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Sales moving really fast now.     Superdenim at 50% or better.  Tropics PO Coat and WW2 Parka both more than half off:   http://www.superdenim.com/brands/nigel-cabourn.html   The Bureau at 50%:   https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/nigel-cabourn   End at 50% on current season stock:   http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/nigel-cabourn     If you're buying from the US, I'd recommend shopping in that order to avoid being hit by fees and depending on the...
I'm going to call Mr Porter and tell them that if they sell me that Bremont Kingsman watch at 70% off I'll agree to final sale.  
 What is the watch on the left out of curiosity?  Looks nice.
I personally have no problem with final sale, but it makes me less likely to purchase something if that is the case.  I'd happily pay return shipping to be able to try something on and then return it if it doesn't work.  In fact there was a piece that has very limited availability that I really wanted to try on.  I didn't want to take advantage of the shop's free shipping/free returns at full price because there was the chance that neither size would work.  Now it's on...
Interesting from Mr Porter that they're putting "Final Sale" on everything, whether 30% or 80% off.  I can definitely see doing it for items at 80% off or even 70% off.  Perhaps it's just since this is the final round of markdowns since they've hit 80% off?  
 It was just one pair of Yuketens I'd been watching.  Nothing else I've been watching, but I've only been watching three pair of shoes anyway so probably not much.   Well if it's Porteresque then I can wait one more round.  Decent inventory it seems in what I'm looking at. 
Looks like some additional drops at The Corner.  Something I've been watching went down, but probably not a lot.   Also, I'm assuming The Corner goes to 70% at some point, correct?
From what I've read the difference in price will be minimal, say $300.  Perhaps the change to the in-house movement will make the current versions fall a bit in price.
     Thanks so much for all the replies.  Very helpful information.  I was leaning towards discount over warranty, but if Tudors also get the 5 year warranty that Rolexes will starting in July then that leaves me with food for thought.  Also to consider is the switch from an ETA movement to their new in-house movement, assuming the Heritage Ranger and Black Bays all make that switch.  However the ETA movement would be easier to service if I'm correct.  
   Yes, and you can even use the UK site.  You should get it once you create an account with a proper address that wouldn't get charged VAT.  I usually get hit with 10% in customs though.  That's not bad when you consider they charge only ~ $12 for FedEx.
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