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The Bureau with what looks like the best markdowns of the season so far.
Yeah, I'd say sizing is generally consistent.  My Cameramen all seem the same.  My Mallorys however seem to vary some.  The rest of it just comes down to cut I would say.  Whether or not one agrees with the cut is another story.  
 Cheers.  Very helpful information.  Thanks again for the fit advice lads.
 I would love to hear about the sizing on this as well.  Does anyone have a medium or large?  Would love pit to pit measurements on either.  This is the cardigan: http://indigoandcotton.com/engineered-garments-shawl-collar-knit-cardigan-dark-navy-jersey/
Nordstrom with some great Billykirk stock on sale.  Almost all of it is 50% off.  If you have a Discover card you can use ShopDiscover for 10% cash back.  If not Ebates is 6% for Nordstrom right now.  Either way some great stuff at great prices.  I have a bunch of Billykirk bags and they're great.
Got an email from FedEx and they're asking me if the item I got was made from cotton or polyester.  Any answer better than the other?  I assume poly is the better answer.  Also asking if it's a sweater or a sweatshirt.  I assume sweatshirt is the better answer as well, yes?
 I would think not.  Perhaps the detachable liner version might seem bigger with the liner out as the lower is just ventile then, but I would guess fit is the same.   Depends on your definition of Winter.  ~35'F and up, yes.  Colder than that I would guess no unless you can fit a sweater under the liner.   My take on it being a success or not comes down to the fabric.  It's all ventile.  Not enough transition between the upper and lower IMO.  Color contrast sure, but no...
 No, it was only for a day or two.  On an interesting side note, they didn't sell a single Donkey Jacket while it was going on.
 I've only ever tried the fairisle, but I would think it's slimmer than the turtle neck. I would think the fit is comparable to slightly larger.  I've never even handled a Gitman Vintage, but I've eyed the size charts.  I would think you'd be at most a 48, maybe even a 46.  I would think 48 but that it'd be roomier than your Gitman Bros.
 You'll pay more, but I'd bet the Nigel Cabourn version is better.  
New Posts  All Forums: