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 I'm fine with white jackets for SS and even AW, but not in the Everest for some reason.  Would grab that "winter white" special edition (Scott's expedition I believe) duffle from a few years back though.  I think I could have nabbed one but passed because I already have the green.     Might be worth a punt at that price.  Fox Flannel is nice wool with the Cabourn pieces I have in that fabric.  
 Fit sounds like it looked in some of the photos with the bottom bowing out a bit more.  Looks good on you mate.  I agree on the color and wanting the item to be timeless.  Still at that price I'm sure some of us would jump on the green and possibly the orange as well.  Still for me a duffel in navy is the way to go.  Wanted one the day I saw Dead Poet's Society.  Have a Gloverall, but have never worn it.  Sort of in between sizes.   Yes, vintage a is a great way to...
 Well I could have got something for my Dad even though he's already getting Cabourn for Christmas.  Oh well.   They're giving away that shirt jacket and cricket blazer.
Were there any good styles in 50?  Just got on 5 minutes ago and it looks all 48s with not much to choose from.
Wow, that's an amazing gift.
 I was referring to a second cropped CWP as I already have one.  I prefer the length on that one and it's a great piece.  It may have a bit of a smell, but it well air out.  It's also treated even though it doesn't feel like it.  Water beads off of it.
 I'm sure they would work fitted, but that's not what I was saying anyway.  There are different degrees to which something can fit and from the photos the duffel looked even more relaxed than your standard duffel, hence my comment.  That said I trust PhilVo's opinion on fit.    So ridiculous they didn't put this online.  What version of the full length CWP was it?    Agreed.  I've have bought myself a second CWP at that price as well as one for my Dad.
 Well being too skinny is never an issue for me.  A year ago I was in some ways in the 48 range, but I'm firmly in the 50 range and it's more above the waist than below.  Anyway, would love to see a picture when you get it if you're so inclined.
     Cheers lads!  Today will be the first day in the wild.  Getting the mop cropped and guy who does it just bought a Tank (the watch) and some sort of Tag Heuer, so we'll do some showing.  I like the Black Bay, but just note there are articles out there about corrosion of one of the parts.  I believe it was the crown tube.  If I recall correctly rinsing it after diving should do the trick and Tudor might have fixed the issue by now.  Anyway, if you're actually diving...
 Wow.  Amazing work.  The duffel's fit would worry me a bit, but as you said the fabric is amazing.  I have the cashmere Cameraman and I love it.  Even if the fit is a bit big you could just layer it.  Congrats Phil.
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