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Any of you live in Japan, Tokyo in particular?
Was hoping to get some fit advice.  I am a Large in the many To Ki To pieces I have other than the AW12 Wool Fishing jacket and the AW12 Olive Sporting Quilt with the herringbone elbow patches, both of which were too snug.  So I was wondering, would I still be a Large in the Sports Jacket (Bond)?  I have a 43" chest.
Anyone ever have any issues with Marrkt not getting back to them? 
  I would think the L would be fine.  The To Ki To you have, the Sporting Quilt I believe (the olive one with the herringbone patches), ran small IMO.  I have the full herringbone version and the L was fine while that olive version was much snugger.  Had to sell my L.    End's measurements on the SS13 To Ki To look off.  Oi Polloi's differ and I'm guess their's are more accurate.
  Nope.  I mean I could, but it'd be too big.  I have the Camo Sapper (and just about the rest of the collection), so I'm good with sizing.  Damn.  Thanks for the link though, much appreciated.  I know one place that has it, but it's full price and may need a proxy.  I might have a lead at two other shops though.  Waiting to hear back from one and after that I'll hit the other.  Still if anyone spots one in person or online please do let me know.    Don't forget to give...
If anybody has any leads on an AW12 To Ki To Hidcote in a Large please let me know.
Anyone know where I can get a deal on a powerful witch?
  That's unfortunate.  The webshop has been a major disappointment so far.  How hard can it be to reply to such simple questions much less set up Sagepay or PayPal?    According to them a small is a 48.  Of course if it's not and even if they tell you it is, good luck getting them to take it back.  I bought a pair of boots from them during the last warehouse sale and they weren't as pictured.  They had me go to the trouble of taking a photo when I asked them to return...
One thing to look for if you're unsure the site is legitimate or not is the method of payment. I found one that looked too good to be true back in the Fall, but I started the checkout process anyway just to get an idea. Sure enough the method of payment was to be a money order. Huge red flag. Again though, and I don't want to sound harsh but, the fake sites largely look like obvious fakes for various reasons such as their pricepoint and inventory levels. In fact put both...
Just had a really good experience with Cultizm.  Good customer service and good communication if anyone's ever wondered about ordering Cabourn from them.
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