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Thanks, CH.
What is the Sufu code? I still want a few of the basics I ordered even though they got cancelled
Its 75% now?! I hope it isn't a mistake and my order goes through
  Thanks a lot for the tip! I was able to get the Folk elbow patch shirt I wanted awhile back, but at a hell of a lot cheaper, so I couldn't pass it up.
works for me.
End marked down some of their Universal Works and Folk clothing that was already on sale. Slim pickings though.
I was wondering how often do you use guys wax your shoes? I just got my Saphir Renovateur and I'm wondering how often I should apply it. Also, do you guys  use any products to take care of the soles?
Last time I heard from Nan (Everlane rep.), I was told that they should be stocking either this week or next week.
Any recommendations for overshoes?
For anyone that lives in an area that actually snows in the winter, do you wear your AE's during this season? And if so, how do you take care of them?
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