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 Tell you coach you think you sprained your ankle.
 What size are you in a Mallory or Cameraman?
 Well if it is the former then I would be up there for the latter, though this being SF I'm not so sure.  Either way, I the Commanders went back.  I don't dislike it, but I'm not as chuffed as most.  On top of that it's a tough fit unless you're slender or tall or both.  At least that's my take.  On top of that the whole Barbour "blazer" look just seems off to me.  I'll stick with the Cabourn Mallory for that.  Too bad though because I wanted it to work.     Cool.  Are you...
I got both colors of the Commander at End just a few months back when they were on sale.  Lame they won't ship Barbour to the US anymore. 
 Vest is definitely more fitted than the jacket.   Sounds like your issue with the Donkey is what I had with the deck jacket as regards the shoulders.
   I have a lookbook for the collection and noticed the hunting jackets myself.  Still even with the lookbook and the link you provided I have a couple of questions if you don't mind: -As regards pricing, are both priced the same?  I would assume the Harris Tweed variant would be a pricier. -The collar on the Harris Tweed variant appears to be waxed cotton while the collar on the wool version is cordoroy.  -So the fit is somewhat less boxy than the Cape Jacket, yes?  Would...
 Wow, that is quite the pit to pit measurement.  
 Ahh, I see now.  Really weird because the description was identical otherwise. The waxed does look better in the pictures.   OK, what sort of measurements did they give you?  People keep talking about sizing down, but I figure there's a nominal difference.  Did you get pit to pit on that medium?  Also, what size do you consider XL on the Cameraman? On the main page scroll down and click on the "clearance" image/link.  They only have the felling axe left, but some stores...
 Curious where you read that.  Both coats have the exact same descriptions, but different style #s, so I definitely believe you (not that I doubt you).  I'm just curious where you read it.   Personally I hope the jackets I ordered are both of the waxed variety.  I'm guessing the rustic is since it looks to have only come in the waxed variety.   Hadn't noticed it was on the site.  I've been checking every day for the past couple of days, but I was doing a search of...
Cabourn shop apparently opening the 25th btw.
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