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 I think they absolutely killed it, and I don't mean that in a good way.  42mm and way too thick is bad enough, but the date window just ruins it.  I'm not sure the market demands a date window either, but in my opinion it totally ruins that watch.  Looks like I've just saved some more money to put towards another piece.
 Yeah, DavidSW seems great.  Had some email correspondence in the past and he was excellent.   Yeah, I'm not fussed about the movement.  I'm more concerned with condition than anything and the best looking 16710s that I've come across recently were Z serials.
Congratulations @Belligero
 It's interesting that you mentioned DavidSW as he had the watch I was looking at: http://davidsw.com/product/rolex-16710-gmt-master-ii/ It too is a Z serial, but as the papers show the original bezel was black.  At the end of the day I'll have to decide on serial, bezel matching papers and condition.  I think for me the serial won't matter quite as much, but we'll have to see.  Either way the watch you linked is definitely not what I'd be looking to spend since I'm more...
A couple of quick questions about a Rolex GMT Master II:   -So I'm noticing some listings out there along with some Instagram posts of GMT Masters with both bezels. So I'm curious if say I want a GMT Coke, is there a way I can tell from the papers that the GMT was originally Coke or if the bezel was replaced?     -If not to the above question, does it matter?  Obviously that's a matter of opinion, but say if I were to consider reselling the watch someday would it make...
 Nice.  When I make my big Unionmade buy I might pick up a pair.
 Well I'm somewhat confused with the one Lybro jacket as the Cabourn site has a patch on it where the Bureau's photos don't show one.  Anyway, I'm liking more of it the more I look at it.  I would just caution on the chambray shirt.  I have yet to handle one, but I did try the Joe's shirt from SS and it was somewhat thin and actually see-through.
 I have the original Puffa Jacket and 30 degrees is fine.  I could go topless underneath it and not even be cold.  In fact at about 0 degrees it's still excellent.  I would think over 40 degrees and I might be too warm though.  Everyone is different though and they react differently to changes in temperature.  I can actually see making a case to purchase the K1000 line at the current offer.  That would be specifically to wear it hiking say if you didn't want to "ruin" your...
They've had that discount before and none of the product seems to be moving at all.     I liked the look of one of the first Fred Perry polos but never bothered trying it.  That collab should have been ended already if you ask me.  
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