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 Definitely works with Filson products.  You can get free shipping with that free shipping option if you have an Amex card.  Ebates gives you 2.5% back too.  Grabbed the wheeled Carry-On for $355 after everything is factored in.  Thanks for sharing this.
Blue Blue is in my opinion more distinctive and likely is made of better materials.  
 Last day for this.  I just got a J Crew x Dehen shawl collar cardigan last week and it's built like a tank.  Placed an order with this promotion today.  If you like heavy duty wool sweaters then I would recommend trying a Dehen.  
 LOL.  Nice reply.  For the record, I did click the link.  I was on my phone during my lunch break and when you get redirected to the site and click on the header it does nothing.  Then when you pull up any sort of inventory it's not marked in a way that would denote it's on sale unless you're familiar with Dehen's pricing.  The only experience I have with Dehen and pricing is from J. Crew who had specific styles only available at J. Crew.com.  So since I was pressed for...
 Is it everything or just select styles?  
 Well that's the selvedge denim I wear, slim fit, so that's cool by me.  ~$50 for a great pair of selvedge jeans is nice.  
I like the pants.  What are those?
So I recall reading here on SF that you can't get charged customs here in the US on a US made product.  DHL is telling me otherwise.  Item shipped from overseas though.  Anyone know anything about this?
Fabrication isn't an EG strong suit, but the Serge wool is nice.
Picked up a package from the Post Office today that had a sticker on the side and was written in bold permanent marker to collect X amount.  The guy didn't bat an eyelash and didn't ask for a red cent.  Had a package months ago too that was asking for duties, but left at my door.  Should I ever expect a bill?  I'm assuming not, but really weird.
New Posts  All Forums: