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 Good to know.  Cheers!
Superdenim just took further drops.  ~45% off now.  
Anyone grab the Ross Varsity Jacket in store recently?  If so, is the price cheaper than online?
Duties from End are always ~ 10% for me.  I have no problem with it because their shipping is dirt cheap, many other shops charge more to ridiculously more for shipping, some shops don't even deduct VAT and End have easy returns.  
Could you some quick fit advice.  Was thinking of a 1035 last Chuk for Spring.  Site I found it at says that it runs true to size.  I'm a 10D in Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot (perfect fit), 10D in McNairy and 9.5 in Alden Barrie.  Thoughts on size?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Also midnight suede is a dark navy, yes?
 Not sure.  Bread and Butter is cancelled and so I thought maybe he might be.
Pictures of Cabourn's collection.
 They don't deduct VAT though.
If anyone has a lead on a Navy Aircraft Jacket in a 50 let me know.  Thanks.
Drops taken on End's UK site.  Looks like 40% across the board.
New Posts  All Forums: