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Looking at the sweaters again I noticed the model wearing them is a 5'10" and wearing a small???  Doesn't seem to compare to the measurements on the site as he doesn't look slim but the sweater looks fine.
 Oh, well then that is fine so long as it's not much wider.  Sleeve length looks like it'll be better.  Ordered a 3a and a 6a in Loden.  Cheers, I appreciate the reply.  THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP ZISSOU.  
 Agreed.  I'm guessing the size charts are a bit... lazy/generic for lack of a better term.  Tough to say.  Looking at one of the models it fits him fine, but then the length is a bit long.  I'll just have to stop by next time I'm in London.  Some great looking stuff though and I'd probably go crazy with the knits if they fit.
 Winter ones aren't an issue for me.  Plenty of layering with them too.  Bit of an issue in SS, but even then I don't think it's that bad at all.  I'd likely be sweating some anyway if I'm sweating.
QUICK QUESTION for those who have both a 3a and a 6a.  I know End has measurements, but quite frankly they've been off on other garments lately, and I wanted a first hand note.  So, are you 6a sweaters that much more fitted than your 3a sweaters, or is it really subtle and not that noticeable?
Thanks to all the serious replies to questions on the selvedge denim.     I took the leap and soaked yesterday evening.  I did two things:   1)  Wore them in the shower.  Read up on this somewhere else.  Probably wasn't necessary, but wore them in the shower in slightly warm water.     2)  Then I put them in the washer.  I filled the washer with the warm setting for water (which is really just lukewarm) and topped it off with the hot water setting for a few seconds....
You're batshit crazy if you're an XL and you don't grab this considering the current price:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/141133405046?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
 Like Nick said, it all depends on the weather.  I'd say 30 F and you're fine.  Below that and you'd want something else available.  You'll look like a million bucks though.
They're Gap jeans if anyone has any experience.  Website says raw, but not on garment.  I assume a soak won't hurt either way.
 Correct.  They are however raw.
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