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Had an incoming today, Tuesday.  The Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space arrived today and while yes, it is Tuesday, I didn't plan it out that way nor did I expect it today.  You'll have to excuse the crappy pick, but it's hard to capture with my lighting at the moment:       The FOIS is a watch I've flirted with for a while now. as you may recall  The idea of owning a Speedmaster is actually something I've not always considered, but once I discovered the FOIS I...
  Agreed.  I like a few Panerias and may get one some day.  The size wasn't as bad on the wrist as I thought it'd be.  Still I agree they could do "reduced" versions in the sizes you mention and they'd be quite nice. Your post got me thinking.  Not sure if this has been discussed, but the Black Bay 36 has about the same dial size as the standard Black Bay.  I found that surprising as I would have never have guessed.
 Not sure.  Conflicting size charts out there though.  No idea, but I would think 52 if it fits like the Everest apparently fit.
Anyone have/try the Crux yet?  It's a White Mountaineering collab piece.  Very cool reinterpretation of the Bedale, but the chest pockets are definitely off.  Even seeing it in photos from multiple stockists' sites.  Very frustrating.
 Yeah, I've never seen anyone post a photo anywhere saying they owned a Lambda.  Definitely an interesting piece and I too like it.    That one is just amazing.  Those close up shots of the dial...  Wow.
 I've never had any issues, and I've placed at least three orders from Cabourn direct in the past, but then I haven't placed an order from them in about 18 months. Much like the thread your posting has gone by the wayside.  Curious as to what you ordered with this order and the surely subsequent orders you haven't reported on.  Do share.
 That's actually a nice looking reference.  Not sure I've seen that before.  One thing that would bug me though is the date on the dial.  Apart from that, which probably isn't that noticeable generally, it looks nice.
Regardless of the answer I have what is probably a dumb question.  If a stainless steel watch has some "black" "scuff marks" if you will, can they be polished out if I have it done with a manufacturer's service?  It's more of a polished stainless steel to begin with.  Also, any idea what I might pay for that (Richemont)?
  I wasn't commenting on the price or that I was considering the watch but more so that one popped up for sale.  While I like the ceramic the steel is just as nice and the $5000 or so I'd save could get go a long way to another nice piece.   Agreed @MZhammer about Hodinkee.
 Interesting and this would make sense.  I haven't bought anything until that Commander (and something else) last night in some time.  Still I got more than 10% off and I got a split second error message on the code, but I feel like my total went down.  Anyway, I've bought my fair share from them in the past so that would explain how the math didn't add up (in my favor though!) when I tried calculating it all out.  I just tried added something to my cart and it's 15% based...
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