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 Yeah, comparing them to my McNairys in general, but when compared to the Barbour x Grenson boots I have they're even longer. However the Grensons seem a bit too short. As I noted above though, they feel great. Yeah, big fan. I was a paying supporter for four seasons. Just stopped last season since I didn't foresee making it over this season. I've been to the Camp Nou four times. Incredible indeed and they've put on a few shows for me.  Anyway, cheers for the replies...
 I'd amend this to a 1/4 inch extra in length.  Still, anyone?
Would love some help.  Got my first Aldens from J Crew and the Barrie last seems to be long.  I sized down a half size and the fit feels good, but the length of the shoe is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer than my other shoes/boots.  Anyone else notice experience this?
 Yeah, one or two others.  The rest are good, but with my fair share of hemming and hawing over size.  
Do Aldens run long?  I sized down a half size as I understand you should.  Width is good, but they are a bit longer than my other shoes.  Judging by some of the pics here too they look long.
 Very nice piece.  I have it in Navy in a 50, but sadly I'd need a 52.  It definitely is more fitted than the Aircraft jacket.  Really annoying too because if it were a 52 I'd already have worn it, not to mention the ridiculous deal I got on it.
 That listing is hilarious: "This is NOT the Cheaper Mallory that’s Out Today and is One of the Original Seasons so The Details are Only of the Best Quality of ALL The Mallory Jackets." On top of that he proceeds to use the copy from Cabourn's site.
 Only Surface Jacket I've ever tried was most certainly a Medium.  Mallory in a 50 is certainly a Medium as well.  Hope it works out for you, it's a great piece.
 Cabourn can be had at deeper drops, but considering this is a Mallory it is a good deal.  In my experience they tend to sell at this price.  If you live in the States you don't have to worry about customs either.  I'd jump on this if you're someone who is in the market for one. The Army looks just like the one I got last year, but the Brown does not look the same as the Black Brown from last year.  Too bad they didn't have Black Navy or Indigo.  Still some a nice...
 The 25% off code is actually INSTYLE25.  It had worked on third party items like Aldens, etc, however it no longer does.   The 40% off sale styles includes promotional prices as well.  This code does work in third party items that are on sale or on promotion.  I was able to use it on a Suomo bag as well as a Dodocase.
New Posts  All Forums: