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 Large in the calf or overall?   I phoned up one of the New York stores.  Some really good deals out there.  I had a great SA help me out and he even located a needle in a haystack piece.  
Well I'm pretty much done for this season.  If I can be arsed I'll post some comments since I bought a ton and must have tried on 90% of all their sweaters.  Anyway, a quick tip.  It's still 50% off sale in store.  My local stores are gutted in terms of sale inventory, but they will call online for you and online with honor the 50% off the online sale price and give you free shipping.  If they have the item in store and it's cheaper than online, then you can get that price...
Definitely 50% off in store.  40% off reg price and then another 50% off the sale price.  So about 70% all told.     Do the SAs work on commission?  I've generally had great service, but the guy I had today was amazing.  
 If you can, go down.  They were quite big.  
Can anyone comment on the bag quality?  Considering the tweed field bag from AW.  
Additional marks at Flannels.  Very good price for a Mallory.  They're going fast though.
 Mine, which was sent from a store, didn't have a size tag.  Looks like it was cut out.  The price tag was in the pocket too.  Based on the measurements from Unionmade I could make it out that it was a medium though.  I was just glad the store sent it to me.  I think with most retailers it's against policy to sell an item when certain tags (IE the joker tag) has been cut out.  
 I found a small.
Nevermind, missed the post above the photo.  I'd be interested in a Medium in the Indian Varsity jacket if anyone has one.   ChasingBobby, what size you do you need?
 What coat is that???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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