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 That's actually a nice looking reference.  Not sure I've seen that before.  One thing that would bug me though is the date on the dial.  Apart from that, which probably isn't that noticeable generally, it looks nice.
Regardless of the answer I have what is probably a dumb question.  If a stainless steel watch has some "black" "scuff marks" if you will, can they be polished out if I have it done with a manufacturer's service?  It's more of a polished stainless steel to begin with.  Also, any idea what I might pay for that (Richemont)?
  I wasn't commenting on the price or that I was considering the watch but more so that one popped up for sale.  While I like the ceramic the steel is just as nice and the $5000 or so I'd save could get go a long way to another nice piece.   Agreed @MZhammer about Hodinkee.
 Interesting and this would make sense.  I haven't bought anything until that Commander (and something else) last night in some time.  Still I got more than 10% off and I got a split second error message on the code, but I feel like my total went down.  Anyway, I've bought my fair share from them in the past so that would explain how the math didn't add up (in my favor though!) when I tried calculating it all out.  I just tried added something to my cart and it's 15% based...
 Try the code "patron" at checkout.   Great call out by @Mariokartfever btw.  
 Styleforum Tea Party.  Everyone can throw all their CPs in the harbor.
Wow, this is a bit unexpected:
Slim d'Hermès with email is the only smartwatch I'd buy.   I think both that and the Monsieur de Chanel are both nice looking watches.  At their respective prices I can see thinking about something else though.
 Nice.  Is that a navy strap?
LOL, really dating one's self by acknowledging Bluefly from back in they day.  I think bought something from the site back in the day but to my credit I don't remember what it was.
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