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Also has anyone been to the sample sale in NYC? And is it worth it?
Jcrew recently had an extra 30% off already for sale items. Anyone know how often that comes around?
Anyone happen to know if I can buy something from one location, and get it altered at another?
IMO don't send it back. There are plenty of people that missed the sale and willing to pay more than what we paid for the shirts. I actually sold I just today for nearly double the price I paid.
Ordered these two shirts through my habit, both in size M, but unfortunately they're both a little too tight now in the back area =[. I want to trade them for the same style or a different one mattering on which, and I'm also willing to sell them if I can't find any traders.     http://ec2.images-amazon.com/images/I/81PlcAktWxL._SY576_CR0,0,430,576_.jpg   ^ ^ ^ THIS SHIRT CAME IN A SHORT SLEEVE AND NOT THE LONG SLEEVE LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED...
Anyone think the Acrimony will further reduce the stuff they have on sale now?
What do you guys use to remove stains off your shirts?
Shit i grew up in SF too, and now i use the word hella in NY, and everyone gets thrown off.   Thanks again Orange. I was able to get two shirts. I really wanted to oxfords, but they sold out quick...
Thanks a lot jd! I'll be sure to check out the 34th street store, and see check out the product myself since it seems that opinions are both positve and negative.
Hello everyone. Im new to this thread, as well as this forum, and I recently moved to NY. I was wondering how are uniqlo products? I know there's a few stores around here, so I was wondering if i could maybe get some feedback on them before going out to the store. Thanks!
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