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 Looks a bit more black this go round than AW13 did, but I'm pretty sure it's all "black navy" and there is no solid black which IMO is a good thing.   The Aircraft uses it.  I'd have to handle it in person.  I'm sure it's fine.  Still not a fan of that button style though.  
 Well this thread has yielded at least one result.  Can't recommend JS here enough.  If anyone is considering a trade or a buy from him rest assured he's legit and absolutely trustworthy.  
 Not sure on the models, but I've seen some on sale out there.  Cultizm and Context if I recall correctly.  Both great shops.  I want to say somewhere else as well,    Great to hear.  I'm not a fan of CG since it looks more technical.  I was even considering a vest for my Dad to hike in and it literally had a tag on the outside front pocket that said "Canada Goose" and that was it.  Looked really cheap.  Anyway, I like the "heritage" look of Woolrich John Rich & Bros much...
 Yes, however the first link isn't Woolrich Woolen Mills, it's just plain Woolrich.  I mean you could argue it is since Woolrich is a "woolen mill," but they are different brands of Woolrich.   Woolrich, which your first link is, is just plain old Woolrich from what I remember as a kid.  It's the cheapest level of Woolrich. Woolrich Woolen Mills is the mid-range brand of Woolrich.  Pricing is higher and more than "mid-range" depending on your take.  Mark McNairy currently...
 C'mon now.  You know I'm the button King.  
End has their Cabourn up.  A few things:   -Easy to spot the winners from the losers.  Still very clear that Cabourn can deliver something with SS. -Kitchener is a slim cut, at least for Cabourn, from the looks of it.  More a blazer than outerwear I suppose. -Medical shirts still ridiculously long.   -Some pieces seem to be missing.  Maybe a second drop?   -Fabrications are... interesting.  Hemp?  I've only heard bad things about the fabric, albeit years ago and not...
I know I'm last minute here, but was wondering if anyone knows where I might find the the following:   -Button shawl in plaid, homespun, herringbone...  I have the olive and grey worsted wool and would be interested in any others. -Button shawl collar cardigan in charcoal in a large. -Expedition jacket in homespun in a large.   Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
So I had mentioned my SS13 orange Aircraft Jacket a couple of weeks back and how it had a bird dropping on it which interestingly enough didn't happen while I was bird watching.  Ornithology and the opportunity for Nigel to designer some birding pieces, I did finally get around to tackling the stain this weekend.  I'd waited as it was dried by the time I got home that day and it wasn't doing anything.  So I bought a small handheld brush, grabbed some paper towels and the...
 Which peacoat is it?  Price?  I'm assuming Georgetown?
 Thanks for posting this.  Grabbed the Shawl collar Cardigan in olive and the CPO Shirt in herringbone.  Fast and easy transaction over the phone and thanks to whoever took my call. EDIT:  Turns out it was Gary.  Cheers for the help Gary.  
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