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 Thanks for the link.  I'm taking a punt on them.  
 Now 40% off with code SAFINAL40: http://www.stevenalan.com/S14_NA_S14-S4D1161.html?dwvar_S14__NA__S14-S4D1161_color=340#cgid=hidden-mens-sale-viewall&frmt=ajax&view=all&start=0&hitcount=411 EDIT:  Only 25% off, still.  
http://www.revolveclothing.com/mens/?navsrc=global   Revolve has some Filson's on sale.  The twill and tweed messenger which is a very nice bag that is partial Harris Tweed.  They also have some nice Billykirks on sale.  Code "CANDY" gives you another 10% off and free shipping.  Download their iPhone app and use code "IPHONE15" for 15% off and free shipping.  
 So you threw it in the wash and all the wax came off and it just looked like a clean, un-waxed version of the jacket?    I'd be curious if you know what this medal ribbon was.  It's on my SS14 Mountain Jacket: 
I actually have a bird dropping on my orange SS13 Aircraft Jacket.  It's quite small and doesn't look to have stained it in any way.  It's dried by now and I keep forgetting to get a brush to use with dishwashing soap to get it off.  I have a spare jacket so I'm not worried and I'm quite certain it won't leave a mark.  The power of ventile?  
   Agreed on the video initially, but giving it another look now I think you can see plenty.  Not a lot of great views and the similar colors don't help, but you can still get a gist of the styles.  
 If they did it was on a very small selection of items.  I'm not seeing it on anything I've looked at in the past.
 Which one is this?
 Oh, I don't doubt that.  Usually from what I've read any damage they visibly point out in the photos and I don't recall ever seeing anything graded higher than a "C".  Personally I've used Rakuten twice, once for an Inverallan and once for a Cabourn piece, and both were new with tags and easy transactions.  
 It does have some sort of "damage" to it.  Translator doesn't translate the part that specifies.  Pictures look good though.
New Posts  All Forums: