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 Thanks (to you and everyone for the reply).  Just to follow up though, a couple more questions: 1)  Well that was my biggest concern about going the Jomashop route vs the AD route.  I'm looking at Tudors specifically and Jomashop offers a two year warranty, but I'd prefer having it serviced if need be by Tudor.  So my question is do Tudors have warranties and if so for how long?   2)  Did you get the box and papers with the watch?  
 I misread your post.  My mistake.  Let's just consider it my reiterating your point.  
 That's what I read on this forum, but I got charged duties for something that fit that description.  I'd say that is definitely wrong.
 Yep, was going to post myself, but had to place my order and do another run though.  Odd that my wishlist was missing items in that they just disappeared off the list despite still being available.  Anyway, I was expecting drops over night and sure enough. Wish they had more colors of the Anonymous Ism anchor sock and other styles as well.  
 That's how I got mine a few weeks back.  You'll love the jacket.
 If I get a chance this weekend I'll get a shot.  No promises though.  In the meantime: https://instagram.com/p/yPeqOqFFSa/  Great piece and fits just like the other CWPs I own or have tried, but cropped.  Length is about mid-thigh if you're curious.  Mine has a "smell" that I've been told is on all of them (not sure about that...), so I'm going to try airing it out this weekend.    I like that shirt jacket as well but pretty pricey for a shirt jacket.   I think I have the...
I'm finding inconsistencies with fits.  Got one from End about 2 weeks ago and it's notably larger fitting than the last one I got in that size.  I wish I could say it's me.
This thread really needs some more chatter.     This coming weekend they'll be showing SS16 at Cabourn's shop in Covent Garden.  Saturday is for press only, but apparently you can go in on Friday or Sunday and view the collection.  I would love to see some photos of this as it's naval inspired and I'm a big fan of the SS lines.  I'd also love details of the "archival" pieces they just added to the shop.  Specifically what pieces they've added and pricing.  If anyone's in...
Is Jomashop reliable?  Sounds as though they are.  They seem to have some good prices when they have a flash sale and don't charge sales tax if you live outside of New York.  Anyone ever used them?  
Be wary of Menlook.  They use UPS and I got hit hard.  I think it was free shipping though so that cancels it out a bit.
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