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Anyone know if Bonobos ever does better than 25% off?  Also, do they stack codes?
If anyone grabbed the following from East Dane and isn't interested in them, shoot me a PM:   -Mackintosh Anstruther Stripe Jacket size Medium -Mark McNairy brogues, both the blue leather with ripstop camo and the green suede with ripstop camo, UK9/US10 -Billykirk large carryall, looked like a navy stripe
Both End and Superdenim have a few new pieces up.
I don't buy at full price.  I didn't even pay full price for the Filson collaborations.  Call me cheap, but I'm a competitive shopper.  I make up for it in volume though.    That said the cashmere Cameraman I grabbed last AW on sale was still pretty pricey.  I absolutely love it though so I'm fine with that.  
   Not to disagree, but I have to say that I think a 48 would suit you better if you chest is only 38".
 Decided to give this one a try with the Kafka sale.  They had the traditional camo and not the "denim" camo version.  I've slimmed down a bit and had been eyeing it up in some Instagram photos.  Really glad I did.  Looks much better on than I remember and it doesn't bow out from the chest so much.  Likely more me than the coat.  Wouldn't mind it a smidge longer, but it's fine.  Fit seems a bit more fitted than most 50s, but IIRC it's 23" pit to pit.  As before I think...
30% off sale items at Kafka with code "patron."  A few SS14 items left in stock.
 I posted about it a few pages back.  I'd say it'd depend on price.  Do you have a link?
 Tell you coach you think you sprained your ankle.
 What size are you in a Mallory or Cameraman?
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