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I can meet anywhere in the Downtown LA area as well.
As title says, looking for a pair of Dalton's in the Calf/Walnut color. Pls pm me with pics and price, if you have one in mind. 
Just as the title says, looking for a pair of Wolverines. Pls have pics of the ones you're willing to sell before PM'ing me. Price will be contingent on condition of boots, of course.
New, only tried on Wingtips 10D TTS from Barneys. Bought these at retail price (350), so here's your chance to get them at less than half the price. No box, just the shoes. Trees not included. I originally planned to have these in rotation, but never got around to breaking them in.    PRICE IS 120shipped conus OBO. Anywhere else pm me for shipping costs.   I know this hasn't been bumped in awhile, but I still have them (I've been out of the country).
Bought this sweater from Mr.Porter over the summer, but it really just doesn't fit me. Worn once in the fall for a short amount of time, as it made me feel really constricted. Pictures aren't mine, but its the same exact one. I may or may not have the tags still laying around, but I have a feeling I do.    S2S: 17 P2P: 20 Back : 28   Link to item from Mr.Porter (I paid original price for it btw)   80OBO!! Shipping...
I know the sale season just ended, but anyone happen to know when the next time suits may go on sale again?
Anyone ever buy these before and can comment on the quality?,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00220_Color=BLCK&contentpos=83&cgid=0522
^LOL. Anyways, a few pgs back someone asked how they would compare the quality of everlane over others such as Uniqlo, and IMO, Everlane is better than Uniqlo.   Just realized you're from SF, Dbear. Did you go to the parade?!
Anyone here ever own both the IR and the BR (Brogue Ranger)? Thinking about which to order, but I cant decide...
Anyone happen to know if there's any truth behind founding members not getting first dibs this time around? Saw a post on Sales Alert with someone saying so.
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