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AW14 Mallory and vest:     Woven shirt as well.  Looks like it's charcoal grey.   The Fred Perry collaboration is part of SS15.  Really want to see the rest of SS15 though.  Anyway, a few more shots from the Fred Perry collaboration:          
 Yeah, just saw that.  I'm on Hickorees' mailing list, but didn't get anything.  Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.  Greatly appreciate it. Added some more pocket squares to my collection along with my first Hill-Side scarf.  Great prices.  Whoever got that wool blanket got a steal.  
 FFS.  When did this start?
 Great to hear and glad you like it.  My AW pieces are great as well.  I was worried about your coat though.  I just got the Seaboard in the post on Saturday and it was very disappointing.  It'd have gone back either way after my Cabourn order, but I wouldn't have kept it either way as it just didn't come close to the AW offerings.
  Fred Perry collaboration.
  I wish they'd accept returns as well as the shirt measurements sound ridiculous.  I know some shops like End don't always have accurate measurements either, but the items I know actually do have accurate measurements on Unionmade so I'm inclined to trust them.
 I'd consider both colorways to be Autumn wardrobe possibilities as well as Spring.  
I like RRL's aesthetic and some of the garments have nice fabrics, but in general I feel as though the fabrics aren't anything special.  Their knits this AW were largely very disappointing in terms of the fabrics.  Must have tried almost ten different sweaters and only two were nice based on the fabric and the fits were all over place.  Even my varsity jacket (the AW13 version with the black cat), which I love, doesn't feel that great.  Really get the feeling that you're...
Haven't handled it, but I like it.  Only thing with that colorway is that the ventile looks kinda bright.  I think back to the AW13 stone mallory and the ventile patches were really bright IMHO.  Too bright for the coat and it looked... well just off.  This one doesn't look nearly as bad and I'm considering it myself.  I think the color and the denim compared to the Harris Tweed makes a difference.   What are you on the fence about?
 If the Cabourn sit is correct, it certainly isn't in the chest.  They say it measures 24.4 inches on a 50.  End, who in my experience under-measure, say it's 23 inches at the chest in a 50.  It also doesn't look slim fitting, though maybe for Cabourn it is?  I went TTS but won't know until I get it.  Despite the Liam Gallagher photos, I love the look of the jacket.  
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