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Haven't handled it, but I like it.  Only thing with that colorway is that the ventile looks kinda bright.  I think back to the AW13 stone mallory and the ventile patches were really bright IMHO.  Too bright for the coat and it looked... well just off.  This one doesn't look nearly as bad and I'm considering it myself.  I think the color and the denim compared to the Harris Tweed makes a difference.   What are you on the fence about?
 If the Cabourn sit is correct, it certainly isn't in the chest.  They say it measures 24.4 inches on a 50.  End, who in my experience under-measure, say it's 23 inches at the chest in a 50.  It also doesn't look slim fitting, though maybe for Cabourn it is?  I went TTS but won't know until I get it.  Despite the Liam Gallagher photos, I love the look of the jacket.  
 Cheers.  I think I'd bet on the 34 from what it sounds like.  
 Thanks for posting this.  Definitely a lot earlier in the season than they did the AW sale which is nice.  They beat everybody else's price too.  Definitely.  Wouldn't have thought it was the best SS Collection to date, but probably do agree with you come to think of it.  Now just need to not buy anything else from other designers and make a few returns.  Excited to see it all in person.
 I'll be interested in getting your thoughts.  I have a few of the AW13 Barbour x Norton and Sons jackets.  I got them because I felt they were versatile for both Spring and Fall.  Not as impressed with the SS14 offerings, but with some of the sales I'm seeing they're growing on me.
 Not just the one you mentioned in another thread (was it RRL?), but Private White VC makes a Baracutaesque ventile number.  I handled it over a year ago.  IIRC it was nice, but still pricey and not as good as Cabourn.  
Was there a special online code a few weeks back?  Something like 20% off?  Anyone have anything currently.
So it's 70% off in stores?
Are prices in the store the same as they are on the website?
 Haven't ordered from them, but yes they do. 
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