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 I would get this: The one with the plastic head.  I know it's more than what you wanted to spend, but it's definitely an upgrade.  I had a Sharper Image steamer for about a decade.  I got it with some credit card rewards for about $20.  It worked fine, but when the head hit the floor one time it...
 I wouldn't have hemmed or hawed at all.  I checked out the sale with your link but sadly they didn't have my size.  IMO those are better than 99% of the Alden's posted.  I even like the laces that came with them.  Nice get.
 Additional 20% off with code PCTWENTY on the S2W8 bags on sale at Superdenim: Superdenim is a great shop that offers free shipping to the US after you spend 250 GBP and only 10 GBP if you don't.  You also shouldn't get dinged with customs.  I've ordered from them multiple times with no customs charges ever.
 Yep, red kills it.  
SS14 Expedition Jacket on Steven Alan looks like a good price.  
 Thanks for posting this.  I got the email, what, an hour ago, and forgot to check it.  I figured there'd be nothing anyway.  Was I wrong.    Arpenteur coat I was just eyeing up the other day took a  big drop.  They also had a Filson red label bag which I couldn't believe.  Grabbed a few pairs of Anonymous Ism socks too.  That Arpenteur coat and the Filson bag though... I moved so fast I forgot to use eBates.     
Gentry code expires today.  Are they likely to do another round of marks after that?
Grabbed the one pictured above.  Hopefully it fits like the ones I already have.  Great price and if it fits it'll be nice to add one into the rotation.
Some crazy deals at Flannels.  WW2 Parka even lower than anywhere else and that odd blazer/jacket well marked down:
Sales moving really fast now.     Superdenim at 50% or better.  Tropics PO Coat and WW2 Parka both more than half off:   The Bureau at 50%:   End at 50% on current season stock:     If you're buying from the US, I'd recommend shopping in that order to avoid being hit by fees and depending on the...
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