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 Yes, the Bristol.  IIRC the pockets on the Bristol don't show the snaps from the outside but they do on the Beaufort.  
Are Trickers true to size?
 I have both jackets and they're great.  I have a large, but that's mine.  i do have a medium however.
Thought I'd provide some reviews in the coming days of some things I've had the opportunity to try and/or buy recently.     First piece I'll go over is the Scottish Jacket.  Not sure why it's called the Scottish Jacket and would love to hear if anyone knows.  I remember seeing the piece last SS, but I can't remember if I liked it or not.  I honestly think I waffled over it going back and forth, but with limited stockists picking it up I never grabbed it.  I think my...
Trunk with new drops on Cabourn.  Nothing for me, but a few sizes left in the mountain parka.  Highly recommend that jacket.
 You really didn't miss anything depending on your tastes.  I was in very early and simply passed on it all.  Very few one-offs like leather gloves.  Brics luggage I guess, but I'd rather just get something nicer and pay more.  
Wow.  So I noticed the SS14 Varsity Jacket, forget the name but the one with the fist and lightning bolt, came up on the website last week.  I was annoyed I'd passed on it earlier and a M just happened to show up.  So of course I ordered it.  Well it came today and it was packaged well as have been my other RRL orders from online.  Go to take it out of the bag and notice a problem right away.  The patch is missing.  Someone, likely whomever ordered it and then returned it,...
 Definitely a difference between J Crew's bucks and Sanders', the latter being better.
 I would say those only work as winter jackets if you're going to add a heavy knit underneath, and that still depends on your climate.  Living in WI I'd say they're more Autumn and Spring options.  Great jackets though.
 Oh no, I meant the code was up yesterday, not that it was posted here.  
New Posts  All Forums: