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You guys think the weekender will be a good school/gym clothes/food bag? Yes, I pack all that stuff on a day to day basis.     Nevermind. Just read it has no shoulder strap
Not sure if someone already mentioned this, but theres a 30% sale going on nation wide at jcrew.
Anyone happen to know how long the 30% will be going on for?
Damn you all for buying the nice mismo bags =[
  Damn...I was hoping I could at least wear it one summer night, but I guess it'll be sitting in the closet till September
http://www.mrporter.com/images/products/187552/187552_mrp_in_xl.jpg     http://www.mrporter.com/images/products/184451/184451_mrp_in_l.jpg   My final, and last two purchases for the Porter sale. What do you guys think?
What do you guys use to remove stains off of your shirts?
If its a womans shirt, then yes, send it back LOL.
Also has anyone been to the sample sale in NYC? And is it worth it?
Jcrew recently had an extra 30% off already for sale items. Anyone know how often that comes around?
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