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Really great deal on this one.  Can't remember if someone was looking for this or not:   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2100912749641/
 First time I saw it was in Fall.  I think they only do it every so many years.  Was very picked over just into it from what I understand.  I didn't bother. I've never had any issues with them.  In fact service has only been good as they've gone above and beyond.  Great inventory too if you can fit everything.  
 I think they had varying inventory levels.  A few seasons back I got this great Filson bag that they had almost 30 of left.  It eventually sold out though.  Noticed that with a blanket I ordered this go round.  2 left and I grabbed them both.   Speaking of blankets, those Pendletons on sale, from the Thomas Kay collection, are a good deal.  Not the best blankets Pendleton does, but good deal all the same about about $44.
 I can't remember if that would work with the shirt.  IIRC it wouldn't, but it's a matter of preference at the end of the day.  
Latest drops at Gentry and The Bureau.  Bureau has shawls again, in thermal?  
 Well I hope you noted the Medical Shirt's length.  They run quite long.  Rather unfortunate too because the shirt is constructed really well with a think oxford cloth.  
 Yes, but it sort of disappears and then shows up as long as years later in some weird "warehouse" sale of sorts and you'll likely miss it then.  I guess they had the SS12 Cameraman for dirt cheap the last time that happened but it was all gone by the time I got online.  I'd recommend moving if there's something you want.  Nothing for me since they sold it all nearly a month ago.  
BTW, anyone have any of the New England Shirt Co shirts that UM carries?
Love the UM message when I try and add too many of something to the cart:   "YOU CANNOT ADD THAT AMOUNT TO THE CART — WE HAVE 2 IN STOCK AND YOU ALREADY HAVE 3 IN YOUR CART"
End got their second drop.
New Posts  All Forums: