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 I'd recommend going a different route.  AW12 To Ki To was an amazing collection.  I have more than half of it, and not even the Bond coat, and IMHO all of it is better than 3.  1 and 4, being the same piece, isn't bad looking and you can ditch the hood for more of a classic look.  3 isn't bad, don't get me wrong, but I prefer a more "heritage" look.   Depending on your taste, and assuming you don't already have one, you could have a look at one of the more classic coats...
I believe they are.  I have 2 and 3 and they are identical.  In fact I wore 2 (the Bracken I believe) today.  I think 1 and 4 are the identical jacket and I think the tweed of it is the same as 2 and 3.  The ventile on 2 is also the ventile used on 1 and 4.  Dave_SFU should be able to confirm it for you, but I'm pretty positive the wool is the same on all of them.  In fact I'm pretty sure they're all from the season.  Not sure what season, but I think it's To Ki To AW12.
BTW, anyone remember what Black Friday was for them last year?
 As Robert said, definitely the Harris Tweed.  I've tried all three.  The brown herringbone is the worst of the (not necessarily bad mind you).  Had some fuzz already off it.  The navy is nice, but the shoulders went out too far on the side.  The Harris Tweed is great, but I'm just not sold on the length.  I was told it looked fine by people I trust, but I'm just holding off for now.  The rest of the jacket is great though.  
 Definitely works.  Barbour, Barbour x Joseph Cheaney and Sons, Inverallan and Nigel Cabourn all worked.  Somebody nicked an Inverallan cardigan out of my cart while I was mulling over my order, but somehow one that wasn't showing up on the site was still available in the cart I saved a few weeks back in a color I'd prefer and it went through.  They also got a re-stock of the Barbour Ashby in Navy.  Now hopefully they'd get a re-stock of the Olive color as well before the...
Finally took delivery of all my Aldens from J. Crew.  Settled on two pair:   http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/JCrewingoodcompany/Alden/PRDOVR~18582/18582.jsp   http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/JCrewingoodcompany/Alden/PRDOVR~02023/02023.jsp   Hoping the first pair starts to look a bit more broken in like the picture.  I was looking to do them with denim more than anything.  Second pair is amazing.  Pictures don't do them justice.  Can't believe I haven't seen...
 Controversial how?  Because they're sold out forever and no one else can get them?  They look amazing.
 Cheers.  Sounds like bigger sizes.  I'll have to keep my eyes open for this.  
Just reading through the last few pages.  What was the deal with ShoeMart?  Some sort of discount code?
 Yeah, comparing them to my McNairys in general, but when compared to the Barbour x Grenson boots I have they're even longer. However the Grensons seem a bit too short. As I noted above though, they feel great. Yeah, big fan. I was a paying supporter for four seasons. Just stopped last season since I didn't foresee making it over this season. I've been to the Camp Nou four times. Incredible indeed and they've put on a few shows for me.  Anyway, cheers for the replies...
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