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Anybody know if Yoox's codes renew overnight, and if so about what time?     Y'all should start a Unionmade thread with the stuff you don't want.  
Grabbed this little number today:     Some nice stuff floating around out there.  
What, no chatter about the latest pair of Converse?  I decided to pass personally.  I like them, beige laces over red laces all day long though, but I'd rather put that money into outerwear.  Wish they'd do a Purcell version too.  
 Just browsed Rakuten and plenty of 46s in some key styles like Cameraman and Mallory.  Prices on the Mallorys were sale prices, but a bit higher than they can go.  Great colors available though.    When I go to Japan I will definitely plan it around Cabourn sales.  I just don't think there are many 50s floating around there.  I'm also not sure about the fits and if a 50 Mainline is about the same as a 50 Authentic.  See the vests are something I would expect most to size...
 See I never understood how you are a 50.  I only assume that since you're taller and thinner you can get away with it, but you sound more a 48 to me.  I work with a guy who is 6'3" and he gets away with murder because no matter the size it still generally looks fine on him.    For me when you have the range of sizes you do with 46-54 the numbers don't always translate to a true letter size.  I'm a 50, which I've seen listed as a Medium or Large.  IMO it's between the two,...
46s are out there, but not in your traditional spots as has been mentioned.  I would try eBay as well as Rakuten.  You can also try some of the Japanese stockists.  Not sure about this season's Cameraman, but you'll find some 46s.   EDIT:  End has it on the moss colorway.
Looking for some quality sweaters.  I've got some Inverallans, which I love, but looking for some variety.  I picked up some solid J Crew sweaters last AW, but some I tried were also sub-par.  Tried some RRL which generally were bad and well overpriced.  I like more of a heritage look and I don't do well with things that are too fitted.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.
 Cheers.  Sizing up usually doesn't work so I'll probably pass on that one.   I would also add that last season's version looks like it would fit into this season's Aircraft Jacket as well.  Snaps appear to be in the same spot.
 Yes on both counts.  The width isn't so much an issue, even if you are slender, but the length very well could be.  It's also got a very "coated" feel as opposed to a cotton or denim feel.  
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