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 Cheers for this.  Nice prices on the Aldens.
 Thank you sir!  I just grabbed the navy chomexcel shortwings from Epaulet.  They look amazing.  Now I'll just have to actually wear them.  I already have two pair of Aldens and have yet to wear them.
Looking for some sizing help if someone would be so kind.  I'm generally a 10 in shoes across the board (across the board being most shoes, not Alden as I only have Aldens in the Barrie last), and a 9.5 on the Barrie last.  So if I were to get a pair in the Aberdeen last I'd be a 10, right?  
No, this one here:   http://fashionstealer.com/nigel-cabourn-cameraman-jacket-flannels-fashion-sale-code/
 No.  It was quick.  In fact it's faster than Barney's regular site as I don't need a password like I do there.  I'm great with passwords, but for some reason I always take five minutes at Barneys.  Anyway, only issue I had was it showing an item, but when I went to add my size to my cart it gave me a pop-up message saying it wasn't available.  Then a few hours later I tried it and it worked.  My guess is it was in someone else's cart.  Free shipping though so I just made...
 Nice find.  I've never tried a pair of Cabourn trousers.  Coincidentally I wore my Cameraman with that tweed today for the first time all season.  Still a favorite despite the newer versions I have.   As for the vest, tough call.  It all sounds a bit pricey to me, but what are the chances you'll see it again?  I just scored my second "long lost" piece that I'm hoping is in as great of condition as described.  
 When you get to checkout, or just before, it will tell you they don't.  IIRC Barbour isn't even on their US site either.
 Agreed, he shouldn't be "working in fashion", assuming that's what he's doing, and it does show a lack of research.  Lack of respect?  I wouldn't say that.    Yeah, prices are nice.  I was even going to buy an item I already have.  Looks like they're not going to carry Cabourn anymore though.  Their inventory is from collections a year old or more.  
Guys, kindly stfu about the Everest parka.  You all have good points and agree to disagree.   For the record, they unfortunately do not.    Looks VERY similar to the Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer Kara Koram jacket from last AW (I believe).  Very close to the color too.  Quite a "colorful" looking coat, but something about it I like.  Then again I love just about everything Cabourn.  I own it.  Well not sure if it's the "short" version, since it doesn't run short, but I have...
I couldn't find anything, but does Unionmade do anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  Or do they ever do any codes separate from their bi-annual sale events?
New Posts  All Forums: