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 A few things: -In this case you could find it cheaper elsewhere if you actually wait.  In fact if you check WatchRecon right now you'll find it notably cheaper as a new listing just went up, though it doesn't even have a single picture of the watch.  (No, it's not my watch, just noticed it after reading your post).  I actually saw one a few months back for about $9300 if I recall correctly.  It was with an established grey dealer and I should have probably jumped on it,...
 I see what you mean based on that picture.  It just didn't look that dark when I handled one, but lighting can make such a big difference.    I just can't get into Journes all that much.  Totally respect what's inside them and like one or two of them generally, but the hands just kill them for me.   Not only does the green work, the gold-tone even works.  Might not be as good as steel-tone, but IMO it works in a vintage sort of way.   Black Bay is an obvious in my...
 I only handled one for a bit in person, but I never felt it looked black at all.   That Orion does look nice, though I think a 35mm option would have been nice.   The Tiefblau?  If so why not just keep working towards that?  
 What's the budget?  I don't know about either of those two, but a quick search yielded quite the price range there.  For what I saw for the Muhle I would just go Nomos then.  Timeless Luxury Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is one, Ahoi Atlantik (from a trusted German grey dealer) with a strap change is another.  I think you might find an older datejust or something like that in blue as well, though don't quote me on that.  Otherwise a Junghans Meister with the Sunny Blue dial.
Speaking of deals, you might want to check out Man of the World if you're a vintage fan.  They have an extra 35% off right now, and that's on top of "sale" prices in some instances.  Not sure if they're a "deal" with that sort of pricing, but I'm guessing some are.  NOTE, they pull some of their inventory from the site, but if you search by brand name using the search function you should still be able to pull that inventory up.
 You can get the Club slightly cheaper from a "reliable" grey dealer on Chrono24.  I assume with shipping and such it about evens out.  Good price though, however they don't specify how much it is per model.  I doubt you'll be able to get the Datum for instance for that price.  If so that's an excellent deal.  Had they a Dunkel 36 I'd consider it. EDIT:  Looks like you get to see the prices in your cart.
 No, totally fair question for this thread.  So what exactly is your "style" and what "style" of watch are you thinking?  
 Haha, well I check regularly enough so we'll see.  Cheers for the reply though, that's great to know.  
Could use some help if anyone knows the answer to this question.  Back at the beginning of March Unionmade put up some makeups for pre-order, such as the hunting green pairs.  Has anyone pre-ordered and if so does anyone know when they're expected to be in stock?
 I think that's a fair assessment.  It would stand to reason that those buying directly from the boutique like that needn't worry about flipping the watch to fund their next purchase.  I also still think that they simply don't make as many boutique editions generally as there simply aren't that many boutiques.   I was just having some fun.  That said it'd be great if people who find a nice deal and aren't interested in taking advantage of it post it here.  Anyway, very...
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