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Is this is joke that I'm not in on?  That looks like a flamingo on the front.
 Up to you mate, but even if I did like that I'd get sick of it in a heartbeat.  My guess is you'd look back on that as an expensive mistake.  
 My pleasure.  After a second look it looks better, but still somewhat limited.  Some similar looking pieces.  Again, I prefer the women's styles.  Some great looking pieces there.  I agree.  As a collection it was excellent and add a piece or two from SS13 and it'd have been incredible.  I've handled a lot of SS14 and there were some really good pieces.   SS from Cabourn is really underrated on this forum.  Seems to happen every season.  Personally I get it if it's to do...
Some Spring/Summer '15 shots:   Mens:   http://www.alextelfer.com/nigel-cabourn-authentic-ss15   Womens:   http://www.alextelfer.com/nigel-cabourn-woman-ss15   I prefer the ladies.  I guess we'll have to see it all when it's up in the shops as it's hard to tell from the photos.
Well they've now added the "Archive" section to the Cabourn webshop.
 Cheers.  You don't have to worry though.  I don't need another pair of Alden's anytime soon, though that hasn't stopped me before.  I tend to prefer the grainier leathers to the majority of this thread anyway.   Wouldn't mind being an 11.5 considering some of the pairs on sale at Epaulet.  Would have liked those oxbloods as well.
 Cheers for this.  Nice prices on the Aldens.
 Thank you sir!  I just grabbed the navy chomexcel shortwings from Epaulet.  They look amazing.  Now I'll just have to actually wear them.  I already have two pair of Aldens and have yet to wear them.
Looking for some sizing help if someone would be so kind.  I'm generally a 10 in shoes across the board (across the board being most shoes, not Alden as I only have Aldens in the Barrie last), and a 9.5 on the Barrie last.  So if I were to get a pair in the Aberdeen last I'd be a 10, right?  
No, this one here:   http://fashionstealer.com/nigel-cabourn-cameraman-jacket-flannels-fashion-sale-code/
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