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Nomos Neomatik unveiled:   http://www.nomos-neomatik.com/neomatik-en/1st-edition/
   Not a fan of Jose Bautista's collection either.  The Panerais were alright, but I'm not a huge Panerai guy either, no offense to anyone here as I know some own them.  That's the point though, to each their own, same with Jose Bautista.  I did laugh at the suggestion that he's waiting for a new contract to buy new watches.  The guy must make millions a year.  Anyway, I did like that he went for limited edition watches.  I tend to look for the same in certain things I...
 Trust me when I tell you that I'm as interested in getting something on sale as much as anyone else.  Still with regards to your points: a)  That's the risk you take by waiting for something to go on sale.b)  That's what I do pretty much every SS and for most of AW.  Still I enjoy wearing them the following season.c)  I personally don't feel pressured and if I did that'd be on me.   None of that is really Cabourn's (the brand's) fault or problem though.  If I miss out on...
 Ditto for myself and Barça's performance, though from what I understand it was more result than performance.   Nice week though.  You've rocketed to the top.   Well he needed to deliver that sort of performance.  He's cost me a pretty penny considering what he's delivered thus far.  Still it'd take an injury for me to dump it.
 There were a few pieces I was eyeing, that being one of them, but I went overboard with all the Cabourn sales on top of not being sure of fits.  TBB is a great shop though with great inventory.
 Yeah, I didn't have my bench set up properly one of the weeks.  Haven't played in nearly a decade and didn't bother with the rules.
 Thanks for sharing this and a great looking box.  When I have the watches to put in one this is likely what I'll go for.
 That's why they make size 48.    I'm not seeing much either.  Some of it I would wear, but most of that isn't something I'm really pining for.  In general there is less of a "heritage" feel about this AW.  The piece I'm eyeing the most doesn't even have a fit chart or "fit advice."   I thought the Lybro line would have different pieces than some of what I'm seeing.  Still some winners there.  Agreed about the price-point and to a lesser extent the designs, but who buys it...
Screwed myself over with the order of my subs or I would have had Bojan's points as well.  Still, starting to move up the table now.  Begovic and Hazard both delivering on the weekend.  
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