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 What year is that from?  I've never seen that color before.   Also, is this Rakuten Japan as opposed to the english Rakuten I've been on?  Selection seems to be different.
 Cheers.  I'll email them first.
 I inquired a week or so back and somebody here contacted Superdenim.  Size charts appear to be accurate and it's more of a fitted jacket.
 Doesn't work for me.  Have you ordered from them before?  Shipping only talks about shipping to Russia and even after I create an account it won't allow me to add an address.
Anyone remember what Bonobos did Black Friday last year?
 From what I can tell they only ship to Russia.
   The orange looks the most "traditional" for me when it comes to the Everest.  That said I love the Black Navy and that would likely be my first choice.  I love the orange and yellow though too.  
Flannels had the Everest for over 500 euros less than that about a year ago.  If sizing is an issue then yes.  Anyway, price bad, but not great either.  I've seen everything there for less. 
I wouldn't say their prices are that great at all.  A good 50% more than what I've seen most of that go for.
Anybody know if Yoox's codes renew overnight, and if so about what time?     Y'all should start a Unionmade thread with the stuff you don't want.  
New Posts  All Forums: