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  Oh great, as I suspected.  I've seen the tan non-waxed version, but not this one.  One more question for you:  is it AW11? 
  Sorry.    Fit looks a bit a off, but I haven't even seen it in person.  Looks boxy to me.    IMO a few better pieces than that on eBay at the moment.
Some new and interesting pieces on eBay for a change.  That old Fox Brothers plaid fishing coat to name but one.
Anyone familiar with this Shoreman?  Looks To Ki To and priced at To Ki To pricing at originally around $900, but it's not listed as a To Ki To piece:  
  Ahh.  Then I can see an issue with it, assuming it's not the case.  Still as far removed as I am from it all...     Oh yeah, some good deals there from what I can see.  A few interesting pieces too.  Too committed in other areas of late though.   Definitely should be able to carve out their own niche considering the price of RRL and Junya Watanabe.        Well Barbour is tempting me with it's very own Tokihito Barça warm up.  No Qatar Airways to be found either. ...
Cheers lads.   I would definitely make changes to BR.  Their shirting in the denim room is awful.  They should dump that and do oxford shirts.  Also, their sweaters have been poor of late.  Some are hits, but too many misses.    As I mentioned, BR isn't as into collaborations as J Crew, but they do/did have that "SF Made" stuff on their site and probably at that Grant Ave store in San Francisco.  They also have the Taylor Stitch collaboration which is actually...
So can someone tell me where this Kestin Hare is claiming to be the former "Head of Design" for Cabourn?  That Arkive link says it, but it's not a quote.  In fact the only quote is from the Selectism piece saying he was his "right hand man" on a particular collection.   Common People looks alright.  The one parka, with the lighter upper, actually looks great.  A couple of other pieces look alright too.  Stil, now that I know Cabourn it's tough to walk away.  Not a fan of...
I'm guessing it's just older To Ki To.  Looks Barbour either way.  Never seen/heard of Barbour samples floating around either. 
I bought a number of wool ties last year.  Very nice and all made in the USA.  Got a knit fairisle tie this year and noticed it was made in Italy.  Looks identical to the Engineered Garments version, which also is made in Italy, at a much cheaper price.
http://www.present-london.com/nigel-cabourn/   SS13
New Posts  All Forums: