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 Jacket looks great and a nice little write up.   I got the St. Kilda a couple of weeks ago.  Olive color.  Bit boxy, but that's the look of the coat and a great looking piece.  Really screams Barbour heritage to me.  Love that it's double breasted but that one row of buttons is hidden under the placket.  Love the olive color too and the way the "wear marks" look on that particular color in particular.  And as you say, some nice touches.  Sadly those nice touches, like the...
 Well they only had a size left in both the Aircraft jacket and the peacoat, so I wouldn't think it'd be a huge issue.  The Mallory I got from them was on sale, but not too far down.  Seems like a great shop though.  Great communication whenever I email them.   Flannels marks have come fast and have been quite good.  Rather unexpected from them considering the current pricing on some of their older stock.   I wonder if Superdenim will go another round.   Really wondering...
Some crazy markdowns at Trunk.  Alden, Nanamica, Cabourn, etc.     http://www.trunkclothiers.com/sale
Crazy markdowns at Trunk.  Not much left, but I got some steals.  Business jacket and some sweater/sweatshirt still left.  
Some great looks at AW14.  Right click on the images and open in a new tab for larger pictures.  Too bad we can't get as good a look at SS14.  Anyway, looks noticeably different from AW13.  Looks like the surface jacket will be back.  Some new colors in the Everest and even a colorblock sort of version.  Wool aircraft?  Aircraft with sheerling?  A new crazy camerman.  A new duffel in two colorways.  A CPO shirt.  Some leather.  Some cordoroy.  Looks very...
 Not sure.  It was just his old his line.  He's since started what we currently have, Nigel Cabourn Authentic.  I'm pretty sure, but somebody else can confirm this. 
 Dixon looks great.  As do the boots.  Was thinking about those after you mentioned them earlier.  
 Can't comment on the quality or the fabrics used, but Utility is his old line.  Sorry if you already knew that, but it's less a reference to the specific garment and more a reference to the brand/line.  Don't know the dates or the full history.  Will say the Utility doesn't look quite as nice with a few less appealing styling details.
 I agree for the most part.  I think some of the detailing will still make it look vintage, but the wax if applied consistently should darken the coat and make those details far less noticeable.   I have a Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer down jacket that was sold as waxed.  Not nearly as waxy as a Barbour, but it is indeed waxed.  I would think it would depend on the outer fabric and the type of wax you use more than anything.  I don't think you'd need to remove the down.
Surprised to hear about the oxfords.  I don't think that happened to mine from last season.  I am fitting slims this season so hopefully they turn out.  Will wash some this weekend.  I have a steamer though with tends to expand the fibers and I think the fibers contract with the oxfords.  
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