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UM is indeed slow, but just getting to checkout now after browsing sale in it's entirety.  Some good stuff left though nothing I need and my want or two I already knew were gone.  Worth the wait IMO since it's such a good discount.  I just wish I lived near a store so I could try the stuff on.
Superdenim as well.
Not sure if it's been mentioned, but The Bureau has their stock up.  
Talk about gobsmacked:   http://www.yoox.com/us/41484966DK/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41484966DK&sizeId=
I would assume the peeling is do to it drying out.
What's up with the shoe hype?  Daiki could put "Engineered Garments" on a pair of crocs and you lot would probably pass out.  Buttero, Yuketen, some McNairys, etc, etc, etc.  Plenty of options to wear with EG and all better than those Vans.
       IMO it's the same Mallory across the board.  Doubtful End would has an exclusive colorway.  Even the lighter ventile looks fine by me.  
 My pleasure.  If you have any interest in Woolrich John Rich & Bros then you may want to look at Yoox.  They usually have quite a few styles and the prices are generally quite good.  Also, if you find a piece that was designed by Yoshida it will likely be a nicer looking piece.  Oh, and I have noticed Woolrich shoes/boots that are essentially McNairys.
 I meant more so within the Woolrich family of brands.  I would say the difference is quite subtle, but in my experience it's there.  I disagree on the price point.  It's hard to compare as they don't seem to have comparable products at present, but the most expensive items have in my experience always been Woolrich John Rich & Bros.  For example they currently have a 2300 euro parka on their site and I've never seen anything from WWM approach that price.  Of course again...
 Looks a bit more black this go round than AW13 did, but I'm pretty sure it's all "black navy" and there is no solid black which IMO is a good thing.   The Aircraft uses it.  I'd have to handle it in person.  I'm sure it's fine.  Still not a fan of that button style though.  
New Posts  All Forums: