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Anyone ever buy these before and can comment on the quality?    http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Long-Wingtips/MH00220,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00220_Color=BLCK&contentpos=83&cgid=0522
^LOL. Anyways, a few pgs back someone asked how they would compare the quality of everlane over others such as Uniqlo, and IMO, Everlane is better than Uniqlo.   Just realized you're from SF, Dbear. Did you go to the parade?!
Anyone here ever own both the IR and the BR (Brogue Ranger)? Thinking about which to order, but I cant decide...
Anyone happen to know if there's any truth behind founding members not getting first dibs this time around? Saw a post on Sales Alert with someone saying so.
This might have been answered, but I forgot. Can you stack your student discount with the black friday sale?
Wow, the only color I wanted too....hopefully they re-stock soon.
What size terry are you ordering, Shiroi? I want to order the red one too, and I was wondering if you can take measurements if you ordered a M
From what I read, I'll probably just not order from End, so I can just avoid any fees that may come along with my order. Thanks for the input guys!
Read a few pgs back that someone in the US has been hit with duties by End. Really tempted to use that code, but i don't want to pay duties. Anyone else have a problem with this?
Nan, any chance we can get measurements for the OCBD, sweatshirt, and cashmere collection?
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