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OK, jumped on the bench coat in green. 75% off after VAT reduction and free shipping is nice. Now the exchange rate just needs to improve. As for the sale, what did I miss? Any Cameramen? What Mallorys were there besides the camo? Any if the inventory from the Cabourn site that magically disappeared a month ago?
Says the bench coat is canvas, but IIRC it's wool, right?
Mallory's? Only saw the camo. Nothing good in a 50. Bench coat, but I took a pass on that. Didn't seem like much of anything good really unless I missed some things.
Been able to wear the Barras and St. Kildas this Spring.  Very pleased with them as Spring jackets as well.  Had one of the latter on today in some rain and it held up really well, as expected.
Forgot to mention that I've been happily wearing my SS12 Cameramen and SS13 Aircraft jackets.  Spring temperatures have been fluctuating quite a bit, but I didn't want to make the mistake of last year and waiting until it was too late to wear them.  Glad I grabbed those Aircraft jackets, AW13 version too, considering the SS14 offerings.  Just wish I had the AW13 in army.  
 Looking forward to those.  Jacket on the right and the left please.  My outerwear addiction could be back this Fall.
 I prefer the look of the previous Mallorys.  Not a fan of the brushed/fuzzy look.     What are you thoughts on the stone?  Not a fan myself so I returned them.  The ventile was too bright.  Crazy steal of a deal had i kept it though.  However I did get the army Cameraman which has the stone lower.  That worked fine for me.  The tweed on that one is fuzzy too.  
 Pretty much exactly my thoughts and my experience.  And when you factor in the labor, as you noted in another part of your post, literally zero reason for the pricing.  AW sweaters were indeed a back and forth and I didn't keep a single one.  Fits were either all over the place or the quality was just poor.  I honestly was rather shocked as it was my first RRL experience.  You're right too, pieces look great online.   That said I do love my Dixon jacket from AW.  Looks...
 Like the buttons and lack of stripes the whole way up on the RRL, but the fabric looks much richer on the Saint James.  Is the RRL wool or does it have wool in it?
 Or get a Cabourn piece on sale.  Any of those would be a much better option and apart from maybe the "generic" or vintage piece you'll be getting better quality.  
New Posts  All Forums: