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 I should give it all another look.  I hate buying my parents gifts that aren't nice or things they won't have for a while.  In fact I was overdue for his birthday and Father's Day and just got him a Woolrich John Rich & Bros parka that I already have for a steal from Yoox and he loves it.   Grabbed the remaining Filson Harris Tweed tote myself.  Don't need it, but I'm a sucker for Filson bags and Harris Tweed.  Would have grabbed a Golden Bear blazer too, but the size...
 Me too, but that's more down to fits.  Still some nice stuff there.  
 Yes, the Bristol.  IIRC the pockets on the Bristol don't show the snaps from the outside but they do on the Beaufort.  
Are Trickers true to size?
 I have both jackets and they're great.  I have a large, but that's mine.  i do have a medium however.
Thought I'd provide some reviews in the coming days of some things I've had the opportunity to try and/or buy recently.     First piece I'll go over is the Scottish Jacket.  Not sure why it's called the Scottish Jacket and would love to hear if anyone knows.  I remember seeing the piece last SS, but I can't remember if I liked it or not.  I honestly think I waffled over it going back and forth, but with limited stockists picking it up I never grabbed it.  I think my...
Trunk with new drops on Cabourn.  Nothing for me, but a few sizes left in the mountain parka.  Highly recommend that jacket.
 You really didn't miss anything depending on your tastes.  I was in very early and simply passed on it all.  Very few one-offs like leather gloves.  Brics luggage I guess, but I'd rather just get something nicer and pay more.  
Wow.  So I noticed the SS14 Varsity Jacket, forget the name but the one with the fist and lightning bolt, came up on the website last week.  I was annoyed I'd passed on it earlier and a M just happened to show up.  So of course I ordered it.  Well it came today and it was packaged well as have been my other RRL orders from online.  Go to take it out of the bag and notice a problem right away.  The patch is missing.  Someone, likely whomever ordered it and then returned it,...
 Definitely a difference between J Crew's bucks and Sanders', the latter being better.
New Posts  All Forums: