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 Pretty much exactly my thoughts and my experience.  And when you factor in the labor, as you noted in another part of your post, literally zero reason for the pricing.  AW sweaters were indeed a back and forth and I didn't keep a single one.  Fits were either all over the place or the quality was just poor.  I honestly was rather shocked as it was my first RRL experience.  You're right too, pieces look great online.   That said I do love my Dixon jacket from AW.  Looks...
 Like the buttons and lack of stripes the whole way up on the RRL, but the fabric looks much richer on the Saint James.  Is the RRL wool or does it have wool in it?
 Or get a Cabourn piece on sale.  Any of those would be a much better option and apart from maybe the "generic" or vintage piece you'll be getting better quality.  
 LOL.  Where did AW go?  
Yeah, I'm not sure of the Canadian jacket.  Not bad, but not great either.  Rather prefer the Aircraft in a general sense.  I think I said it looked like an Aircraft jacket for AW14, but it was actually a Canadian jacket in wool/tweed that they're doing.   Kafka has a couple of new pieces.  Different color of the Mallory along with the Mountain Jacket.   The same photographer has done a shoot for AW14.  Have to keep our eyes open for the pictures.
 Exactly.  It's funny what constitutes good TV when people have no idea about a show like True Detective.  Can't wait until Sunday.
 Is the SS version Mackintosh though?  I know End's description says so, but it said with the AW ventile versions too.  I know Kafka says it's bonded and their AW description says ventile so maybe it is.  
 I assume the classic version with the Harris Tweed lower and not the all ventile version with the Harris Tweed vest.  I got the last one from the usual suspects a week ago.  End had two for a while.  After they sold their last one I just got it from Kafka.  I'd been waiting for End to take another drop, but they didn't so I grabbed the last one from Kafka.  I won't be returning mine, but I'd keep checking End.  You never know if it'll get returned.  Last time I checked...
Speaking of Flannels and Cabourn, this is still available:   http://www.flannels.com/nigel-cabourn-hand-woven-hunting-jacket-608885?colcode=60888522   Highly recommend this coat if you don't already have it.  Not as warm as a Mallory since the back is canvas, but you can layer it.  Just looks great on though.  Really nice piece.  The green is nice two, but the bottom pockets on the green don't line up.  They do on the navy, but not on the green.  
 Kafka, Flannels, Trunk...  Off the top of my head I think that's it from what I've seen.  Very small drops too.  I think AW had a second drop, so SS probably will too.  Still a lot of the same product with pretty much everyone having that Canadian jacket. Whats really puzzling though is the Cabourn webstore.  Half the AW13 collection is still full price and not a whiff of SS14.  It's March now too.  They can do whatever they want, but I'd think they want to start getting...
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