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 Not sure what constitutes "outlet items", but it's not working for me.
Can I get the following measurements on the Big John crazy stripe shirt in both medium and large?   -p2p -sleeve length -neck -back length   Would be greatly appreciated.
 What designer on the Decks Jacket?
 Cheers for the reply.  I sent an email.  I'm pretty positive I signed up for the email list and I also placed an order about two weeks ago.  Either way I'm not a Founder's Circle member.  Sadly didn't know about NMWA until recently.  
 Again, what gives?
 Nice.  Tudor Heritage Ranger is top of my list, though I think I'll be getting the bundstrap.  Also like that Nomos.  Is it the "Doctors without borders"?  I would get the 38mm, anything smaller wouldn't interest me, but I prefer the band on the 33mm.  Still my top three are all Tudors.
What's with all the subterfuge?  I certainly hope I'm not missing out on something after my order less than two weeks ago.
 Yeah dude, and I don't have a problem with how you styled it.  Your opinion is just as valuable as mine.  However you presented your opinion in such a way as to trash the piece and come off exactly as you said you didn't want to come off as, negative, while proceeding to lecture about "the art of style."  Furthermore I didn't take it as a personal attack.  I simply responded to provide context considering your replies.
 FWIW I never said it'd go with "anything" myself and regardless of what color you want to call it, though the description for the record refers to at as a "brown HB", it's still pretty neutral assuming it's a grey.  Also, grey can be made in appearance or otherwise by a mix of both black and white.  Even if it is indeed "black/charcoal and white/ecru herringbone", it's still quite versatile in that it can be paired with other colors and other shades of color.
 I like that look.  I wish I were trim enough to pull it off more often.   Yes mate, WI it is.  Would hate for you to go hunting in a city the size of New York for it. 
New Posts  All Forums: