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Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are they?
 Yeah, and I'm outside the UK and the Eurozone.  On top of that, 16.7% is 16.7%.  On Cabourn that's a good little chunk of change.  Shipping isn't too bad and import duty is 10% max assuming I get hit.  All of that is not to mention that Cabourn is cheaper in the UK than it is over here in the States.  I can get your standard Barbour Bedale or Beaufort for 40% off just by doing a standard order from the UK as opposed to just ordering one from here in the States.   It's not...
 Sweaters I got were all over the board.  Different styles, but in some cases I doubt it's style specific.  Well in the case of the hunting cardigan.  Great sweater, especially considering the quality of a few of the others, but just ridiculously cut.
 It's SS14.  You can see what is presumably Spain in the background of some of the shots.  Sadly the shots are rather dark and you can't make out the styles too well.  Hopefully the shops start getting in their inventory soon.  I'm curious to see some of it in better detail. Well it depends on what you want and what you're willing to pay it.  For instance the peacoat in size 50 was available on the site and on Superdenim IIRC just 48 hours ago.  Now it's gone from both...
Well they didn't mark much of note anyway. Still if you can subtract VAT and you like something it's a not bad. Flannels had 10% off sale today though which I found to be as good if not better. They're even ahead of End at the moment. Run on size 50s this year. Mallorys for sure, but a lot if other styles as well.
 What was the regular price?  What's the other colorway?
 I agree this is a nice piece.  It was in with the knits on the website, which sort of makes sense, though it's like a light Fall jacket.  I like the details and it's got a good weight to it.  Very soft as noted.  Nowhere near worth full retail, but with the current discount in store it's a nice piece.  
 Don't go buy Flannels' measurements.  Go by Cabourn's or try Superdenim and see if they have it.  I know they have the vest and the vest's measurements, though they may only be on one color's page.   It's a roomy jacket in the chest, but slims down to the waist pretty quickly.  At least past versions have.  That's the cut/look of the coat.  
 Another Dixon jacket.  
 Haha.  I picked up all three of the sale Harris Tweed blazers.  Sadly no student discount for me though.  Still at 50% off the sale price and free shipping I'll take them.  For now my list is too extensive, but one of the best pickups I made was this Filson bag: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/theliquorstore/accessories/PRDOVR~08876/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20+225~~~0~15~all~mode+matchallany~~~~~filson/08876.jsp?isSaleItem=false&isFromSearch=true 50% off the promo price...
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