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OK, where is the sale?  I see one item, the same item they had on 4 hours ago.  What's worse, they now charge 50 pounds to ship to the US.  Really?  That probably doesn't even include customs and the last time I ordered from the Cabourn site I got hit with the worst customers I've ever been hit with.  
 Starting to get there with the outerwear.  Just re-organized my closet this afternoon and separated my Cabourn into two separate bars, one for SS and one for AW.  Plenty of aircraft jackets and a few Camermen taking up a lot of the SS bar and plenty of Cameramen and Mallorys taking up the AW bar.  At least I can say I'm wearing them all consistently this season.  Even wore the Eddie Bauer vest for the first time the other day and got a few compliments.  Just waiting for...
 I hear ya.  I grabbed the CXL wingtips just last week.  I have taken advantage of a few other sales today though.  One or two couldn't pass ups and then some things that usually don't go on sale.  Have to say that if there's anything anyone "needs" that the Context sale is great with their whole rewards system.  Rewards were credited to my account instantly.
http://www.superdenim.com/ has 15% off with TAKE15   Great shop and I usually don't get hit with customs.
  A few sites with some good deals or items that usually don't go on sale.  Sadly too many, otherwise I agree.
 Notre is great and you probably won't beat that price.  I got 30% from them a few weeks back.  Great service and fast shipping. Mr Porter has 30% on Filson right now and some GREAT pieces.  Their medium duffle has a waxed storm flap outer and a green herringbone Harris Tweed inner.  Their green messenger doesn't have a waxed stormflap, but it also has the green herringbone Harris Tweed details (it's just the like the usual Filson twill and tweed messenger, but an...
Would my size in the Turbulance last be the same size as in the Barrie last?  Sounds like it would be, but wanted to be sure.   Also, I'm assuming Aldens can be re-soled.  IE if it has a crepe sole I can get a leather sole or a dianite sole put on instead, right?
Where do you guys get your replacement laces, specifically the leather rawhide laces?
 I agree, though I respectfully am suspect about the sizing.  I'll have to pay a visit the next time I'm in London or just wait until I found a size chart elsewhere.   I would have grabbed the gloves, two pair in fact, had they also come in a navy and green tweed.
 It's funny as he seems to have been there for the previous how many weeks on almost a daily basis.  
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