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 Not in love with mine, but the quality is superb.  Cotton almost looks like a shearling coat.  Great construction and the pockets are the same canvas used on the Hunting jacket.  Real heft to it as well.  Sadly one of the studs holding the clasp has nick on it so a small dot of the plating is missing.  That coupled with the ill fit (48 just wouldn't work) and I'll be selling it.   I'm sure you know this, but UshowU carried/carries it.
 Just looked that one up.  I have it in the red (which I got for free).  Not a bad piece, but not as nice as the ventile Aircraft jackets.  Of course that's reflected in the price.  I would maybe do some searching for a ventile version.  I saw one on eBay from a UK seller recently, a SS13 version in orange, that went for not too much more than what Flannels are asking.    Yeah, it seems as though there weren't many 50s.   I'm curious how it all works as well.  Superdenim...
Cheers for the replies earlier today.  I was at work on my phone.   Sounds like some nice deals before I got in, however being a size 50 it sounds like I'd have been out of luck.  Would have gone for both Camo Mallorys in a 50, especially the Harris Tweed.  Already have the AW12 Crazy Mallory too.     Still can't complain about the Bench Coat at that price.  Really odd since I've seen almost nowhere and considering the huge discount.  So was the inventory all directly...
I would lean towards the Cameraman sizing. The aircraft is roomier in the chest, probably an inch roomier than the Cameraman, so it's tapering from a wider point which might make it seem narrower than it is. If it's the AW13 version then you should consider the vest which is... tailored. Without the vest though it's your typical Aircraft in terms of fit.
Was one of the camo Mallorys the AW13 Crazy Mallory?
OK, jumped on the bench coat in green. 75% off after VAT reduction and free shipping is nice. Now the exchange rate just needs to improve. As for the sale, what did I miss? Any Cameramen? What Mallorys were there besides the camo? Any if the inventory from the Cabourn site that magically disappeared a month ago?
Says the bench coat is canvas, but IIRC it's wool, right?
Mallory's? Only saw the camo. Nothing good in a 50. Bench coat, but I took a pass on that. Didn't seem like much of anything good really unless I missed some things.
Been able to wear the Barras and St. Kildas this Spring.  Very pleased with them as Spring jackets as well.  Had one of the latter on today in some rain and it held up really well, as expected.
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