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Any to ki to?
  Looking good.  Just got mine back from the tailor.  Wearing it tomorrow.
  Well I think I saw the price you posted and thought VAT was factored in.  Now if you factor in something else the shipping is spread out, but I resisted the Debenham in white.  Would probably get dirty really quickly anyway.  Thanks again for posting that.
Real quick, I think I get where he's coming from.  Looks great, but he can feel it just above the armpit.  Happens with one or two Tokihito Beacon Heritage pieces for me like the Wool Fisherman's jacket.  Large looks great on me, especially in the body, but it's just too uncomfortable above the pit.  The rest of the Tokihito I bought in Large are all fine.  So with the Wool Fisherman's jacket I have an XL on the way which I'll be getting altered from just below the chest...
  Actually I'll take that back a bit.  Still a ton for shipping, but that is a good price, after you deduct VAT.  On top of that, Flannels does deduct VAT from the cost of shipping which surprises me.
Normad? Link?
Plus £100 shipping.
  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  Got my McNairy Chuks for 70% off!  Usually only get that price overseas.
I concur Bene, looks good. What size is that?
Does nitty gritty ever go deeper or do a %?
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