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Anyone happen to know how long the 30% will be going on for?
Damn you all for buying the nice mismo bags =[
  Damn...I was hoping I could at least wear it one summer night, but I guess it'll be sitting in the closet till September   My final, and last two purchases for the Porter sale. What do you guys think?
What do you guys use to remove stains off of your shirts?
If its a womans shirt, then yes, send it back LOL.
Also has anyone been to the sample sale in NYC? And is it worth it?
Jcrew recently had an extra 30% off already for sale items. Anyone know how often that comes around?
Anyone happen to know if I can buy something from one location, and get it altered at another?
IMO don't send it back. There are plenty of people that missed the sale and willing to pay more than what we paid for the shirts. I actually sold I just today for nearly double the price I paid.
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