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Well that was fast.  Had just checked End and didn't see it up.    Cameraman has the now very old description, so no idea if it's ventile or mackintosh.  Kafka says bonded cotton, so mackintosh?  Anyway, same Cameraman as Kafka.  Wonder if they'll have other variants.   Canadian jacket is interesting.  Very different looks depending on what color you go for.  I'm curious as to what that little tab at the bottom right of the jacket is for.   CWP jacket reminds me of...
Saw that End will be launching SS soon.  Kafka had two oxfords up late last night and now looks to have their whole offering up today:   http://www.kafka.co.uk/browse/NigelCabourn_0_452_0_de_c.html   Kafka is a great shop btw.  Great customer service in my experience.       Cameraman is a bit different.  First time to the best of my knowledge that it's got a denim lower.  Lower is "Japanese denim", though no mention of it being selvedge.  I can see reasons for making...
 Nice shoes.  What pants are those though?  Selvedge?
 "So far" meaning you haven't SS I assume.  Really disappointed with the SS Norton collab, but my wallet is not.   Agree with you on the canvas of the Barra/St. Kilda/Uist.  Also, the buttons are horn.    IMHO it's TTS, but it's boxy.  Shoulder and armholes are TTS, but the body is boxy.  Tabs at the back help with this though.  If you're slender however you could probably size down.  I'd try Barneys.  I got mine in that color from the store after the site sold out in my...
Anyone have the McQueen Rexton?  Got one in the mail today and it smells.  I have at least 15 Barbour coats and this doesn't smell like any of the waxes I've smelled.  Quite frankly it smells like stale smoke.  Just curious if anyone has one and has noticed any odd smell.
 Doesn't change my mind.  Looks horrible on him, but I like it on me.
 Real quick glance at it the other day.  Fabric felt pretty thin and doesn't like it warrants the price.  I'd look for a Barbour To Ki To or check into Nigel Cabourn.  Cabourn on sale is well worth it and the quality is light years ahead of RRL.  Cabourn SS14 will be in part military inspired so you might see something similar.
Code for the vest? My email from TS has no content.
 That is correct.  It's not nearly as black in person as it is on the site, which is a great thing.
Went to Barbour Chicago today, the new location downtown.  Nice store and definitely bigger than their Halsted location, but the latter is apparently moving and getting a bit bigger in the near future.  Shop had a majority of Men's styles with the entire bottom floor being Men's and the upstairs being half Men's.  Staff was really nice.  It was slow when I came in, but everyone was helpful.  Guys were more knowledgeable, but they were all nice.     They have 50% off...
New Posts  All Forums: