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 At quick glance, yes it's flush.  Only thing I've noticed, and I noticed this on one of my Cameramen, was the ventile taping over a loose thread when they did it.  I just trimmed the end of the thread coming out of the taping.  You can still see the outline of it under the taping, but nothing noticeable unless you were looking for it.  Just to confuse matters indeed.    Well I've got one on the way so we'll see.  If the pit to pit is indeed 22" on the 50, or just slightly...
 Well, I actually have two of that jacket in that exact color.    I'm glad you brought this up to as both of mine are different with the color of the taping on the inside.  I got one from a reputable online shop, I think Cabourn, and the other from eBay.  I don't remember which I got from where.  I'm pretty sure the one I got from eBay matches yours.  Either way, I'm quite convinced both of mine are legit as is yours.  The construction otherwise is identical on mine...
 I would think it's a legitimate piece.  Which version did you get specifically?  Can you post a picture?   I did a quick check of one of my SS13 versions the inside taping is a different color.  It matches that of the outer taping on the raglan sleeves, but the rest of the inside is all that color, a khaki/tan color.  
A few general questions:   1)  I know I've asked this before, but DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ATKINSON FROM THIS SEASON???  I can't believe that one of you chaps don't have it.   2)  Does anyone have the AW Canadian Jacket?   3)  Anyone have the zip cardigan from AW?  I'm seeing conflicting fit notes out there. 
Looks like I've been scooped!  Sadly I don't reside in London, but I made the Instagram rounds this morning and found the following:     A couple of things:   -You can see Nigel wearing the shirt that @Jagger_On references.  I suspected it was SS15.  Great looking shirt.  At first I thought it was a popover.  Almost disappointed it's not. -You can see the new belt on the new Antarctic Parka on the white version that young lady is wearing.  You can...
If someone here grabbed that size 50 Cameraman from Smith and Morris and decides they don't want it shoot me a PM.
The Bureau with what looks like the best markdowns of the season so far.
Yeah, I'd say sizing is generally consistent.  My Cameramen all seem the same.  My Mallorys however seem to vary some.  The rest of it just comes down to cut I would say.  Whether or not one agrees with the cut is another story.  
 Cheers.  Very helpful information.  Thanks again for the fit advice lads.
 I would love to hear about the sizing on this as well.  Does anyone have a medium or large?  Would love pit to pit measurements on either.  This is the cardigan: http://indigoandcotton.com/engineered-garments-shawl-collar-knit-cardigan-dark-navy-jersey/
New Posts  All Forums: