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Finally tracked down a beautiful new piece which I took delivery of yesterday.  Very happy to have finally been able to land one and even happier with the condition.  I'd post it but it has mixed reviews here so perhaps I'll hold off.  
 I don't dislike Cartier, but I'm not a huge fan either.  That said the Drive looks nice.  Stainless Steel or/and (see what I did there) Rose Gold.  Can't understand the thought process on the date though... And I actually like asymmetry to an extent. Tell me about it.  Been hunting the past month and I may nail one down on Monday.  Sad thing is I also want a Lange or three.
Not finding a thread for this so I thought I'd post it here.  Any EU proxies out there?
 I doubt the Bedale will interest you based on your measurments.  I'm guessing a small Ashby.
I'll be honest and say that I don't know enough about movements and that I'm more into how the watch looks on my wrist than the caseback, but this is breathtaking:  
 You took the picture upside down!   
 Funny you mention vintage Heuers because I was thinking of the Monaco myself, albeit the most recent tribute.  For Heritage Chrono money, in most cases slightly more, you can get the most recent Monaco tribute which from what I understand is the most similar to the original.  Of course the Monaco, Silverstone, etc are different animals and a Carrera is more along the lines of the Heritage Chrono, but the Monaco for me screams 70s as well.
 I'm sure someone else can give you a better answer, but I too find them to be relatively "cheap" out there.  If I recall correctly, I recently read that the colored Senator Sixties were very limited production.  I don't even want to say the number I recall as I can't find the article now.  As for me I would consider a Lange Grand Lange 1 as you get almost the same look, but more refined in my opinion.  And while I wouldn't say "more collectible", I would think that a...
 It's a tribute watch, it's already old.    Any watch can "get old" of course.  Just think it over some more until you decide.  I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble finding one.  I'm pretty sure that when you buy the watch you get both the bracelet and the Nato.  There is no option.  I agree though, it looks better on the Nato.
One of the best.  
New Posts  All Forums: