normal width and instep), than this suggests your standard UK size is 8.5 TTS (normal width and instep). on the 4497 last, a UK 8 would be too small.   on the other hand, the 4444 last is sort of like the UK equivalent of an alden "barrie" last, where you size down a half from your...
 our makeup will be on the "4444". tricker's advice for the "4444" is to size down a half from your normal UK size.   if you have feet of normal width and instep, a UK 8 should work. but i'd suggest you seek richard's advice as well.  
Hey guys! I've been in touch with the user "baldrick".  And he's on board for this MTO.   His suggestion is that we use red "lining" for the shoe. Are all 6 of us still on board?  To confirm: 1.) Richard from Shoehealer 2.) DomD 3.) ravn 4.) rainbow grease 5.) heterophilous (me) 6.) baldrick
This classified is for a MTO project commissioned by 5 SF members with Richard from Shoe Healer.   We are looking for 1 more individual to get on board, so we can take advantage of the group discount,   Current pricing for our MTO model would be £325.00 (exclusive of VAT), or around $520.00 for non-EU based customers.     Inclusive of VAT, it would be £390.00.   Tentative Specs are as Follows:   Tricker's Eaton Model (w/ no medallion on toe) i.e. a perforated...
 so i reposted again in the official thread.  will also put something up in the marketplace section tomorrow.
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