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 Not familiar with the Lutz.  From what I'm seeing though it's sized with 38, 40, etc and not medium, large, etc. 
Asking this again, but can anyone tell me the difference between the sword hands 1931 Reverso and the syringe hand version in terms of the lume on the hands and the hour markers?  Online pictures are tough to tell, but it looks as though the hour markers are the same color, but perhaps the syringe hand version is slightly darker.  Same for the hands, but I'm wondering if anyone knows this for sure.
   Cheers lads.  I probably missed a few as well.  Anyway, just quite surprised at the selection considering it's STP.  Another thing to note is that with a lot of what they have the weight and density of the fabrications can vary from piece to piece.  The Standen for example, which if it shows up in a medium please PM me, isn't as thick a waxed jacket as Barbour generally does.  In fact I would call it thin.  Also, some of the jackets have some nice or interesting...
Thanks for posting about the STP guys.  Some great stuff.  I just grabbed one of every piece of the Norton and Sons collaboration styles they had.  They were the final SS collection for the Barbour x Norton and Sons line and I passed on them back in the day.  The Barbour outlets had them this past Spring and Summer, probably cheaper as well, but there isn't an outlet near me and they won't ship.  Norton and Sons is a Saville Row tailor for those of you who don't know....
Thanks for the replies about the Reversos guys.  One more question.  Can anyone confirm or deny that the hour markers of the two watches I posted are the same?  They look to be, but tough to tell in the photos.  
Hmmm.  Trying to decide on a watch.     A)         or B)     I prefer the strap on A, but that I can order it for B.  I prefer the limited editionness if you will of A.  I prefer the sword hands of B and the "REVERSO" font and font size of B.  B saves me about $2500, but resale isn't as lucrative, though I am thinking I wouldn't resale for a few decades.   I like the fauxtina look and want a Reverso, but it's a tough choice.
Don't really understand why anyone would buy anything "Restoration Dept" unless it was a style that they no long make.  You can just trash a Filson bag for years and get the same look yourself.  Prices are out of this World too.
 I have a number of Filson bags including some of the Mr Porter collaboration pieces.  While that Mr Porter you're looking at looks somewhat plain, it like has Harris Tweed on the inside of the flap, the straps and the top of the roll top.  Not sure though.   They look to be the same style with just subtle differences, so I would go with the bag your prefer aesthetically and which bag you think will be more versatile in that regard.  I don't think the waxed pocket or roll...
 No kidding.  On top of that I'd be worried that I'd get sick of the engraving.  I would just leave it alone as it's beautiful as is.  I agree.  Somewhat not a Reverso if you ask me.  Loses it's appeal.  That would be great.  She could then inherit someday.  I think the watch could easily be considered unisex considering it's width.  Love it in the rose gold.  "R" has no significance to me, but I still like it a lot.  
 Oh, I like this much better than the Only Watch.  Snowflakes for sure and the lumes look a bit lighter.  Anyway, different strokes...  One thing I don't like on either one though is the red triangle at the top of the bezel.  Definitely like the Black Bay though.  Yes, I saw that after I asked.  Looks nice.  However the one Reverso I like the most is this one: http://www.hodinkee.com/articles/ruminations-photo-essay-the-jaeger-lecoultre-grande-reverso I also like the...
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