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Does nitty gritty ever go deeper or do a %?
What is your chest measurement?
BTW, does anyone have the Sporting Jacket/Bond Coat?  If so, how does it fit from the pit down? 
  Exactly what I was thinking.  Very similar look down to the colors even.  Love the military and that original pictured is great.  Love the history there.     Nice coat.  I think I'll go for a belted version at some point.  Maybe an International, but I don't love the label on that one.  Pegasus looks nice.      Well the problem is there just aren't pockets you can easiy slide your hands into.  Have to say I went to the tailor today, who will be shortening the sleeve 1/4...
  I did.  Shipped last week.  Ordered it Thursday and it shipped Friday.  If you read their website it sounds like they take a bit to get things sent out.  I ordered 3 of the same item since then over the weekend, which I had to do in 3 separate orders, 2 of which I'm assuming will be cancelled.  That was just this weekend and I have yet to get any sort of shipping confirmation on those 3 orders. 
  Was able to find this green Sporting Quilt last night.  Man, like finding a needle in a haystack.    On a somewhat related note, Tokihito apparently designed that other blazer/jacket to go with the Mountain parka:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65cEYJh0PwU&list=UUbiA1dZB6lLrNGt4dC0qZ1Q&index=2       Nope.  I was going to preorder a Large as well, but waited too long.  I have a contact at a shop that had a preorder at a good price so I'll see what he says.  I'm just...
Ordered two of the Barbour x Jack Spade bags today.  Grabbed the Duffle and Tote/Coal bag:   http://www.barneys.com/Barbour-Jack-Spade-Waxed-Canvas-Duffel/00505021133800,default,pd.html?q=barbour&index=1   http://www.barneys.com/Barbour-Jack-Spade-Waxed-Canvas-Tote/00505021133534,default,pd.html?q=barbour&index=5   Both bags look nice, but I'm really excited about the Coal/Tote bag.  I have a Jack Spade already and it's got very similar details.  Nice bag too.  I like how...
Been Barbour busy the past couple of days.  A few things:   -Barbour stores here in the US are having 30% off this weekend.  I think it's all weekend, but as has been discussed the promos just sort of come last minute.  I can tell you it was 30% off today though, however it didn't include Bedales and Beauforts.  Tokihito and McQueen were included though.    -DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY HAVE THE MOUNTAIN PARKA?  I went to Barbour Chicago today.  They had a Medium, but...
  Thanks Dave.  In terms of the regular stores, any idea what the discounts look like when they actually do have sales?
  I would think that a sturdy cotton/twill would be great for Spring/Fall.  I have green in my head.  Could do that with denim or chambray shirts.  Could even see some of my Apolis pocket squares going with it.
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