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  With all due respect, I wouldn't go with a lot of the Dappered crowd on anything.  It's reverse of some of the SF crowd.  I mean they did some store wars thing and J Crew Factory store beat out Amazon.
  Wow, I wish some of the online shops would do a lucky bag sale. Great prices for Cabourn and the stuff you landed looks nice.       I have.  Saw it last week or so.  Ridiculous.  Now personally I don't care so much about most of it, but I've never read anything like that.    I set up an account, but when I went through the checkout process I could only go so far.  Wouldn't even let me put in my payment information, so it just seems like a poor set up. 
Amazing looking Mallory.  If only it was a 52.
  It's not an exclusive.  Nice piece though even though it's more "basic" than the version with the seam detail.  Much cheaper too. 
If you're buying something off Marrkt, the Highland cable gloves are looking tempting at only five quid. If you're special like I am (an American), they're only about $8 after VAT. Orginally about $48. Not bad for british wool and leather/suede.     That's the consensus, but in my experience I'd say TTS.  Pit to pit is from the outside of the garment and so you're not factoring in the inch or so, and yes it is an inch, thickness of the down.  I've only tried the K2 and...
Anyone interested in some great Cabourn pieces in size 50 shoot me a PM.  All three SS12 Cameramen, AW12 Crazy Cameraman, AW12 Bowers, AW10 Cameraman (HT anniversary edition), SS12 Aircraft Jackets (size 48 in these). 
I reached out to kindofyoung because the pieces I wanted weren't available to ship to the United States.  I started out working with him on one piece and just as he was about to ship another piece I was looking at went on sale.  He moved with lightning speed to grab it for me.  Both items were shipped so I didn't get hit with customs or high shipping costs.  The items weren't cheap either.  I would definitely recommend working with him if there's something you need.  I...
Some amazing deals at Le Rayon Frais.  46 Cameraman and 54 Puffa Jacket still left.  Both great pieces at great prices.  Were either my size you wouldn't even see them. 
  Huge fan of that coat the instant I saw it.  Probably a good thing I missed out on the AW12 version.  Hopefully the snaps are the same as previous versions.  Love the snaps and the construction is great.  Those bellow pockets totally make that coat.
Some new drops on End and some good prices if you get to deduct VAT.  Cape Cameraman in a 46.  That and the Unlined Parka and the Bowers are good deals.
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