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I agree. Today is actually a really nice day to be outside. Low humidity and a slight breeze, feels great!
Which color for the snap backpacks do you guys prefer between the blue and khaki green? I need a new backpack and can't decide which of the two i should get.
Anyone ever experience a blank page when trying to checkout? I added something in my checkout bag and trying to pay for it, but when i click checkout it just forwards me to a blank page
Just purchased this Glad i got the last medium
Thinking about buying these two shirts. What do you guys think?
Sunday was the last day.
  I think the Braxtons closely resemble the picture of the brouges above, so if you're trying to get the closest look alike, those would be it.
You guys think the weekender will be a good school/gym clothes/food bag? Yes, I pack all that stuff on a day to day basis.     Nevermind. Just read it has no shoulder strap
Not sure if someone already mentioned this, but theres a 30% sale going on nation wide at jcrew.
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