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 Mine, which was sent from a store, didn't have a size tag.  Looks like it was cut out.  The price tag was in the pocket too.  Based on the measurements from Unionmade I could make it out that it was a medium though.  I was just glad the store sent it to me.  I think with most retailers it's against policy to sell an item when certain tags (IE the joker tag) has been cut out.  
 I found a small.
Nevermind, missed the post above the photo.  I'd be interested in a Medium in the Indian Varsity jacket if anyone has one.   ChasingBobby, what size you do you need?
 What coat is that???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 No idea, but I would imagine they'd have to add some cloth.  Would love to hear how and see some pics.
 Didn't work for me.  Must be account specific.
Dept. B in my experience is even more fitted than To Ki To was.  It depends on the piece and it's slight, but noticeable.  Bragh was one such example while the Shoredace was just like last year.  This is mainly at the armhole, which tends to be too high, and in the shoulder area.
Is there a general Style Forum code for Taylor Stitch?  Like 10% off?
  Is the above post from you the Bizrate you're referring to?
Bloomingdale's has an extra 25% off sale today only with promo code WARMUP.  Link their site through eBates and get 3% cash back.  Free shipping (over $150 I think) and free returns.  Not much to see really, but some Monitaly and Barbour pieces. 
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