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Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Cabourn x Viberg arrow Chukka?  I'm a 10 in Oak Street Bootmakers trench boots and a 10 in Sanders/McNairy.
 I assume you size down a half size in the Barrie, so your normal size in the 110 is what you'd recommend?
 I actually meant that the standard Vibram Christy works better when it comes to a white sole, not on this boot in particular.  In fact I like the ripple sole and I would like a boot with that sole.  However I'd want the full ripple and the natural.   That's a kind offer, but I would need a guarantee.  I understand with the process being as it is, especially with this MTO type order, that you can't do that.   Oh, and is this going to be an option at some point?  I haven't...
 That makes sense.  I actual prefer the sole as pictured.  The "standard" white Vibram sole works for me, but not a mini ripple in white.
How's the fit on the 110 last?  I'm a 10 in the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench boot, which fits me perfectly.    Also, the ripple sole on the bison will be white and not the color pictured?
Anyone know if Bonobos ever does better than 25% off?  Also, do they stack codes?
If anyone grabbed the following from East Dane and isn't interested in them, shoot me a PM:   -Mackintosh Anstruther Stripe Jacket size Medium -Mark McNairy brogues, both the blue leather with ripstop camo and the green suede with ripstop camo, UK9/US10 -Billykirk large carryall, looked like a navy stripe
Both End and Superdenim have a few new pieces up.
I don't buy at full price.  I didn't even pay full price for the Filson collaborations.  Call me cheap, but I'm a competitive shopper.  I make up for it in volume though.    That said the cashmere Cameraman I grabbed last AW on sale was still pretty pricey.  I absolutely love it though so I'm fine with that.  
   Not to disagree, but I have to say that I think a 48 would suit you better if you chest is only 38".
New Posts  All Forums: