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Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the production numbers of the Seamaster 300m Master Co-Axial.  They say they made 7007 of the Spectre edition, yet I'm curious how many they made/are likely to make of the standard edition black bezel in stainless.  Ditto for the blue bezel in titanium which I assume they produced even less of than the Spectre edition.     On a side note, is titanium that bad an alternative to stainless steel? 
 Beaufort is longer.
 Thanks for posting this.  I've done this with another shop and it really pays off if you use them right.  I spent a small fortune with this one, but the prices I'll be getting for items that are rarely discounted will great.
 Spot on advice. Not sure why there's all this talk about fitting it over a Mallory.  A cool look I would guess, but not at all that necessary I would imagine.  Also, if one is sizing up they should take into account the added length you'll get, especially in the sleeves but also in the body.
 I don't think many customers if any would expect Filson to take a bag back because they had buyer's remorse AFTER using the bag which isn't at all defective.   I also think the whole quality argument is overblown.  I have some older Filson bags as well as some newer ones.  I'd say the older ones look and feel sturdier, but I've not had issues with any of them.  I think Filson still offers a quality product that is close if not the same in some respects to what they've...
 Super nice is an understatement.  You're very fortunate to have had them allow you to exchange it after using it.  
One of the girls who works for me picked up a Daniel Wellington in the rose gold look with the brown leather strap.  I have to say for the price that the watch looked great.  If I were collecting "poor man's watches" that I would probably have one in my collection.   On a related note, Jomashop has many of them for over half off right now.  You can get one along with a second leather strap for under $150 which is pretty crazy.  Note I said leather strap though.  I think...
  I was happy to see a new episode come out.  I know they do it monthly and I knew they were due, but I figured with the Holidays here they might save it. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on people having just one watch considering the size of his collection not to mention how large it sounds like it used to be.  As much as I'm drawn to different watches out there and find that there are different watches that can work for different occasions or pieces in one's...
Two quick questions:     1)  Looking at a watch and the seller doesn't wasn't to get beat up on the trade-in price.  I of course would like to move the price a bit.  What sort of hit would a seller take with trade-in?  Obviously this would depend on the make and model, but in general what would they be hit with?     2)  Anyone have access to the % watch rating system?  I think it's from TimeZone, but I can't access and can't find it online.  Every link doesn't work...
   Congratulations guys.  Wear them in good health!
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