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 Well now I would say with that piece you've now trumped with deal of the Marrkt sale.  That was an excellent grab by you!  Definitely worth the "risk" as you say.   I don't know anything about it as half of the Eddie Bauer pieces came out before I discovered Cabourn, but I'm still guessing it's a sample.  Lack of an Eddie Bauer tag is what suggests that to me more than anything, but also I don't recall seeing one before.  "Made in Canada" was on all the Eddie Bauer pieces...
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 I grabbed that one myself.  Looks sold out just about everywhere too.  Hope it fits.
 End's looks only to be on the UK site (and not the US site) though.
 If you would be so kind, what size did you get and what is the pit-to-pit measurement? Do they ship to the US?  They seem to have twice the inventory.
 Yes, I have a few, but one I noticed this season was being marketed (albeit by the shop itself from what I can tell and not EG) to women.  I'm more concerned about fit and specifically length fi for some reason they did a women's variant now, but looking at the photos again and where it lands I'm quite certain it's the same size as the rest of shawls. I too have a couple of them.  I only wear them layered when I'm out, but I also find them quite nice when I'm home.  Like...
I'm seeing the button shawl being marketed or perhaps rather sold to women this year where as I haven't seen that in previous seasons.  I'm assuming it's the same button shawl they're selling to men in terms of the size/dimensions, correct?  Looks to be from the photos and for me it's a very clearly unisex piece, but don't want to get one and have it be too short.
 This didn't work for me, but MISSEDYOU10 or maybe it was MISSYOU10 came up for another 10% off.  Maybe they're account specific?   Just amazed by Yoox though.  Grabbed a Barbour from AW11 (Tokito) that will of course presumably be new with tags.  Also seeing things from how many years ago that are still great pieces depending on your tastes.  
 Thanks for the detailed reply!   Yeah, it's the specific historic based pieces of the 1966 collection (which is 50 years for them if I recall correctly) that I find look pretty nice.  However the new WWTC seemed to be the one that they did the best.  Here is the specific piece I'm referring to:  I like that it's 40mm and that there isn't a lot of "filler".  I do think the geographic track could be condensed a bit though.   I'm somewhat interested in a World Timer and this...
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