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re: Unionmade   I'll start off by saying that I've made multiple purchases from Unionmade recently, including on this sale season before they released the 20% off code because they only had one left in my size (an Arpenteur jacket) and I wanted it.  Also, in the past two weeks I saw something on their instagram which was one of a kind and not even on the site and I phoned their brick and mortar location in San Francisco and paid full price.     The point I was making...
Got an email last week where it sounded like Unionmade was going to wrap up their sale.  Can't understand why they wouldn't do the extra 40% off code again if they're just going to take it off the site and go that deep and likely deeper in most cases in another blowout sale in a couple of months.
Y'all realize this is a public poll right?
 Does the code have exclusions of certain sale items, like Butteros?   EDIT:  Nevermind.  Either I got it wrong or it was changed.  Grabbed yet another pair.  I probably have one of the largest collections of Butteros, half of which have come from NMWA.  Please stop stocking them!
Superdenim has their delivery up.  All knits.  I'm guessing they'll be getting a second delivery.   The Army Gym has everything set up in shop as well according to their instagram.
 My understanding is that it doesn't matter that it was made in the US.  I called FedEx about this some months ago.  From what I looked up that seems to be a Styleforum myth that you can't get charged customs on something made in the US being imported from another country.  Best way to look at it is that you saved on shipping since End is really reasonable there.
 Thanks for the timely reply!
Does the Styleforum code still work?  
 I would get this: The one with the plastic head.  I know it's more than what you wanted to spend, but it's definitely an upgrade.  I had a Sharper Image steamer for about a decade.  I got it with some credit card rewards for about $20.  It worked fine, but when the head hit the floor one time it...
 I wouldn't have hemmed or hawed at all.  I checked out the sale with your link but sadly they didn't have my size.  IMO those are better than 99% of the Alden's posted.  I even like the laces that came with them.  Nice get.
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