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  On a side, maybe related note, the womens Camerman looks amazing.
Yeah, the waistcoats are definitely on the fitted side.  Mallory if a 52 layered is fine, but I can barely button a 52 waistcoat.  I'd definitely be a 54 waistcoat, but then the length might be too long.
MoK, did you get that Mallory yet?  Was it a 54?  I'm guessing that'd be the best fit for you.
Got both of the Classic Mallorys I ordered today, and let me tell you "classic" they are.  IMHO they're beautiful pieces.  I'm very impressed and while I knew I liked the Mallory, you have to see and feel it in person.  As has been said in this thread, including by myself before actually seeing it in person, it's more more of an outerwear piece as opposed to a traditional blazer.  I went with both the Black Brown and Green colors.  Flannels listed, and indeed the tag on...
  Where do you enter the code?  I dont' see a spot for it.
AW13 preview is out and you're talking about H&M.  What's wrong with you guys today?      You can add Cro'Jack to that list.   Agreed on both counts.  I got mine at over 60% off though so I'm not sweating price so much.  I'm confident I could get my money back too.    Yes, inspired is more accurate.  However it's very near a replica, at least the Bowers is. 
  Can you show me which one you're looking at?   http://www.barbour.com/us/mens-clothing
It won't hurt to ask, but if you do the return/rebuy thing then you risk losing out on them. I did that once and it worked, though it was a 20% difference and I was worried I'd miss out.
Well he does make nice shoes. First I ever heard of him was when I saw a pair of brogues. They looked amazing. From then on all i knew until a few months ago was that he had nice and expensive shoes. I've this year picked up plenty on sale, to the extent that today's flash sale looks expensive, and they're great shoes. Comparably I picked up some grensons and while the shoes were nice the fit was off. His whole personality though is a turnoff for me, but until I can...
Woolrich John Rich & Bros had a similar looking herringbone blazer.  Went pretty cheap at Bloomingdale's, but probably sold out.  End sold out early in the season as well.
New Posts  All Forums: