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Ayew coming up big.  Digging out of the hole after missing the first two matchdays and I think off the bottom.  Still haven't played a wild card yet either.  Just need Kun and Hazard to start delivering.  
 Two things: 1)  Probably a "no" with it being a gift, but could you just wash it?  Point being that you probably got it at 40% off and then 40% off again.  So you have to decide if it'd be worth it to keep it and launder it/get it dry cleaned. 2)  Just reach out to them.  Pick up the phone or email them.  I emailed them with a situation I had two months after not getting an order and they acted within 24 hours returning the order no questions asked and giving me a coupon...
 I got a couple last Summer from them on eBay.  Fits were different though.  Also I don't recall shipping being as high.  Nearly $50 now.
 No, I was serious because there are some older Authentic pieces that I think have the same name.  You never know when an old gem will pop up.  
 I'd have a look at the Aircraft Jacket then.  The design for me is now a "Cabourn classic".  It's hemp, but it's been coated and is "showerproof" according to the description.  I haven't tested mine, but it's definitely coated.  At that price it's a nice jacket, especially if you get to deduct VAT.  Just note that shipping to the States is quite expensive if you're over here.  Tropics PO Coat is the same fabric too, but I think the Aircraft Jacket is more utilitarian.  
I haven't tested mine, but I'd be shocked if it is.  It's linen and doesn't appear to be coated.  It's definitely thick though as irbe noted, but I still think it would just soak right through.  Black Navy is more black than navy and the Army is more brown than green.  I'll be honest, I had them both and returned.  Have since given them another shot at current pricing.  I think I was a bit hasty on it at first, but I like it more now.  Not the best Cameraman mind you, but...
 Quite surprised at the marks.  Placed my order within minutes.  Plenty of good pieces left from SS15 and in the Archive.  If you're a size 48 I'd recommend both of these: http://www.cabourn.com/men/archive/classics/hunting-jacket.html http://www.cabourn.com/men/archive/classics/aw14-aircraft-jacket-navy.html In fact you'd be crazy not to grab either if you're a 48.  I grabbed the Hunting Jacket for my Dad for Christmas.  Just note on that one, unless that is some odd...
 Is this the Filson one?  Sorry, but "clip coat" could mean a lot of things re Cabourn.
 @adamf009   Looks like a nice Billykirk you've got there.
 Well that's good.  I know the league well enough but I primarily watch Barça and La Liga along with the CL.  I always go too offensive in these leagues anyway.  Haven't played in some years.  Mahrez delivered today and I have Hazard, Kun Aguero, Yaya and Silva all playing yet tomorrow.
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