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Ordered two of the Barbour x Jack Spade bags today.  Grabbed the Duffle and Tote/Coal bag:   http://www.barneys.com/Barbour-Jack-Spade-Waxed-Canvas-Duffel/00505021133800,default,pd.html?q=barbour&index=1   http://www.barneys.com/Barbour-Jack-Spade-Waxed-Canvas-Tote/00505021133534,default,pd.html?q=barbour&index=5   Both bags look nice, but I'm really excited about the Coal/Tote bag.  I have a Jack Spade already and it's got very similar details.  Nice bag too.  I like how...
Been Barbour busy the past couple of days.  A few things:   -Barbour stores here in the US are having 30% off this weekend.  I think it's all weekend, but as has been discussed the promos just sort of come last minute.  I can tell you it was 30% off today though, however it didn't include Bedales and Beauforts.  Tokihito and McQueen were included though.    -DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY HAVE THE MOUNTAIN PARKA?  I went to Barbour Chicago today.  They had a Medium, but...
  Thanks Dave.  In terms of the regular stores, any idea what the discounts look like when they actually do have sales?
  I would think that a sturdy cotton/twill would be great for Spring/Fall.  I have green in my head.  Could do that with denim or chambray shirts.  Could even see some of my Apolis pocket squares going with it.
Anyone have any experience with the Barbour stores?  I mean the regular stores, not the factory outlets.    -Do they run promotions/sales?  I called two today and the answer I got was that they usually don't find out until same day and that Saturdays are usually the days.  Anybody else know this? -Do the sales associates work on commission?  I'd like to get in with one so I can stay updated with their sales. -Anyone on the email list?  Do they email you about...
  Well to each their own, but if you're saving upwards of $150 then I'd say it's worth it.  Returning it isn't that bad, I mean you have to ship it out either way.  Also with Wingtip's sale prices you can't return their stuff anyway.    FedEx is bad, but I've had no problems with DHL or the postal services.  Just got a To Ki To Military coat from England and I saved almost $150 off Wingtip's price and didn't get hit with customs. 
  Well maybe not all in one place.  Still just about every piece that looks a good deal I've either already seen, can match or beat somewhere else (the latter with a code).  That being said they're not bad prices, especially for Flannels.  I mean they're still sitting on that gorgeous raw yellow SS12 Cameraman and it's only 50 quid less than the AW12 version. 
  I'm not seeing any outstanding deals.  I've seen those prices already at other shops.  With the extra 10% they're not bad, but no code for that at present from what I can see.  They also charge a ridiculous 35 pounds delivery.  They take VAT off of the delivery charge, but still.
  I got a message saying the code is either expired or reached it's usage limit.  WTF?  It's been five hours.   EDIT:  Looks like it's only on those boots.  Older Cabourn stock went up in price though.  Looks like it's all back to full price.  Not all seasons, but some of the earlier ones. 
  It's also a much nice shirt IMO.  Very nice oxford with nice buttons (I'm a button fanatic).  A buffalo check you can dress up or down.  I think I got it for about $20 on sale at my local store, but that was just lucking out on a return.     The CPO shirt as I mentioned in this thread had IMO poor wool.  Look of it was nice and that too had nice buttons, but uncomfortable wool and wool doesn't bug me like it does many people.  Of course at the price somebody here just...
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