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 Interesting and this would make sense.  I haven't bought anything until that Commander (and something else) last night in some time.  Still I got more than 10% off and I got a split second error message on the code, but I feel like my total went down.  Anyway, I've bought my fair share from them in the past so that would explain how the math didn't add up (in my favor though!) when I tried calculating it all out.  I just tried added something to my cart and it's 15% based...
 Try the code "patron" at checkout.   Great call out by @Mariokartfever btw.  
 Styleforum Tea Party.  Everyone can throw all their CPs in the harbor.
Wow, this is a bit unexpected:
Slim d'Hermès with email is the only smartwatch I'd buy.   I think both that and the Monsieur de Chanel are both nice looking watches.  At their respective prices I can see thinking about something else though.
 Nice.  Is that a navy strap?
LOL, really dating one's self by acknowledging Bluefly from back in they day.  I think bought something from the site back in the day but to my credit I don't remember what it was.
  Congrats and excellent choice.  I really like this watch and have considered one myself.  As you noted they are quite affordable and probably one of the best watches out there in that price range.  I've looked at them online on more than one occasion.  If I got that route the days will have to be in German though.  Anyway it' s a nice looking chronograph for that price and has real tool look about it.  I also really like the size at 39mm as you noted. 
 I haven't ordered in a good year or so, but they actually did in the past.  They didn't do it at checkout, but once you took delivery of your order and contacted them they would deduct VAT.  I'm not sure that is still the case though, but if one wanted to find out I would simply email them.
 I know someone who works there and they've done two sets of markdowns.  One about a week before Christmas and the other Christmas Eve.  On top of that it's now 60% off the marked sale price for all markdowns and then another 10% off (plus any rewards one might have) for cardholders.  They're well picked over now on the men's side, but they can find items for you on their mobile device (with free shipping to your home) or via store locator on the register.  I always go...
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