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New to shipping overseas, but what's the most cost-effective way to ship to France from the US? Appreciate the help.
Still for sale! OBO
If you don't know what these shoes look like, I've provided the link below. These are brand new, in-box, and have never been worn or tried on. Looking to get 120 obo shipped. These are no longer being sold in J.Crew stores and currently going on ebay for a similar price.     https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/sneakers/PRDOVR~85231/85231.jsp
I'm an odd fitting man, with a size 40R top and a size 31' waist. Looking to see if anyone here has suits for sale that match my description. If so, please message me with details, pics, and price. Thanks.
Looking for this coat. Pm me if you're selling
In search for this color in either Tan/Khaki, Navy, or Black. PM me if you're looking to let yours go. Dont forget to mention the condition (pics preferable) and price you're willing to sell for.
Worn for about 10 hours (that's overestimating) No box, no shoe trees, but have always been stored in trees when not in use. I originally planned to wear these more often after moving, but that thought never came to fruition.   PRICE is 150shipped conus OBO. Anywhere else pm me for shipping costs.   Will have pictures up tonight, but I'm sure you guys know what these look like.
I have a pair of well-kept Red Wing 8138. They were hardly ever used, as I usually wear my Iron rangers or Wolverines instead. Always kept in shoe trees when not in use. Pics below.   160 shipped + paypal fees if not sent as gift.                 
I can meet anywhere in the Downtown LA area as well.
As title says, looking for a pair of Dalton's in the Calf/Walnut color. Pls pm me with pics and price, if you have one in mind. 
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