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Black Bay, Submariner, Explorer and watch photos rant!  (Long nerdy post with thoughts and a small rant)   Titles for the TLDR crowd.    Trying on the watches (Sub and Black Bay)   So I went to a local jeweler this afternoon to try on a couple of watches.  Once again seeing a watch in the metal makes such a big difference.  Prior to buying nice watches I wore as I've previously mentioned Victorinox Swiss Army divers.  I got them generally at 80% off and being...
   Yes Andy, I think you're referring to @Belligero  Congratulations indeed though.   What I like about it is the size.  I wasn't considering it though.  The more recent "Speedmaster reduced" has my eye.  
 Thank you sir, but to clarify I DID NOT buy that Explorer.  Was eyeing it up last night when it was listed and it sold overnight.  I just would like opinions as to the value at that price.  Seemed like a nice price. Nice Speedy btw.  Coincidentally the other watch they had that I was looking at was a 90s Speedmaster that was 38mm.
Wanted to get some thoughts on this vintage Explorer.  34mm that looks legit to my untrained eye.  While I want a cleaner dial and a 36mm (I actually just wish Rolex would do a "heritage" line, though with slow releases for my bank account's sake), I thought this was a bargain:   Price was $2900.  Curious as to opinions on value (or otherwise) here.
To clarify my post I above, I wouldn't call the look of the finishing "mediocre" though.     Anyway, we have an Autavia Cup winner:  
 Could we perhaps, with spoiler tags if necessary, get the watch/movement in question here?  I'm so little versed on movements I'd go so far as to say not at all.  Still I think this could go down the road @mimo suggests.  I can't tell if it's a good movement whatsoever.  However if the debate is about the finishing alone, I would tend to lean towards the bigwig's end.  Granted we don't see the entire movement, but from what I've seen in terms of finished movements I'd say...
 I too am not a fan of that Yacht Club.  Much like Dino I prefer the older pilot's watches or some of the Flieger chronographs like the 3705 or 3706 (with German days only!).  Still if you're looking at a modern IWC then how about the Portuguese chronograph?  Depending on what metal you want, you could actually get a gold one for close to the price of the Yacht Club or just get one in steel and save some money that you could put towards a Daytona.  It also looks more...
 Are you sure?  Is that their only New York locaction?  I swear I've read something about someone being able to get them from their stores.  I've heard Chicago has them as well.  Maybe give them a call.  On a side note, I picked up a Camille Fourniet for my Geophysic and I would recommend one of those.  They make JLCs straps, but they're cheaper than getting them directly from JLC.  You could probably get one for half of what you'd pay for an Hermes and mine came with the...
 My finger impulsively just kept clicking the like button as I stared.  I'd congratulate you but I'm too jealous.  
 Sub is a great choice, but absolutely go no-date.
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