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 Is this the Filson one?  Sorry, but "clip coat" could mean a lot of things re Cabourn.
 @adamf009   Looks like a nice Billykirk you've got there.
 Well that's good.  I know the league well enough but I primarily watch Barça and La Liga along with the CL.  I always go too offensive in these leagues anyway.  Haven't played in some years.  Mahrez delivered today and I have Hazard, Kun Aguero, Yaya and Silva all playing yet tomorrow.
I joined up.  BLAUGRANA is my team.  We'll see if I can make a run after giving you lot a head start.  
 As regards the Karrimor line, the stuff in the post I'm quoting here is what I would want to see from a "mountaineering" line.  I'm not really looking for that sort of stuff and I got doing a proper line, but Lowe stuff for me is spot on and totally Cabourn, hat included.  As for the Karrimor, @Grove, when I say "technical" it's in part fabric and in part design.  In terms of fabric I'm not a fan of goretex or nylon or polyester.  That said I got a great Barbour Tokihito...
 Not sure.  However I do know that Ashley is synonymous with cheap when it comes to Newcastle United, so that could very well be the case.  I also know that cheap didn't come to mind when I saw the price.  Regardless, it's just not for me.  Looks too technical.   Not sure about this collab myself.  I said months ago when the Fred Perry stuff was announced or came out.  That collab looked better than this and I actually got why he did that one.  The interesting thing is...
Corniche has their stock up.  Similar to that of Superdenim.  Flannels has the K100 Karrimor up.  Not my cup of tea.
 I placed an order during the post Holiday sale.  It was pretty sizable, but Pendleton blankets and such.  Instead I got shirt made for Unionmade in a XXL.  So I emailed them, or called, can't remember, and they emailed me a UPS label to mail it back to them.  The catch is that I never got my package or a credit back to card.  So I emailed about two months later, a nice email, and explained what happened and asked for a credit.  I got a reply in less than 24 hours saying...
   You're welcome gentlemen.   Well that swayed me.  Placed a nice order. 
 Yeah, that's what I understand to be the case about the brick and mortar location in San Francisco.  Apparently End is quite similar in that regard, probably even more so the case.  I didn't make to Unionmade when I was in town back in March.  Meetings went too late and instead of ditching some of my coworkers I decided to "shop" with them.   Even if I'm skeptical of some of the fits, some great stuff online. I also like their collab pieces.  I like Alden for example, but...
New Posts  All Forums: