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Pictures of Cabourn's collection.
 They don't deduct VAT though.
If anyone has a lead on a Navy Aircraft Jacket in a 50 let me know.  Thanks.
Drops taken on End's UK site.  Looks like 40% across the board.
  Anyone familiar with this overshirt?  I don't see it on the RRL site or at Unionmade.     EDIT:  Also, what's the sale looking like in stores at present?  
They've added a few styles to the half off past season's part of the shop.
Holding off on a few for now, but had to grab that last 6A in oatmeal in my size.  Wore my only 6A, Loden, today for the first time this season and I love it.  Got a lot of compliments.  Want to buy about five more Inverallans from End right now, but saving my money for other things.  I hate paying so much after getting a few from them directly on eBay this past Summer for less than half that, but some of the colors weren't on eBay so if I want them I'll have to grab now.
 Interesting.  They also took the RAF grey Mallory to half off as well.  I would have happily grabbed that one if they had my size left.  Not overly keen on it and I certainly don't need it though.  
 It's a two-tone black on black in oilcloth cotton.  I think it's got two different treated cottons, something like a 5-year wash and then a 10-year wash.  Not many out there.  In fact not to many to begin with.  Like a lot of Cabourn pieces this year, I'm not even seeing full size runs and I don't think many shops had full size runs in many pieces including this one.  
 I actually think you're probably in a small minority.  IMO the styling is better, but I think most would be closer to the 50/50 point considering how many other options are out there depending on what you're looking at.   As for the free pass, I don't remember exactly which bit it was as it goes back weeks, but there was a picture of a pair that looked pretty bad and had that been in that old Oak Street thread it'd have been going on for pages.  I think there was...
New Posts  All Forums: