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Is Jomashop reliable?  Sounds as though they are.  They seem to have some good prices when they have a flash sale and don't charge sales tax if you live outside of New York.  Anyone ever used them?  
Be wary of Menlook.  They use UPS and I got hit hard.  I think it was free shipping though so that cancels it out a bit.
 It looks great.  One more question, how tall are you?  
@conceptual 4est Curious as to your chest and waist size and what size you're wearing in that shop coat.  
 Yeah, I don't think I put a fine enough point on it, but cancelling an order is not only for the retailer's protection but also for the patron's.  It's like when somenoe asks to see the signature on your credit card.  It amazes me when people get upset by that and quite frankly it annoys me when I don't get asked for my card to see my signature.  I think the difference with what you're saying as compared to what he wrote is that you reach out before cancelling and they...
I think to be fair the reason the order was cancelled is part of the issue.  Now if it's their policy then fair enough, but sites are always offering differing shipping address options and if it's the case here then why cancel the order?  Perhaps if it's a case of one address being in one country while the other in another country then I could see that as it's likely for both your and their protection.     That said I think what they gave you is pretty fair.  They could...
 Not sure what constitutes "outlet items", but it's not working for me.
Can I get the following measurements on the Big John crazy stripe shirt in both medium and large?   -p2p -sleeve length -neck -back length   Would be greatly appreciated.
 What designer on the Decks Jacket?
 Cheers for the reply.  I sent an email.  I'm pretty positive I signed up for the email list and I also placed an order about two weeks ago.  Either way I'm not a Founder's Circle member.  Sadly didn't know about NMWA until recently.  
New Posts  All Forums: