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 Haha, well I check regularly enough so we'll see.  Cheers for the reply though, that's great to know.  
Could use some help if anyone knows the answer to this question.  Back at the beginning of March Unionmade put up some makeups for pre-order, such as the hunting green pairs.  Has anyone pre-ordered and if so does anyone know when they're expected to be in stock?
 I think that's a fair assessment.  It would stand to reason that those buying directly from the boutique like that needn't worry about flipping the watch to fund their next purchase.  I also still think that they simply don't make as many boutique editions generally as there simply aren't that many boutiques.   I was just having some fun.  That said it'd be great if people who find a nice deal and aren't interested in taking advantage of it post it here.  Anyway, very...
 Absolutely.  A lot great stap options out there too.    Haha, yeah, I feel as though @haTTer gets a new watch every day.  
 Some talking points for me here as well as some questions. As I noted the other, I'm starting to see that there is some inventory generally out there.  I'm also finding that a lot of watches that I've considered that are "limited editions" or that were only made in a limited run are still cropping up from time to time.  However one thing that I'm noticing, at least as regards JLC, is that there seem to be fewer "boutique" editions out in the grey market than there are...
  Congratulations gentlemen.  Enjoy them as I'm sure you will. @Winot I actually discovered the vintage Milgauss about six months ago and consider it to be a great looking vintage Rolex.  Then I unfortunately saw the prices they go for.  
Hah.  Someone posted an Archie video.  I have to say that as someone else noted they get quite old quite fast as they tend to be rather repetitive.  For instance this whole market crash business has him doing multiple videos that are quite similar (though that faux press conference was good for a quick laugh).  I will say that he does give out some pretty good advice at times.   Interesting topic though.  There has been a discussion of a correction for a little while...
Thinking about my first pair of Ghurka shorts and just wanted to be sure on sizing.  The Bureau says a M is a 34" waist.  So if say you're a 34 in J Crew shorts you'd be a M in the Ghurka short?  Can someone who say has or has had J Crew shorts comment?  
Ordered my first pair of Birkenstocks and now upon receipt I am not sure about the size.  I'm generally a 10 in say Buttero or McNairy, definitely a 9.5 Alden Barrie last.  So I ordered a size 43.  However I feel like they're a bit big.  Bottom strap is to the last rung while the top strap is to the second to last rung.  Length doesn't seem off.  Just wondering if anyone has experience and what rung they're on.  These are the basic Arizona suedes.
 Are you fucking serious?  You need to stay on point in this thread.   Now, who has a code for cruellers?  
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