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I was wondering if some of you would be so kind as to give me some RRL sizing advice.  I'm a 33-34 waist, 43 inch chest and 42R blazer,  Medium in standard J. Crew shirting and generally a Large in UK sizing.  Just wondering what size I'd be in outerwear, blazers and shirting.  Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and is their return policy as states?  30 days full credit even if it's on sale?    EDIT:  Also, if anyone has any pit to pit measurements...
  Looks older to me.  I don't know that I'd say "officially vintage", but a few years old.  I would look for a tage inside the garment to see if you can find any information on what year it was made.  Some companies put these in.  You might have to do some deciphering to figure it out.
Cool.  Thanks for the tip.  Wish I'd known back in early Fall when I ordered some McNairys from End.  Still a great deal though.  We'll see how FedEx likes me next time.
  Their Facebook page says to email them if something isn't working:   "Earlybird should work on most items, only those that are in sale, on pre order, plus a few limited trainers such as the upcoming Jordan and Adidas Consortium releases are excluded. If you are having problems on any item not listed above, email info@endclothing.co.uk"   What are you looking at?   ALSO, I know you have experience with End.  Do they take the discount before VAT or vice versa?
  Zissou, can you elaborate?  Do you mean you sent the receipt to show the price you paid so they only charged you customs/duties for the sale price and not the full price?  IE you still had to pay, but less?
Woolrich Woolen Mills has a label that says "Woolrich Woolen Mills".  It's a black label with a white sheep stiched on it and "Woolrich" in red written over the sheep.  Woolrich John Rich & Bros has a label that says "Woolrich John Rich & Bros."  It has a navy label with goldenrod colored writing and a sheep as well.  Woolrich, or for lack of a better term "standard" Woolrich currently looks like it has a green label with white writing and no sheep.    The coat you...
MoK, I'm calling BULLSHIT on the damp cloth!  We've seen your pics.  We know the butler does it for you!    Did they have Beauforts/Bedales?  Any To Ki To? 
  Great question and I'd love to know myself.  Careful with the roller.  It should work as it's worked on a waxed tote I have from Archival clothing, but the edges of the roller have left some "scratches" if you will.  If anyone has any ideas let us know though.      I'm a 42R in most blazers and I have a 43" chest.  I tried them on over and over again at Orvis the other night and definitely felt the 40 was the right fit.  Even the sales associate said as much.  Only...
Regardless of how functional they are, IMHO linen in the Fall/Winter months doesn't look right.  Still, all three of the Cameramen Yoox have right now are great.  I thought the SS12 collection was very good and those three Cameramen are a big reason why.  I have them all and definitely recommend each colorway, especially the raw yellow.
  As the post above notes, End is a UK shop.  Their AW12 Beacon Heritage line sold out really quickly.   January package, December refresh, it goes by various names, but places like J. Crew and Banana Republic usually do these.  They land in store in December and are more cotton based as opposed to wool based collections.  Usually pre-Spring type collections, maybe some cruise wear.    The pieces at end are actually part of the SS13 Barbour and Barbour Beacon collections.
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