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Anyone have any extra slim L shirts from BB and can give me the chest/p2p measurements? Thanks in advance.
Thanks, CH.
What is the Sufu code? I still want a few of the basics I ordered even though they got cancelled
Its 75% now?! I hope it isn't a mistake and my order goes through
  Thanks a lot for the tip! I was able to get the Folk elbow patch shirt I wanted awhile back, but at a hell of a lot cheaper, so I couldn't pass it up.
works for me.
End marked down some of their Universal Works and Folk clothing that was already on sale. Slim pickings though.
I was wondering how often do you use guys wax your shoes? I just got my Saphir Renovateur and I'm wondering how often I should apply it. Also, do you guys  use any products to take care of the soles?
Last time I heard from Nan (Everlane rep.), I was told that they should be stocking either this week or next week.
Any recommendations for overshoes?
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