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 Yeah, unless you're really short you probably have to do the "high/low" look like in the picture.  Also, the buttons at the bottom appear to be functional in that it looks as though there are holes there underneath them, but probably decorative since I can't see the function.  
 I have it in the back of my head that Oi Polloi does an % off...  Can't remember.  Don't remember there shipping charge either. The Bureau has cheap shipping.
Thought I'd share this here in case anyone is interested.  SS14 Expedition Jacket in large at Steven Alan:   http://www.stevenalan.com/S14_NA_S14-S4D1161.html?dwvar_S14__NA__S14-S4D1161_color=340#cgid=hidden-mens-sale-viewall&frmt=ajax&view=all&start=0&hitcount=355   Code NEWYEAR25 gets you 25% off.  Possibly free shipping as well.  Link to Steven Alan from Ebates (after you set up an account) and get 3% cash back.     Looks a lot like SS15 and would go perfectly...
 Free shipping and 3%  cash back with Ebates as well.  Got sniped on the otter green within 60 seconds.  I don't need it really considering I got the Mr Porter collab medium duffle at half off which is amazing.  Grabbed a black sportsman bag myself and that large travel bag in navy.  
 There are exclusions.  The majority of what is included can be seen from the original post in this thread referring to it when you click the link.
 This.  They always have something worthwhile and while there are redundancies there is still always plenty of variety.  
I've ordered twice from Notre back in the Fall.  Great communication and timely shipping.  I wouldn't be worried.
 At quick glance, yes it's flush.  Only thing I've noticed, and I noticed this on one of my Cameramen, was the ventile taping over a loose thread when they did it.  I just trimmed the end of the thread coming out of the taping.  You can still see the outline of it under the taping, but nothing noticeable unless you were looking for it.  Just to confuse matters indeed.    Well I've got one on the way so we'll see.  If the pit to pit is indeed 22" on the 50, or just slightly...
 Well, I actually have two of that jacket in that exact color.    I'm glad you brought this up to as both of mine are different with the color of the taping on the inside.  I got one from a reputable online shop, I think Cabourn, and the other from eBay.  I don't remember which I got from where.  I'm pretty sure the one I got from eBay matches yours.  Either way, I'm quite convinced both of mine are legit as is yours.  The construction otherwise is identical on mine...
 I would think it's a legitimate piece.  Which version did you get specifically?  Can you post a picture?   I did a quick check of one of my SS13 versions the inside taping is a different color.  It matches that of the outer taping on the raglan sleeves, but the rest of the inside is all that color, a khaki/tan color.  
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