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I don't buy at full price.  I didn't even pay full price for the Filson collaborations.  Call me cheap, but I'm a competitive shopper.  I make up for it in volume though.    That said the cashmere Cameraman I grabbed last AW on sale was still pretty pricey.  I absolutely love it though so I'm fine with that.  
   Not to disagree, but I have to say that I think a 48 would suit you better if you chest is only 38".
 Decided to give this one a try with the Kafka sale.  They had the traditional camo and not the "denim" camo version.  I've slimmed down a bit and had been eyeing it up in some Instagram photos.  Really glad I did.  Looks much better on than I remember and it doesn't bow out from the chest so much.  Likely more me than the coat.  Wouldn't mind it a smidge longer, but it's fine.  Fit seems a bit more fitted than most 50s, but IIRC it's 23" pit to pit.  As before I think...
30% off sale items at Kafka with code "patron."  A few SS14 items left in stock.
 I posted about it a few pages back.  I'd say it'd depend on price.  Do you have a link?
 Tell you coach you think you sprained your ankle.
 What size are you in a Mallory or Cameraman?
 Well if it is the former then I would be up there for the latter, though this being SF I'm not so sure.  Either way, I the Commanders went back.  I don't dislike it, but I'm not as chuffed as most.  On top of that it's a tough fit unless you're slender or tall or both.  At least that's my take.  On top of that the whole Barbour "blazer" look just seems off to me.  I'll stick with the Cabourn Mallory for that.  Too bad though because I wanted it to work.     Cool.  Are you...
I got both colors of the Commander at End just a few months back when they were on sale.  Lame they won't ship Barbour to the US anymore. 
 Vest is definitely more fitted than the jacket.   Sounds like your issue with the Donkey is what I had with the deck jacket as regards the shoulders.
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