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 Oh Lord.  That would take hours just to figure it out.  Interesting though.
 Thanks.  So I was told today.  The difference is that the same items, like outerwear for example, have been charged at different rates. 
Have customs charges gone up?  I used to get hit when I got hit with ~10% every time.  Now I'm getting with ~18%.  Anyone else notice this recently?     Also, has anyone every had a package from the US Postal Service that had an invoice of sorts on the package that says "do not deliver until paid" yet it was just at my door?  I've never been hit by the US Postal Service, ever, and they also haven't sent me a bill.
Bad shot of SS15 from Tranoi:  
 I think I already mentioned this, but the ventile on the olive colorway would be my concern.  I'd be concerned that it'll be too light and look too... clean and modern against the denim.    Anyway, my thoughts on the Mallory is that it could be quite versatile.  I could it see it with chinos or a pair of tweed or herringbone trousers.  Maybe a pair of camouflage "WW2" pants...  I'll have to judge it in person though.  Either way this year's SS Mallory looks much nicer...
SS15's Authentic Collection will be a continuation of WW1 inspired pieces since it's the hundred year anniversary.  They're showing in Paris, New York, Berlin and Tokyo in the next two months.  Hopefully we'll get some pictures after the coming shows.
AW14 Mallory and vest:     Woven shirt as well.  Looks like it's charcoal grey.   The Fred Perry collaboration is part of SS15.  Really want to see the rest of SS15 though.  Anyway, a few more shots from the Fred Perry collaboration:          
 Yeah, just saw that.  I'm on Hickorees' mailing list, but didn't get anything.  Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.  Greatly appreciate it. Added some more pocket squares to my collection along with my first Hill-Side scarf.  Great prices.  Whoever got that wool blanket got a steal.  
 FFS.  When did this start?
New Posts  All Forums: