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 Well I would say if you want something the price shouldn't really matter.  I still want it, but I don't see it happening.  I'm rather like that with watches on top of that fact that I get sick of them so fast.  There are a few RL watches though, that being one of them, that I covet.  I'd spring for one if I got a deal, but suspect that will never happen.  Yeah.  I didn't know that's what the SA had to do to convert style numbers until after the fact.  Then I figured they...
 Can anyone comment on the liner and the jacket?  Does it actually attached to the jacket somehow or do you just put the liner on and then put the jacket on over it?  I assume the latter from what I've seen, but can't be sure since I haven't seen it in person.
 If you can find it online and give them the online style number, they can call for you and get the in store style number.  Also, if you get the right person on the phone, and I'd recommend a RRL specific store for this in my limited experience, they will probably know what it is.
So thrilled right now.  Just ordered my first RRL styles.  Have a great SA doing a few searches for me, but I took the Dixon Jacket into my own hands.  Found one in short order and a steal of a deal IMO.  Hope the fit is as Unionmade's measurements make it out to be:   https://unionmadegoods.com/product/rrl-dixon-jacket-in-dark-olive/   If anyone is an X-Large, the West Broadway store in New York has one left.  
 Are the prices in store the same as they are online?
Looking for some help.  For those who have the indigo Mallory, would you say this picture from UshowU is representative of the color in natural daylight?     http://ushowu.com/collections/man/products/nigel-cabourn-classic-mallory-jacket-indigo   Yet when you compare that to Flannels or End it looks much lighter than their...
 Totally agree.  Mediums seemed more like Larges.  I suppose I could try a Small. 
Just curious about sweater fits.  Obviously it depends on the particular style, but would you say RRL sweaters are a standard fit (IE like J. Crew) or more tailored than that?  If more tailored, would you say slightly more tailored or a lot more tailored?
 That ptp measurement is off.  It's more like 22.5" on the 50.  
Looking at the sweaters again I noticed the model wearing them is a 5'10" and wearing a small???  Doesn't seem to compare to the measurements on the site as he doesn't look slim but the sweater looks fine.
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