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  Is the above post from you the Bizrate you're referring to?
Bloomingdale's has an extra 25% off sale today only with promo code WARMUP.  Link their site through eBates and get 3% cash back.  Free shipping (over $150 I think) and free returns.  Not much to see really, but some Monitaly and Barbour pieces. 
 It's a solid piece.  I'd have to compare it to other varsity jackets as regards the wool,  The RRL sweaters I've picked up from this past season have been a huge let down though.  Fortunately the Dixon jacket lived up to the reputation RRL seems to have here on SF.  
Anyone know what Barney's carried this year?  Site has been sparse for some time.
 You mean past the near $50 it is in shipping charges up front?
Was just on the phone with Beverly Hills earlier.  Sounds like some Japanese buyer was in the other day and cleaned them out.
 Figured that.  Customs usually is only 10% for me, when I get hit by it.  Not bad considering some of the prices after the 50% off and then VAT subtraction.
The Next Door in France has 50% off select styles.  Some good stuff including Barbour, EG, etc.  Even the Redwings look competitively priced.  VAT is deducted after that and I got free shipping on my order here to the States.  
 Good.  A few things I want that are already at 40%.  
Gave that one a glance yesterday.  I like it, especially for Spring and Fall, but would have preferred a button front as opposed to the zipper.
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