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 Missed the second part of your post.  Indeed it looks very similar to the Bowers Deck Coat.  I know because I still have one with the tags on it.  The wool looks practically identical in both appearance/texture and color.  Buttons too.  On top of that the leather panels are placed almost exactly in the same spots.  The only notable difference is the collar, which on the Bowers is shaped "differently."   The armpit holes are high and somewhat tight in the front.  Tried it...
 I think so.  I was surprised to see only one left yesterday, a Medium, when I checked.    Well the guy/group that owns Filson also owns Shinola watches, so yes.  That said I think Shinola gets a bad rap and I love all my Filson bags. Surely there will be more stockists out there.  On top of that, weren't there four jackets in total as well as a backpack???  So far I have only seen three shops that stocked the same two jackets though and only one of those has an online shop.
Context looks already sold out of one of the Filson jackets.
 I hadn't inspected the pictures, it just doesn't make sense.  I see what you're referring to, but I'd say that clearly looks like it could/should be cut when you decide to wear it or more likely that it buttons down.  Either way I'd be shocked if it was sewn down permanently.
I doubt the collar is actually sewn down.  My concern would be that the seams at the armpit are like that limited edition Deck Coat from AW12.  
I like it but I'm not yet going crazy over it.  I think the photography and the model help with some of it on top of knowing some of it probably won't fit.     As for the new site, it's nice.  I did like the military feel of the old one, but this one is better for viewing some of the items.  I just wish you could zoom in on all photos.  I also wish they'd provide measurements which IMO is a bare minimum requirement.
 I'd say this is pretty spot on.  I haven't experienced a lot of RRL and nothing older than a year ago, but the things I've bought or tried aren't much better and in some cases are worse in terms of quality than some of the styles I've bought from J. Crew.  AW knits were a prime example.  Even on the other end of the scale I think RRL is overpriced.  I was able to try on that SS14 limited edition camo military jacket (I forget the name) and it doesn't compare to some of...
 I should give it all another look.  I hate buying my parents gifts that aren't nice or things they won't have for a while.  In fact I was overdue for his birthday and Father's Day and just got him a Woolrich John Rich & Bros parka that I already have for a steal from Yoox and he loves it.   Grabbed the remaining Filson Harris Tweed tote myself.  Don't need it, but I'm a sucker for Filson bags and Harris Tweed.  Would have grabbed a Golden Bear blazer too, but the size...
 Me too, but that's more down to fits.  Still some nice stuff there.  
 Yes, the Bristol.  IIRC the pockets on the Bristol don't show the snaps from the outside but they do on the Beaufort.  
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