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 I think it looks great even though I perhaps prefer the Arctic Parka.  I'd happily buy one, but I doubt I'll ever get one at a price I'd be willing to go in one.  I have two Puffa jackets so I really don't need one.
Billykirk has an excellent sale going on.  They have a Black Friday clearance section with some great pieces like their waxed bags.  On top of that though they have the following:   -15% off $199 or less -25% off $200 or more -40% off $750 or more   Great double discount.  I have a collection of their bags and they're top drawer.  They also ship internationally.  They also are giving away from embossed leather trays if you shop in store.   https://www.billykirk.com/
Xabi Alonso on Mr. Porter's main page?  Such a lame move.
 There's a husband/wife (or at least they seem partners) account on Instagram and they have quite the collection with multiple Reversos, a few Journes, etc, and they have what looks a version of this with a champagnesque dial that looks great.
 Wow, some great prices.  Good for you! I've definitely slowed down as I have too much, but I do wear it all and rotate jackets daily.  Not to be nitpicky, but I assume you mean the Everest Park in oilcloth?  I wanted both of those myself.  I grabbed both Aircraft Jackets from that collection as well as two (of the three?) oilcloth CWPs.  Great stuff and with real deadstock WWII wool.
 Wow, that sounds nice.  The one in London prior to that sounded better, but sounds like some good inventory with the sample sale.  Was it all size 48? I'd also be curious to hear what the prices were for the rest of your haul.
 Lange being out of your price range is one thing, but I think a Lange version of one of those would be dressed down based on the color.   I don't have much of a preference for one or the other sub register, but of those two I would say go Gangreserve for the simple fact that the alternative has "Moonphase" on the dial.  While I perhaps should know this, I would think that the German word for "moonphase" would look much better.  Such an underrated and beautiful language...
I think part of the lack of discussion on Cabourn is the lack of anything innovative or new from the Authentic line.  It's become somewhat repetitive which to an extent is understandable and even alright if you love what he does, but it doesn't necessarily spur a lot of new discussion.  From a personal standpoint I have more than I'll ever need.  I have more versions of the just the AW Cameraman than I can count on one hand, and again that's just the AW version.  Granted I...
 I like it myself.  The latest McQueen tribute with the "denim" dial as I believe they call it looks nice and close to the one McQueen apparently wore.  As I understand it, the one you have pictured, is not as close to the one McQueen wore despite the man himself in the picture.  Of course the reference I'm referring to isn't perfect as it has an exhibition caseback that for me is entirely unnecessary on a watch like a Monaco. Not sure how it wears, but I saw one in the...
 PM me if you ever need a sitter!
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