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Anybody else think Godot is going to get a 90 ft wall built along the Mexican border and he's going to get Mexico to pay for it?
 Not sure why I'm not quoting your properly, but per your GMT comment about a strap change I agree.  Not sure what I'll do for my next watch, but one watch I've been considering is a Coke GMT which I would put on a strap like the Hodinkee aged green moss leather strap.  I think it gives the watch a completely different look which can work for someone individually depending on how they'd wear it.    This doesn't surprise me with a few points he mentioned.  For starters...
I loved Portland and there's a ton to see and do in the surrounding area.  People were fine too.  Food depended on where you went though and there can be waits.  I loved Screen Door and fortunately we beat the rush by about 10 minutes which meant no waiting for a table as opposed to nearly an hour wait.  Worst thing was one place that refuses to answer it's phone.  We're not talking about a preference for an e-reservation either.  They simply didn't answer the phone!
 Thanks for the great reply!  Two things I noticed when I was looking 16520s was that one listing called it a "limited edition" and another listing called the movement a "zenith" movement.  So were they indeed limited editions?  Also, was "zenith" just the name of the movement (I assume so) as opposed to Zenith making the movement?
 I think it looks great.  Definitely a "vintage" look as I've seen a lot of vintage watches on a similar strap.  Hodinkee sells a similar one and it looks like one of their best by a long shot.  I also think you nailed the color choice.  Darker would have been a poor choice in my opinion and as others have noted it will likely darken over time.  Looks great right now though.   EDIT:  And I just noticed it's a minute repeater.  
 Great stuff as always!  I was wondering if you could elaborate on the resale values though.  Specifically, what were the approximate MSRPs of both the 16520 and 116520?  I'm actually quite ignorant as regards the Daytona compared to other watches and have sort of... ignored it based on some of the prices I've seen for vintage references.  I tried to find the MSRP for the 16520 and I couldn't find it.  Prices now seem to range quite a bit as well regardless of condition,...
 It doesn't look bad, but it also looks rather "naked" to me.  Seems small for a dive watch and it looks like the bezel is missing (as it is indeed missing).  I absolutely love it though because it gives me hope for a 36mm Ranger.    It seems to me though that the Black Bay Black is the most popular Black Bay and therefore isn't a sleeper.  Good points you made about it though.  Absolutely, and I can't understand the decision to put the shield on the Black Bay Bronze.  I...
 Nice pickup.  I have that one myself.  Really annoyed I didn't jump on the "cream" one when I had the chance.  Did you get it from Cabourn direct or maybe Rakuten?  Fit is Authentic line.  I went with my usual 50.   I'd say it's simply a CPO shirt.  You can wear it as a jacket, but it's not that thick if you ask me.  I wear it over a woven shirt.  I could see layering it yet again with some over that if you can make it all work.  
Looks like Nomos is doing a Neomatik Tetra.
 I agree with @Dino944 (he's always giving great advice) that it looks fine.  Your shirt cuff doesn't help as it looks a bit boxier, but overall I think you're fine.  I also wouldn't be bothered with what anyone else thinks.  If someone told me that it looks like a ladies watch I'd politely inform them that it's vintage and explain how watches have been grossly oversized in most cases in recent times.   My first "nice" watch was a 90s Tag Heuer that must be 34-36mm....
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