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 The 25% off code is actually INSTYLE25.  It had worked on third party items like Aldens, etc, however it no longer does.   The 40% off sale styles includes promotional prices as well.  This code does work in third party items that are on sale or on promotion.  I was able to use it on a Suomo bag as well as a Dodocase.
 Pretty much 23 inches pit-to-pit on the 52.  I own it in navy.  I have a 43" chest atm and it fits.  I'm a 50 Cameraman, 50 Aircraft and a 52 Mallory.   I refer to it as the quilted Mallory.  It's got the pocket, the cut, the buttons, everything.  I like the piece and even though it's rather "basic" compared to most Cabourn pieces, it definitely has a classic look and feel if you're looking for a down coat that isn't so... "sporty."  
I'm still looking for a Barbour To Ki To/Beacon Hidcote in size Large from the AW12 Collection.  If anyone has one and is interested in selling shoot me a PM.  Thanks!
  Haha.  When I was going to post I was going to say it was Ventile because I have the Camo Aircraft from SS and it's the same pattern.  I then went by the description on End.
  Not seeing anything and my guess is you won't see one.  I would think that the tweed lower is too "heavy" if you will for ventile.  By that I mean the ventile isn't structured enough to have tweed as a lower.  I feel like it just wouldn't work well as a combination.
Yes, Kafka's been up for a few days now.  Looks like they played it safe with their buys.  Kafka's a great shop btw.  Never been there of course, but their customer service online has been great.  Reminds me I need to put in an order.   Trunk went up yesterday.  Another different buy when you compare it to End and Superdenim, but it looks rather limited at the moment.  They seem to do well with their Cabourn and it moves really quickly.   AW13 isn't grabbing me...
Superdenim is now up.  A few different pieces than End or Corniche and definitely competitively priced.  Superdenim also takes some nice photos if you want to see the products up close.       I was referring to the difference between End's photos and Corniche's.  Still the Mallory colors apart from say the indigo look similar to previous seasons'.  I'm sure they're different, but the difference is surely subtle. enough.
Corniche has a few additional pieces.  Mallorys look a bit different due to the lighting of the shot.  They have the cashmere duffle up as well.  
Well I'm definitely not overly excited about AW13.  Of course there is still more to see, but with End you usually get most of it.    Mallorys are nice, but not much variation in terms of color here.  They're different to a degree in terms of shade, but generally you get your blue/navy, army and brown.  If you've got those bases covered as I now do the urge to get a new one isn't as great.  Of course I have bought the same item in different colors before so who...
End has some of the AW13 collection up.
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